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After and year's
After signing a motion-picture contract, she came to America and had `` Goodbye, Mr. Chips '' as her first assignment after a year's wait.
After all, this year's movies are next year's television shows.
After the success of the previous year's Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, Toho decided to bring back their second most famous creation Mothra into the new series.
After the 2nd World War Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti ( Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts ) ( SAZU ) had published his three year's course of lectures for students of mathematics: Teorija analitičnih funkcij ( The theory of analytic functions ),
After playing just four games for a mediocre return in his debut year, Carey burst onto the scene in 1990 as a goal kicking Centre Half Forward and perfect support to Full Forward and fellow New South Welshman, John Longmire ( who was that year's Coleman Medallist as the league's leading goal kicker ).
After a tip off from Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, Barker and Corbett opted to move with their families to Sydney, Australia in 1979 for the year in order to exploit a tax loophole and avoid paying the year's income tax.
After the Dodgers dropped the first two games of that year's World Series to the Yankees, Campanella began Brooklyn's comeback by hitting a two-out, two-run home run in the first inning of Game 3.
" After about a year's work in organic lead ," he wrote in January 1923, " I find that my lungs have been affected and that it is necessary to drop all work and get a large supply of fresh air.
After that year's destructive Hurricane Hazel, which hit on Oct. 15, 1954, the rebuilding was slow.
After winning the title, Hawthorn immediately announced his retirement from Formula One, having been badly affected by the death of his close friend and Ferrari team mate Peter Collins in that year's German Grand Prix.
After the success of the previous year's single, the performance on the night featured many primary school children who had pre-recorded their own versions of the chorus.
A 1987 magazine retrospective on the character said this revival had been initially announced as a team-up with Doctor Mid-Nite After a three-issue try-out in Showcase, the Spectre appeared in the superhero-team comic Justice League of America # 46-47 ( Sept-Oct 1966 ) in that year's team-up of the titular group and its 1940s predecessors, the Justice Society of America ( which had also been written by Fox ).
After a year's hiatus, on June 7, 2002 Ali beat Shirvelle Williams in a six-round decision.
After a year's inactivity, Barris revived Treasure Hunt again in 1981 in partnership with the original 1950s version's producer, Budd Granoff, who had become his business partner ( the show itself was created by its original host, Jan Murray ).
After Japan's unconditional surrender ( August 15, 1945 ), reporters Harry T. Brundidge of Cosmopolitan Magazine and Clark Lee of Hearst's International News Service ( INS ) offered $ 2, 000 ( the equivalent of a year's wages in Occupied Japan ) for an exclusive interview with " Tokyo Rose ".
After a year's absence he passed his medical and returned to training.
After losing to Evert in the semifinals of that year's US Open, the 18-year-old Navratilova went to the offices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in New York City and informed them that she wished to defect from Communist Czechoslovakia.
After losing in the fourth round of the first Grand Slam event of 1983, the French Open, she captured the year's three remaining Grand Slam titles ( the Australian Open was held in December at that time ).
After seven weeks at number one, it was finally knocked to second place by Prince's film, Purple Rain and had grossed $ 142. 6 million, second only to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as the year's top moneymaker.
After being relegated from the 1998 Contest, Russia's Channel One had decided not to broadcast that year's contest, in order to allow for a strong comeback in Israel.
After a year's imprisonment in the Tower of London, he was sentenced ( 17 February 1634 ) to be imprisoned during life, to be fined £ 5, 000, to be expelled from Lincoln's Inn, to be deprived of his degree by the university of Oxford, and to lose both his ears in the pillory.
After a year's delay, on April 17, 2002, that request was denied.
After MIPS was taken over by Silicon Graphics in 1992, Koblas presented a paper on SOCKS at that year's Usenix Security Symposium and SOCKS became publicly available.

After and previous
After you have taken a breather, reverse the position of your legs so that the front thigh of the previous exercise is now to the rear, and the rear thigh now to the front, and perform the same movement in the same manner.
After a period of rest, the souls are reincarnated, and the memory of their previous lives is erased.
After editors complained about the stylistic changes, the strip's previous look was restored.
After two previous failures, voters in the city passed a ballot measure in 2000 authorizing a bond measure for construction of a new library to replace the city's Carnegie library, damaged during the Loma Prieta earthquake.
After the glittering decade of the 1950s, the first tour of the 1960s proved not nearly as successful as previous ones.
After the play and scoring of the hand has concluded, the deal is rotated and the second deck is moved by the next dealer from his left to his right, cut by the previous dealer and dealt ; the partner of the new dealer shuffles the first deck continuing the process.
After Dom Capers was let go following the previous season, George Seifert was hired as the second head coach in Panthers history.
After previous failed attempts to bring the Major League Baseball to Colorado ( most notably the Pittsburgh Pirates nearly relocating to Denver following the Pittsburgh drug trials in 1985 ), by the late 1980s a team seemed to be a possibility in Denver.
After the first, each schedule was an expansion of the previous one, and Cutter provided instructions for how a library might change from one expansion to another as it grows.
After Bowie backed out due to previous commitments, their first album, Q: Are We Not Men?
After many, problems and a number of modifications to K7, Campbell finally succeeded on Ullswater on 23 July 1955, where he set a record of, beating the previous record by some held by Stanley Sayres.
After pleading with the executives, Coppola was allowed to cast Brando only if he appeared in the film for much less salary than his previous films, perform a screen-test, and put up a bond saying that he would not cause a delay in the production ( as he had done on previous film sets ).
After he had been at Biograph for a year, Griffith started to make some films that had much less story content than any previous one-reel films.
After recovery from fugue, previous memories usually return intact, but there is typically amnesia for the fugue episode.
After spending the first months of 47 BC in Egypt, Caesar went to the Middle East, where he annihilated the king of Pontus ; his victory was so swift and complete that he mocked Pompey's previous victories over such poor enemies.
After the previous album, Da Capo, keyboardist / drummer Alban " Snoopy " Pfisterer and flautist / saxophonist Tjay Cantrelli were dropped from the band, leaving Love a quintet.
After US forces had left Libya in 1970, Wheelus Air Base, a previous US facility about seven miles from Tripoli, became a Libyan Air Force installation and was renamed Okba Ben Nafi Air Base.
After failing to catch Warner Bros. Records on three previous reviews, Jeff Blue, now the vice president of Warner Bros. Records, helped the band sign a deal with the company in 1999.
The novel was a radical departure from Coupland's previous novel, Life After God.
After the victory of Loktantra Andolan in the spring of 2006, a unicameral interim legislature replaced the previous parliament.
After the first series was filmed, the house which had been used for the Meldrews ' house ( near Pokesdown, Bournemouth ), in location sequences changed hands, and the new owners demanded nearly treble the usage fees that the previous owners had asked for.
* After losing upwards of 1, 300 points in the previous week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average posts its eighth biggest net gain in its history.

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