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After and second
After a long debate in the House, a second attempt passed Congress on January 13, 1865, and was sent to the state legislatures for ratification.
After finishing its work on the first car, the engine installation crew can begin working on the second car.
After the engine has been installed on the second car, the second car moves to the hood assembly.
After her thirteenth birthday in 28, Tiberius arranged for Agrippina to marry her paternal second cousin Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and ordered the marriage to be celebrated in Rome.
After being widowed a second time, Agrippina was left very wealthy.
After Eschiva's death in October 1197 he married Isabella, the daughter of Amalric I of Jerusalem by his second marriage, and became King of Jerusalem in right of his wife and crowned at Acre in January 1198.
After spending 54 minutes on the slope, Young and Duke climbed aboard the lunar rover en route to the day's second stop, station five, a crater across.
After returning to the LM to wrap up the second lunar excursion, the two astronauts climbed back inside the landing craft's cabin, sealing and pressurizing the interior after 7 hours, 23 minutes, and 26 seconds of EVA time, breaking a record that had been set on Apollo 15.
After the defeat of Zurich in the second Battle of Kappel in 1531, the victorious five Catholic cantons marched their troops into the Freie Ämter and reconverted them to Catholicism.
After he recovered, he made a second effort and went back into the desert to a farther mountain by the Nile called Pispir, now Der el Memun, opposite Crocodilopolis.
After the second terminal of International Airport Sofia was built the total number of passengers rose and reached 3 230 696 in 2008, and in April 2011 Airport Sofia serviced 282 694 passengers, 13 % more than the same period of 2009, when the record was 250 000 passengers.
After the play and scoring of the hand has concluded, the deal is rotated and the second deck is moved by the next dealer from his left to his right, cut by the previous dealer and dealt ; the partner of the new dealer shuffles the first deck continuing the process.
After an initial success, his first line of cavalry, under the Imperial General of Horse, Prince Maximilian of Hanover, were pressed by the second line of Marsin's cavalry, and were forced back across the Nebel in confusion.
After rallying his troops near Schwennenbach – well beyond their starting point – Eugene prepared to launch a second attack, led by the second-line squadrons under the Duke of Württemberg-Teck.
After Elihu's speech ends with the last verse of Chapter 37, God appears and in the second verse of Chapter 38, God says, speaking of Job: “ Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?
After Darius died, his son Xerxes I restarted the preparations for a second invasion of Greece, which finally began in 480 BC.
After his success at Chancellorsville in Virginia in May 1863, Lee led his army through the Shenandoah Valley to begin his second invasion of the North — the Gettysburg Campaign.
After the second Anglo-Boer War, a Boer diaspora occurred.
After five to six weeks these are weaned and become fully mature near the end of their first year or sometime in their second year, depending on the species.
After the death of his second wife in 1984, he married a third time, in 1985 to Iris Hilda Waters ( d. 1994 ) and moved to the Isle of Man.
After the downfall of the second Labour government, the 1931 General Election was held.
After a few presidents of the Provisional Junta, there were again consuls of the republic, 14 March 1841 – 13 March 1844 ( ruling jointly, but occasionally styled " first consul ", " second consul "): Carlos Antonio López Ynsfrán ( b. 1792 – d. 1862 ) + Mariano Roque Alonzo Romero ( d. 1853 ) ( the lasts of the aforementioned juntistas, Commandant-General of the Army )
After more than 40 years, a second edition has been commenced at UBC in Vancouver in 2006.

After and anchor
After proceeding about sixty miles up this " mistaken strait ," Frobisher with apparent reluctance turned back, and after many buffetings and separations, the fleet at last came to anchor in Frobisher Bay.
After Letterman was introduced on Late Show's very first episode, NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw accompanied him on stage and wished him " reasonably well ".
After Olbermann left ESPN in 1997, Kenny Mayne became Patrick's co-host ; when Patrick moved to the 6: 00 p. m. edition, Rich Eisen and Stuart Scott became the top anchor team.
After Cronkite left the anchor desk again he was replaced by Collingwood ; Cronkite's next appearance came nearly two hours later, when he took over for Harry Reasoner at the desk so he could anchor The CBS Evening News as scheduled.
After a year, NBC News president Reuven Frank concluded that the dual-anchor program was not working and selected Brokaw to be sole anchor.
After leaving the anchor chair, Brokaw remained at NBC as Special Correspondent, providing periodic reports for Nightly News.
After the Saturday edition failed to garner sufficient ratings to justify two anchors, veteran correspondent Frank McGee took over as anchor, with Sander Vanocur substituting, although the broadcast kept the HBR name.
After stepping down from the anchor desk on April 2, 1982, Chancellor remained as an editorial commentator on the program until his retirement in 1993.
After Hart replaced Benti as the main anchor in New York, the Washington anchor desk was assumed by Bernard Kalb until 1972, and by Nelson Benton for a year afterwards.
After about an hour, the USS Eagle had the springs to one of her anchor cables shot away, and was unable to bear to reply to HMS Linnet's raking fire.
After releasing their Greatest Hits album, in 2005, the band went into a period of relative inactivity for a number of years, with Mark McGrath starting a new job as an anchor on the television show Extra.
After each episode, the anchor ( s ) throw to Parks and Recreation.
After Lloyd Robertson left CBC Television in 1976, the program conducted its own on-air auditions for his replacement as anchor of The National, eventually choosing Robert Stanfield as its nominee.
After leaving The Today Show, Pauley hosted Real Life with Jane Pauley and served as deputy anchor for NBC Nightly News.
" After Cronkite's retirement in 1981, Dan Rather became the anchor of CBS Evening News.
After her reign, she pursued working as a news anchor.
After an internal investigation, CBS dismissed four producers and allegedly hastened Rather's retirement as anchor of the CBS Evening News.
After lying at anchor in Manila Bay for eight days, the regiment sailed for Legaspi in the Province of Albay.
After Hartman's retirement, Lunden was paired with ABC News This Morning anchor Charles Gibson on February 23, 1987, and ratings skyrocketed for Good Morning America.
After a highly adventurous voyage across the as yet largely uncharted Pacific Ocean to Vancouver Island, the Otter finally dropped anchor in Nootka Sound on 22 June 1796.
After several small jobs, Kilborn became an ESPN SportsCenter anchor from 1993 to 1996.
) After the series ended, the time slot of the Bicentennial Minute came to be occupied by a brief synopsis of news headlines (" Newsbreak ") read by a CBS anchor.

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