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After and turbulent
After a turbulent year in office in which he saw his approval ratings plummet to the single digits, Prime Minister Mori agreed to hold early elections for the LDP presidency in order to improve his party's chances in crucial July 2001 Upper House elections.
After the long deadlocked vacancy in the papal see after the death of Clement IV, a vacant seat of three years, he was one of the six cardinals who finally elected Pope Gregory X by compromise on 1 September 1271 in a conclave held at Viterbo because conditions in Rome were too turbulent.
After decades of turbulent politics bolstered by Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Congolese gradually moderated their economic and political views to the point that, in 1992, Congo completed a transition to multi-party democracy.
After Carloman's resignation in 747 he maintained a sometimes turbulent relationship with the king of the Franks, Pepin ; the claim that he would have crowned Pepin at Soissons in 751 is now generally discredited.
After years of turbulent relations, the popes finally settled down to a peace with the Hauteville kings.
After Emperor He's death, his wife Empress Deng Sui ( d. 121 CE ) managed state affairs as the regent empress dowager during a turbulent financial crisis and widespread Qiang rebellion that lasted from 107 to 118 CE.
After his consecration in 1626, Ussher found himself in turbulent political times.
After a turbulent 13-year-long relationship, Jane Birkin left Gainsbourg.
After that, Mursa had a turbulent history, with several decisive battles taking place ( among which the Battle of Mursa Major in 351 and the battle between Aureolus and Ingenuus in 260 ), deciding the destiny of the whole region.
After a turbulent first year, the Fulcrum settled into a financially stable position as an autonomous corporation.
After several turbulent years, with sales dwindling, Kaypro filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March 1990.
After the success of the full-length symphonic poem ( most of which consists of rousing and turbulent passages, evoking the national struggle of the Finnish people ), Sibelius published a stand-alone version of the hymn as the last of twelve numbers in his Masonic Ritual Music, Op.
After a turbulent conflict and war against the North German cities and the Hanseatic League, Haakon was again free to turn his attention to Sweden, and launched a successful campaign against the Germans in Sweden.
After this turbulent period in their marriage, Alma and Gustav traveled to New York, where Gustav was seasonally engaged as a conductor.
After attacks from Luftwaffe fighter patrols and experiencing often turbulent weather, a total of 27 Horsas were delivered to North Africa in time for the operation.
After the military coup at Lisbon in April 25, 1974, the power was taken by a military junta, the National Salvation Junta, and Portugal went through a turbulent period, commonly called the Continuing Revolutionary Process ( Portuguese: Processo Revolucionário em Curso, or PREC ) that lasted until 25 November 1975, the day of a pro-communist coup followed by a successful counter-coup by pro-democracy moderates, marked by constant friction between liberal-democratic forces and leftist / communist political parties.
After a sound performance as Home Secretary, Hurd's Cabinet career progressed further during the turbulent final months of Margaret Thatcher's premiership.
After a somewhat turbulent year for Rosenborg in 2004, he was once again appointed by the club in November 2004 – this time as assistant manager / counsellor, a position he later stepped down from in 2005, when he admitted that his role hadn't worked as planned.
After the scripted severe injuries sustained by Vince on the June 23 3-hour edition of Raw, Shane appeared requesting for the Raw Superstars to stand together during what was a ' turbulent time '.
After a turbulent childhood and adolescence in India, Rahel goes to America to study.
After the fall of the Habsburg Empire, the years 1918 to 1920 were highly turbulent, and several hard-to-trace minor changes took place.
After Greece's catastrophic defeat, the 1920s and early 1930s were a politically turbulent period, with the economy in a bad state, so the Navy received no new units, apart from the modernization of four destroyers and the acquisition of six French submarines in 1927 and four Italian destroyers in 1929.
After her husband was forced from kingship in the extremely turbulent events of the Revolution of 1848, the royal family fled to England.
After the war Taylor returned to Trinity and worked on an application of turbulent flow to oceanography.

