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After and several
After what seemed several seconds, the open mouth grew dark inside then blood began to ooze from it.
After that, it requires several minutes of concentrated work, including six separate and deliberate actions by a minimum of three men sitting at three separate stations in a bomber, each with another man beside him to help, for an armed bomb to be released.
After the judge moved all the dogs individually, she selected several from the group and placed them in the center of the ring.
After promoting Frost's appearance at the Inauguration, he persuaded the poet to return several months later to give a reading to a select audience of Cabinet members, members of Congress, and other Washington notables gathered in the State Department auditorium.
After a White House huddle between the President and top lieutenants, the Defense Department reacted sharply to a cry from the pro-Western government of Laos that several battalions of Communist troops had invaded Laos from North Viet Nam.
After a hiatus of several centuries, formal commentary by Eustratius and Michael of Ephesus reappears in the late eleventh and early twelfth centuries, apparently sponsored by Anna Comnena
After making a series of westerns and comedies, Dwan directed fellow Canadian Mary Pickford in several very successful movies as well as her husband, Douglas Fairbanks, notably in the acclaimed 1922 Robin Hood.
His teacher was his mother, who supervised him for several years until she became terminally ill. After Hillside, he was educated at Eton College.
After the sun sets and the temperature drops, the warm wall will then continue to transfer heat to the interior for several hours due to the time lag effect.
After 1180 BC, the Hittite empire disintegrated into several independent " Neo-Hittite " states, subsequent to losing much territory to the Middle Assyrian Empire and being finally overrun by the Phrygians, another Indo-European people who are believed to have migrated from The Balkans.
After several revisions, for example, he deemed the essay " Psyche " ( Alcott's account of how he educated his daughters ) unpublishable.
After describing the manifestation of the Gospel in the Ogdoad and Hebdomad, he adds that the Basilidians have a long account of the innumerable creations and powers in the several ' stages ' of the upper world ( diastemata ), in which they speak of 365 heavens and say that " their great archon " is Abrasax, because his name contains the number 365, the number of the days in the year ; i. e. the sum of the numbers denoted by the Greek letters in ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ according to the rules of isopsephy is 365:
After several years of outdoor trading, the curbstone brokers moved indoors in 1921 to a building on Greenwich Street in Lower Manhattan.
After Roman times, Einhard mentions that in 765 – 6 Pippin the Younger spent both Christmas and Easter at Aquis villa (""), which must have been sufficiently equipped to support the royal household for several months.
After several days of competition, Odysseus and Ajax are tied for the ownership of the magical armor which was forged on Mount Olympus by the god Hephaestus.
After several victories he was at last completely defeated ( 307 BC ) and fled secretly to Sicily.
After the team had developed a method of purifying penicillin to an effective first stable form in 1940, several clinical trials ensued, and their amazing success inspired the team to develop methods for mass production and mass distribution in 1945.
After several hours of analysis, however, mission controllers determined that the malfunction could be worked around and Young and Duke could proceed with the landing.
After three hours and six minutes, Young and Duke returned to the LM, where they completed several experiments and offloaded the rover.
After leaving school at 17, Ayckbourn's career took several temporary jobs in various places before starting a temporary job at the Scarborough Library Theatre, where he was introduced to the artistic director, Stephen Joseph.
After several applications, his enrollment in the École des Beaux-Arts was accepted in 1885, and he studied there under Jean-Léon Gérôme and Alexandre Cabanel.
After several hundred years of Tabernacle worship without instrumental music, King David introduced musical instruments into Temple worship based upon a commandment from God.
After several decades of being the battlefield where the Kingdom of Castile and the Crown of Aragón clashed, Alicante became a major Mediterranean trading station exporting rice, wine, olive oil, oranges and wool.
After being in America for several years, Nin had forgotten how to speak Spanish, but retained her French and became fluent in English.
After several publishers had turned it down, he published it at his own expense in 1896.

After and extended
After a moment he extended one hand, the fingers curled.
