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After and point
After figuring out how to regulate the barrels so that they shot to the same point of impact, we fired this little 20-inch-barrel job on my home range and in Marlin's underground test gallery.
After the spate of female vocalists we have been having, all of whom took Sarah as a point of departure and then tried to see what they could do that might make her seem old hat, it seemed that all that has happened is to make the real thing seem better than ever.
After James Prescott Joule had determined the mechanical equivalent of heat, Lord Kelvin approached the question from an entirely different point of view, and in 1848 devised a scale of absolute temperature which was independent of the properties of any particular substance and was based solely on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics.
After this point, he was said to have gone insane.
After this point, few people were willing to hold such a powerless office, and Augustus was even known to compel individuals into holding the office.
After that point, however, most cellular companies were eager to shut down AMPS and use the remaining channels for digital services.
After introduction into the vacuum system, the sample is reduced to cryogenic temperatures ( typically 20-100 K ) and manipulated such that the needle's point is aimed towards an ion detector.
After his impeachment proceedings in 1998 and 1999, Clinton's rating reached its highest point.
After his lowest point output since his rookie season, Federko decided to retire after the 1989 – 90 season, having played exactly 1, 000 NHL games.
After rallying his troops near Schwennenbach – well beyond their starting point – Eugene prepared to launch a second attack, led by the second-line squadrons under the Duke of Württemberg-Teck.
" After wearing glasses for a while, his eyes became adjusted to the lenses, and at that point he became nearsighted and really did need glasses, which would years later establish John as one of the most famous " four-eyes " in rock and roll, though Holly is widely considered to be the first.
After the point is established, a seven is typically called by simply " 7 out " or " 7 out 7 ".
After the point is established, " good field and come " is often added.
After this point, no additional program of length k can be in the domain, because each of these would add 2 < sup >- k </ sup > to the measure, which is impossible.
After splitting the first two games at home, the Cubs headed to the Bay Area, where despite holding a lead at some point in each of the next three games, bullpen meltdowns and managerial blunders ultimately led to three straight losses.
After that point mail was almost all made from riveted rings only.
After a tie in the 1969 voting, the process was changed, in which each writer was to vote for three different pitchers: the first-place vote received five points, the second-place vote received three points, and the third-place vote received one point.
; Conversion ( or Convert ): After a touchdown, the team that scored attempts one scrimmage play from any point between the hash marks on or outside the opponents ' 5-yard line.
After the Tories fell from power with the death of Queen Anne, Defoe continued doing intelligence work for the Whig government, writing " Tory " pamphlets that actually undermined the Tory point of view.
After extensive study, the Commission issued a final border ruling in April 2002, which awarded some territory to each side, but Badme ( the flash point of the conflict ) was awarded to Eritrea.
After obtaining his PhD in mathematics, Husserl began analyzing the foundations of mathematics from a psychological point of view.
After a 17 point second semi final loss to South Melbourne defeated Fitzroy ( who had beaten South Melbourne ) in the challenge final: Essendon 8. 15 ( 63 ) to Fitzroy 6. 10 ( 46 ).
After the popularity of game shows hit a nadir in the mid-1990s ( at which point The Price Is Right was the only game show still on daytime network TV ), the British game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
After that point, a new copyright had to be filed, and any work that did not have its copyright renewed fell back into the public domain.
After this point, Grail literature divides into two classes.

After and gets
After planking, the bottom gets a layer of Fiberglas.
After a while, however, a person's mind gets fed up and that magnifies all of the disagreeable physical symptoms which go with that sort of an assignment.
After they split up, Nobita encounters Gian and gets into a fight again.
After Kaye's guest appearance, Mitropoulos remarked, " Here is a man who is not musically trained, who cannot even read music, and he gets more out of my orchestra than I ever have.
After being attacked by the possessed Henrietta, he gets possessed by another spirit.
After becoming drunk at the other party, Elin gets sick and throws up, while Johan tries to help her and ends up professing his love to her.
After seeing Trevor's latest porno film, Bletch decides they need a new pornstar, and Trevor choose Lucille ; he drugs her and tries to rape her as an audition but gets accidentally caught by Robert.
After drinking two of them, he decides to make one personally and gets knocked out, forcing his inexperienced passengers ( Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett ) to fly the rest of the way.
* After the execution of his wife Messalina, Claudius gets senatorial approval to marry his niece, Agrippina the Younger.
After that, each player moves one of his pieces, following one of two rules according to version ; a player wins if thereby he gets three pieces in a line:
After Lester gets a beer from the refrigerator, the camera pushes toward him, then stops facing a hallway down which he walks " to meet his fate ".
* After his campaigns in Sicily and Africa, Pompeius gets the insulting nickname of adulescentulus carnifex, the " teenage butcher ".
After the diet has been changed to lower blood glucose for 3 days, the brain gets 25 % of its energy from ketone bodies.
After the IF removes Ender's monitoring device, possibly ending his chances of getting into Command School, he gets into a fight with a fellow student, Stilson.
After an unsuccessful attempt at playing tennis himself, Hammer gets rid of his sleep deficit by spending all day in his room, fast asleep, with " old junior " — his gun — close to him.
After they return, Kay goes swimming and is stalked underwater by the creature, who then gets briefly caught in one of the ship's draglines.
After a while Spike gets bored of waiting so he goes to Angel's apartment to find the ring and leaving Marcus to torture Angel, he gets to the apartment only to find Cordelia and Doyle aiming at him with weapons and demanding to know where Angel is.
After drunkenly returning to the Hereford Square home, Martin gets in a fight with Honor.
After a contestant gets voted out at the Tribal Council, he can vote one more time against one of the remaining contestants of his tribe, before quitting the game.
After Wayne admits that he was spying on her, Cassandra breaks off the relationship and hastily gets engaged to Bobby on the rebound.
After trying to create diversions such as an earthquake or electrical storm, Beechcroft goes home for the night, where he gets a visit from his conscience.
After the Nameless One and his party leave the maze, Ravel gets up, having actually survived the encounter.
After commitment to a sanitarium, Joe finally gets sober for a while, with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, a dedicated sponsor named Jim Hungerford ( Jack Klugman ) and regular AA meetings.

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