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After and their
After their supper, the evening turned into a regular `` Hoe-Down ''.
After the seventeenth century the audience ceased to be an organic community to which these ideas and their attendant habits of figurative language would be natural or immediately familiar.
After a dinner party for which she had come down to New York, Mrs. Lewis and Casanova arrived to see them off, and Elinor Wylie made tart observations that indicated that Lewis had been less discreet than he had promised to be about the real nature of their separation.
After she had served the detectives coffee and toast ( they politely declined eggs, uncomfortable about their tenancy ), she settled down with a morning newspaper and began reading the stock market quotations.
After he had gone, Kate asked Uncle Randolph proudly, `` Would you take their oath ''??
After their work other investigators applied salt-fractionation techniques to the problem, as well as fractionation with organic solvents, such as acetone.
After spending two nights ( Wednesday and Thursday ) in Catskill, the deputies again headed for the Vermejo to finish their business.
After the first two were blacked out, the third light was abandoned by a terrified Italian crew, who left their light to shine for nine minutes like an unerring homing beacon until British MP's shot it out.
After a roundup the pushin' of stray cattle of outside brands toward their home range was called `` throwin' over ''.
After the death of Lincoln's mother, his older sister, Sarah, took charge of caring for him until their father remarried in 1819 ; Sarah later died in her 20s while giving birth to a stillborn son.
After the Battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln clearly understood that his military decisions would be more effectively carried out by conveying his orders through his War Secretary or his general-in-chief on to his generals, who resented his civilian interference with their own plans.
After a Republican victory, but before the new administration took office on March 4, 1861, seven cotton states declared their secession and joined to form the Confederate States of America.
After the discovery of americium isotopes < sup > 241 </ sup > Am and < sup > 242 </ sup > Am, their production and compounds were patented listing only Seaborg as the inventor.
After a period of rest, the souls are reincarnated, and the memory of their previous lives is erased.
After the auction, players can secretly pay extra points to raise their ranks, but they can only pay to raise their scores to an existing rank.
After their marriage the Alcotts moved to 12 Franklin Street in Boston, a boarding house run by a Mrs. Newall.
After describing the manifestation of the Gospel in the Ogdoad and Hebdomad, he adds that the Basilidians have a long account of the innumerable creations and powers in the several ' stages ' of the upper world ( diastemata ), in which they speak of 365 heavens and say that " their great archon " is Abrasax, because his name contains the number 365, the number of the days in the year ; i. e. the sum of the numbers denoted by the Greek letters in ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ according to the rules of isopsephy is 365:
After his full sister Tamar was raped by Amnon, their half-brother and David's eldest son, Absalom waited two years and avenged her by sending his servants to murder Amnon at a feast to which he had invited all the king's sons.
After the burial, both claim the armor for themselves, as recognition for their efforts.
After their setbacks against the Huns, Alaric was probably a child during the Goths ' mass migration across the Danube and their subsequent war with Rome.
After the election Johnson was most anxious to complete the re-establishment of civil government in Tennessee ; Union forces brought the war to an end in that state with their victory in the Battle of Nashville in December.
After a few centuries, following an incident where the Goths ' women successfully fended off a raid by a neighboring tribe, while the menfolk were off campaigning against Pharaoh Vesosis, the women formed their own army under Marpesia and crossed the Don, invading Asia.
After leaving office they were subject to a scrutiny ( euthunai, literally ' straightenings ') to review their performance.

After and disastrous
After the failure of the co-emperor Michael IX to stem the Turkish advance in Asia Minor in 1302 and the disastrous Battle of Bapheus, the Byzantine government hired the Catalan Company of Almogavars ( adventurers from Aragon and Catalonia ) led by Roger de Flor to clear Byzantine Asia Minor of the enemy.
After Seifert was fired following the disastrous 2001 season, the Panthers hired New York Giants defensive coordinator John Fox as the team's third head coach.
After a disastrous opening gig at the London Roundhouse, they reverted to a configuration presenting Bowie as a solo artist.
After visiting the site of the disastrous Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where 20, 000 Romans had been killed in 9 AD, and burying their remains, he launched a massive assault on the heartland of Arminius ' tribe, the Cherusci.
After the disastrous battle of Ocana, fought on November 19, 1809, the Spanish Army confined itself to guerrilla warfare against the French.
After a shaky peace of 1486 with King Ferdinand I of Naples failed and Ferdinand repeatedly refused to pay the tariff for his investiture, Innocent excommunicated him in 1489 and invited King Charles VIII of France to come to Italy with an army and take possession of the Kingdom of Naples, a disastrous political event for the Italian peninsula as a whole.
After a disastrous harvest in 2001 ( 113, 000 metric tons ), production rebounded to 168, 000 metric tons in 2002.
After Drese's release and Rogers ' suspension, the Rangers ' performance on the mound faltered, and a disastrous 1 – 12 August road trip all but sealed the squad's fate.
After the disastrous invasion of Russia, a coalition of Austria, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and a number of German States, and the rebels in Spain and Portugal united to battle France in the War of the Sixth Coalition.
After the disastrous 1757 British campaigns ( resulting in a failed expedition against Louisbourg and the Siege of Fort William Henry, which was followed by Indian torture and massacres of British victims ), the British government fell.
After an unsuccessful start to the 1970s culminating in a disastrous start to the 1973 season, Ferrari regrouped completely under Luca di Montezemolo and were resurgent in 1974.
After initial successes in unifying the southern Lombard principalities under his authority and in conquering Byzantine-controlled territory, Otto II's campaigns in southern Italy ended in 982 following a disastrous defeat by the Muslims.
After the brief success of the Kerensky Offensive 1 – 19 July and its disastrous sequel, when Ludendorff's general reserve of six divisions captured Riga, 1 – 5 September 1917 and then in Operation Albion September – October 1917 took the islands at the mouth of the Gulf of Riga, British and French commanders on the Western Front had to reckon on the German western army being strengthened by reinforcements from the Eastern Front in late 1917.
After its disastrous defeat by Japan in 1905, Russia too had a need to rebuild its navy, but the nation was beset by a wave of chauvinism that required a domestic industry for the rebuilding.
After a brief period of training, an initial attempt at attacking a German airfield by parachute landing in support of Operation Crusader was disastrous.
After López died, his son Francisco Solano López became the new president and led the country through the disastrous Paraguayan War that lasted for five years.
After the invasion ( on June 6, 1944 ) the plan was to delay movement of German reserves to the Normandy beachhead and prevent a potentially disastrous counter-attack.
After the disastrous elections of 1972 the cooperation was given new momentum.
After a disastrous overinvestment in colour television production, Tandberg folded and revived without the HiFi-branch these came from.
After Auchinleck's defeat by Rommel and his disastrous retreat across Cyrenaica in 1942, Bevan made one of his most memorable speeches in the Commons in support of a motion of censure against the Churchill government.
After two disastrous campaigns, in which the Persians overran Syria and captured the strategically important fortress of Dara ( Mesopotamia ), Justin reportedly lost his mind.
After the outbreak of World War I, the proximity of the border proved disastrous for Kalisz, as it was one of the first cities destroyed in 1914.
After the German invasion of Poland in 1939, the proximity of the border proved once again disastrous.
After a disastrous lunch break at a diner ( in which a musically inclined alien emerges from John Hurt ), he finds a final message from Yogurt informing him that he is a prince and thus eligible to marry Vespa.

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