After Bligh's victory, there was an extended period of English dominance.
After one pair of Bézout coefficients ( x, y ) has been computed ( using extended Euclid or some other algorithm ), all pairs may be found using the formula
After the construction of the Theodosian Walls in the early 5th century, it was extended to the new Golden Gate, reaching a total length of seven Roman miles.
After ten years, he extended the brewery, adding a grand building as his own private residence, where he entertained other local figures.
After Peligro joined the band, the extended play In God We Trust, Inc. ( 1981 ) saw them moving toward full on hardcore / thrash.
After protests by parents with children enrolled in for profit kindergartens, the program was extended to children in for-profit kindergartens, but only for children enrolled in or before September 2007.
After the Spanish Civil War, Francoist Spain persecuted the Anarchists and Catalan nationalists among which Esperanto was extended but in the 1950s, the Esperanto movement was tolerated again with Francisco Franco accepting the honorary patronage of the Madrid World Esperanto Congress.
After several continuous days of nursing the newborn pups, females go on extended foraging trips that can last as long as a week, returning to the rookery to feed their pups until they are weaned.
After Jacobo Arbenz came to power in 1951, he extended political freedom, allowing Communists in Guatemala to participate in politics.
After or just before the dissolution, the Electors of Bavaria, Württemberg, Saxony, and Hanover each took the title of king of his former electorate ( in the case of Hanover after regaining his lands following Napoleon's defeat in 1814 ) while the King of Prussia extended his royal title to cover his erstwhile Electorate of Brandenburg as well as the lands he held as king outside the imperial border.
After receiving her permission, Commissioner Bud Selig not only allowed Griffey to wear the number, but also extended an invitation to all major league teams to do the same.
After Baldwin I extended his rule over Oultrejordain, Jerusalem gained revenue from the taxation of Muslim caravans passing from Syria to Egypt or Arabia.
After consolidating their territory around Lake Chad the Fezzan region ( in present-day Libya ) fell under Kanem's authority, and the empire's influence extended westward to Kano ( in present-day Nigeria ) and thus included Bornu, eastward to Ouaddaï, and southward to the Adamawa grasslands ( in present-day Cameroon ).
After the election of then-commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces Émile Lahoud as President in 1998 following Hrawi's extended term as President, Salim al-Hoss again served as Prime Minister.
After further research he later extended this idea to humans, which became to be known as his theory of polygenism.
" After the many wedding parties were over the newlyweds moved into the Anichkov Palace in St. Petersburg where they were to live for the next 15 years, when they were not taking extended holidays at their summer villa Livadia in the Crimea.
After a vaulter has left the ground, the leg that was last touching the ground stays extended and swings forward to help propel the vaulter upwards .</ div ></ div >
After the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Worf took an extended leave to evaluate his future.
After the 57-day strike, the NFL extended the regular season one weekend ( pushing the end of the regular season back from December 26 to January 2 ), moving back the start of the playoffs and eliminating the week off for the first time since Super Bowl IV.
After the 1983 riots in Sri Lanka ushered in an extended civil war many Sri Lankans, both Tamil and Sinhalese, fled Sri Lanka, the number of arrivals from Sri Lanka to New Zealand and the Sri Lankan-born population in New Zealand rose dramatically.
After Graf Spees captain Hans Langsdorff was told that his stay could not be extended beyond 72 hours, he scuttled his damaged ship rather than face the overwhelmingly superior force that the British had led him to believe was awaiting his departure.
After the release of Flowers and Trees, all subsequent Silly Symphony cartoons were in color while Disney was also able to negotiate a two-year deal with Technicolor, giving him the sole right to use their three-strip process, a period eventually extended to five years.
In May 1989 Chapman made an extended appearance on the Channel 4 discussion programme After Dark, alongside Tony Benn, Lord Dacre, James Rusbridger, Miles Copeland and others.
After the English settled on Bermuda in the early 17th century, they quickly took up " wracking " on Bermuda, and then extended their search for wrecks to all of the Caribbean.

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