After and Year
After winning the 2000 NFL Executive of the Year Award, General Manager Randy Mueller was fired between the 2001 and 2002 seasons without explanation by Benson.
After 9 – 7 and 10 – 6 finishes in 1984 and 1985 respectively, the Giants compiled a 14 – 2 record in 1986 led by league MVP and Defensive Player of the Year Lawrence Taylor and the Big Blue Wrecking Crew defense.
After the resolution of the foreign wars during 1791 – 93, the violence associated with the Reign of Terror increased significantly: only roughly of executions had occurred before November 1793 ( Brumaire, Year I ), thus signalling to many that the Reign of Terror might have had additional causes.
After the bombings on the underground and bus systems on 7 July 2005, many staff were recognised in the 2006 New Year honours list for the work they did.
After Shoghi Effendi's unexpected death in 1957, the Hands of the Cause directed the affairs of the religion and announced that the election of the Universal House of Justice would occur in 1963 at the end of the Ten Year Crusade, an international teaching plan instituted by Shoghi Effendi.
* The Year of the Four Emperors: After Nero's death, Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian succeed each other as emperor during the year.
After the war Lussu wrote the book A Year on the High Plateau ( Un anno sull ' altipiano ) about his experiences of trench warfare on the Plateau.
After racing both NASCAR Sprint Cup and Speedcar Series, Villeneuve was invited by the Top Race V6 chairman Alejandro Urtubey to join the series in its major event of the 2008 season, called La Carrera del Año ( The Race of the Year ), held at the Buenos Aires circuit.
After the parade, families and friends will come together to have a feast of traditional Vietnamese dishes, and share the happiness and joy of the New Year with one another.
After the Russian Revolution of 1917, during the periods of centralized planning ( Five Year Plans ) numerous large plants and factories were constructed in Krasnoyarsk: Sibtyazhmash, the dock yard, the paper factory, the hydroelectric power station ( now the fifth largest in the world and the second in Russia ), and the river port.
After drafting eventual Rookie of the Year and three-time All Star Brandon Roy in 2006, attendance climbed in the 2006 – 07 season and continued to rebound in the 2007 – 08 season.
After he was AAA's International League Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player and Triple Crown winner in 1974, he and fellow rookie teammate Fred Lynn were brought up to the Red Sox at the same time, and were known as the " Gold Dust Twins ".< ref >
After completing in 1978 his last low-budget and very personal ventures ( In a Year of 13 Moons and The Third Generation ) he would concentrate on making films that were becoming increasingly garish and stylized.
She's So Unusual led Lauper to win an award at the 1985 Grammy Awards: Best New Artist, the album also won the Grammy for Best Album Package, this award went to the art director, Janet Perr ; Additionally, it received four nominations ; Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for " Girls Just Want To Have Fun ", and Song of the Year for " Time After Time ".
True Colors led Lauper to win two awards at the 1985 Grammy Awards: Best New Artist and Best Album Package for She's So Unusual ; Additionally, it received four nominations ; Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for " Girls Just Want To Have Fun ", and Song of the Year for " Time After Time ".
" After the series ' cancellation, Lehrer recorded a collection of his songs used on the show, That Was The Year That Was, released by Reprise Records in September 1965.
After playing Bantam & Midget baseball, at age 16 and 17, he played for the local Marysville Royals of the New Brunswick Senior Baseball League and was voted " Rookie of The Year " in 1984 and the league's Most Valuable Player in 1985.
After contributing an episode to L ' An 01 ( The Year 01 ) ( 1973 ), a collective film organised by Jacques Doillon, Resnais made a second collaboration with Jorge Semprun for Stavisky ( 1974 ), based on the life of the notorious financier and embezzler whose death in 1934 provoked a political scandal.
After Galba's death, and during the chaotic Year of the Four Emperors which followed, Quintilian opened a public school of rhetoric.
After the season, Anderson won the first of his two Manager of the Year Awards with the Tigers.

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