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After and settlement
After the American Civil War, the settlement of the western territories by migrants from the east led to dialect mixing and levelling, so that regional dialects are most strongly differentiated in the eastern parts of the country that were settled earlier.
After that there are no traces of a settlement in the archaeological and numismatic record.
After their divorce in 1981, Lerner was ordered to pay her a settlement of $ 50, 000.
After the Norman Conquest, when certain towns were granted self-governance, the concept of the burh / borough seems to have been reused to mean a self-governing settlement.
After initial Conservative opposition to Keynesian fiscal policy, this settlement was broadly accepted by all parties until Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979.
After negotiations involving both Edward and Ottbuono Gloucester relented, and by June a settlement was reached.
After successful settlement on the island of St. Christophe ( St. Kitts ), the French Company of the American Islands delegated ( Charles Lienard ) Liénard de L ' Olive and Jean Duplessis Ossonville, Lord of Ossonville to colonize one or any of the region ’ s islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique or Dominica.
After a few centuries it was abandoned for a second settlement, established in 6800 BCE, perhaps by an invading people who absorbed the original inhabitants into their dominant culture.
After a brief legal battle, Dalglish accepted Celtic's settlement offer of £ 600, 000.
After German settlement, the original name of Cholberg evolved into.
After Portuguese permanent settlement in Macau, both Chinese and Portuguese merchants flocked to Macau, although the Portuguese were never numerous ( numbering just 900 in 1583 and only 1, 200 out of 26, 000 in 1640 ).
After a preliminary hearing before Judge Patti Saris on 27 February 2002, the parties entered settlement talks and eventually settled.
After a lengthy court fight, in 2004 the families of the Munich victims reached a settlement of € 3 million with the German government.
After European-American settlement, the river served at times as a border between present-day Kentucky and Indian Territories.
After Russia's victory over the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 – 78, Bismarck helped negotiate a settlement at the Congress of Berlin.
After establishing Granville Town, disease and hostility from the indigenous people eliminated the first group of colonists and destroyed their settlement.
After studying at the University of Chicago and working with Jane Addams at her settlement house, Hull House, King proceeded to Harvard University.
After heavy lobbying by Levinger, the settlement gained the tacit support of Levi Eshkol and Yigal Allon, while it was opposed by Abba Eban and Pinhas Sapir.
After more than a year and a half of agitation, and a bloody attack during Sukkot ( October 9, 1968 ), in which a grenade was thrown, apparently by a Hebron boy, onto the mosque stairs wounding 47 Israeli and foreign visitors, the government agreed to legitimize Levinger's wildcat settlement by establishing a town on the outskirts of the city in an abandoned military base, which was named Kiryat Arba ,' as if ,' Gershom Gorenberg writes, ' to make the place instantly ancient .'.
* After many years of settlement, the " Town on Queen Anne's Creek " is established as a courthouse for Chowan County, North Carolina.
After several initial reverses, he became accommodating but as the Catholics turned things around and began to enjoy a long string of successes at arms he set forth the Edict of Restitution in 1629 vastly complicating the politics of settlement negotiations and prolonging the rest of the war ; encouraged by the mid-war successes, he became even more forceful leading to infamies by his armies such as the Sack of Magdeburg.
After the Norman conquest the population of the Maltese islands kept growing mainly through immigration from the north ( Sicily and Italy ), with the exile to Malta of the entire male population of the town of Celano ( Italy ) in 1223, the stationing of a Norman and Sicilian garrison on Malta in 1240 and the settlement in Malta of noble families from Sicily between 1372 and 1450.
After the war, however, settlers continued to seek to enter the area, the fort was rebuilt in 1816, and settlers and the government were now convinced that all Indians had to be removed from the territory, far away from the settlement.
After the elimination of their indigenous population by Spanish slavers, the Turks Islands, or Salt Islands, were not fully colonised until 1681, when salt collectors from Bermuda built the first permanent settlement on Grand Turk Island.

After and Israelites
After its creation by Moses, the Ark was carried by the Israelites during their 40 years of wandering in the desert.
After their first defeat at Eben-ezer, the Israelites had the Ark brought from Shiloh, and welcomed its coming with great rejoicing.
After the Ark had been among them for seven months, the Philistines, on the advice of their diviners, returned it to the Israelites, accompanying its return with an offering consisting of golden images of the tumors and rats wherewith they had been afflicted.
* After crossing the Jordan River, the Israelites celebrated the Passover ( 5: 10 – 12 ) just as they did immediately before the Exodus ( Ex.
After the Ten Plagues, Moses led the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, after which they based themselves at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments.
After Moses had told Jethro how the Israelites had escaped Egypt, Jethro went to offer sacrifices to the Lord, and then ate bread with the elders.
After leaving Sinai, the Israelites camped in Kadesh.
After more complaints from the Israelites, Moses struck the stone twice, and water gushed forth.
After Moses had taken a census of the people, he sent an army to avenge the perceived evil brought on the Israelites by the Midianites.
After Gideon's death, according to, the Israelites went astray and started to worship the Baʿalîm ( the Baʿals ) especially Baʿal Berith (" Lord of the Covenant.
" After the death of Joseph and those of his generation, the following generations of Israelites had become populous in number.
After the problems the Israelites had as a result of Achan's immoral theft of items commanded to be destroyed, the Israelite community stoned Achan and his household.
After Moses succeeded in taking the Israelites out of Egypt, and won a battle against Amalek, Reuel came to the Hebrew camp in the wil ­ derness of Sinai, bringing with him Zipporah, Gershom, and Eliezer.
After 1869, the Jews were only recorded as a religious community, under the official category of " Israelites ".
After a short account of the incidents preceding the conversion of the king, and of his conversations with a philosopher, a Christian, and a Muslim concerning their respective beliefs, a Jew appears on the stage, and by his first statement startles the king ; for, instead of giving him proofs of the existence of God, he asserts and explains the miracles performed by Him in favor of the Israelites.
After they finished the Midianite elimination, the Israelites involved in killing the enemy ( or had come in contact with any of the corpses or even any tool or weapon that had come into contact with a dead person ) were instructed to stay outside of the camp ( i. e. community ) for seven days.
After the UK top ten re-charting of " Israelites " in 1975, Dekker did not chart in the UK again for some time.
After the destruction of Jericho and Ai, the people of Gibeon ( Hivites ) sent ambassadors to trick Joshua and the Israelites into making a treaty with them.
After the exile of the Israelites to Babylon, Gibeon belonged to Judea ().
After two intermediate occupations, the earlier of which has yielded imported Cypriote ceramics as well as Phoenician wares and is followed by a well-stratified and important Phoenician presence in the early 10th century the site of Dor fell to the Israelites under David.
After giving details of the character of the wandering Israelites, he said: " And we find that the very natural character of Israel reappear in all its life and reality in countries where people call themselves Bani Israel and universally claim to be the descendants of the Lost Tribes.
After the Israelites fled from the troop of Philistines, Shammah stood alone and defeated them himself.

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