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After and senior
After the last anointing, the Gospel Book is opened and placed with the writing down upon the head of the one who was anointed, and the senior priest reads the " Prayer of the Gospel ".
After the abortive Essex rebellion in February 1601, Oxford was ' the senior of the twenty-five noblemen ' who rendered verdicts at the trials of Essex and Southampton for treason.
After the surrender, despite the efforts of the senior officers to maintain order, the civil population of Gibraltar suffered at the hands of the troops.
After the Restoration, Charles ' Scottish affairs were managed by senior noblemen, the most prominent of whom was John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale, his Secretary of State and High Commissioner to the Scottish Parliament.
After the Sack of Rome he fled home, but eventually returned and was taken into the household of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese senior.
After the adoption of the Stahlhelm the Pickelhaube was reduced to limited ceremonial wear by senior officers away from the war zones ; plus the Leibgendarmerie S. M.
After meeting senior Saudi royals, the next day he went to Medina and performed Umrah in Mecca.
After the senior Romulan leadership was assassinated in the Romulan Senate, the Remans took over the Senate and Shinzon became Praetor ; he was, however, dispatched by Captain Jean-Luc Picard shortly afterwards.
" After an alleged attempt to overthrow President Momoh in March 1987, more than 60 senior government officials were arrested, including Vice-President Francis Minah, who was removed from office, convicted for plotting the coup, and executed by hanging in 1989 along with 5 others.
After crippling the US economy and becoming a nuclear power, Japan invades and takes the Marianas Islands ; the US and Japan fight a brief war, which the Japanese lose ( they are subsequently denuclearized ); an embittered Japanese pilot and proponent of the war crashes a 747 into the US Capitol Building immediately after Ryan's confirmation as Vice President, killing most of the House and Senate, the President, all nine Supreme Court justices, the senior military establishment ( including the JCS ), and most of the Cabinet.
After the war, he opted for Pakistani citizenship and became one of the earliest senior officers in the Pakistan Armed Forces.
After the war, he served as a salaried senior assistant to Edmund Husserl at the University of Freiburg in the Black Forest from 1919 until 1923.
After talking with some senior American officials, he became convinced that one of America's main war aims was to destroy the British Empire.
After senior secondary school, students go to university for higher studies.
After Lenin's split with another senior Bolshevik leader, Alexander Bogdanov, in mid-1908, Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev became Lenin's main assistants abroad.
After the Dutch general election of 2010 the VVD became the largest party with 31 seats and is currently the senior party in a centre-right minority cabinet with the Christian Democratic Appeal supported by the Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders to obtain a majority.
After nine years in his senior position at Triplex, he moved in 1954 to be Managing Director of the British Industries Fair, a government-backed organisation promoting British goods worldwide.
After completing his Bachelor of Architecture in 1924, Kahn worked as senior draftsman in the office of City Architect John Molitor.
After the starship was flung to the Delta Quadrant, several crew members were killed, including several senior officers, namely, Lt.
After Nicolas I became Tsar, however, Bakunin senior gave up politics and devoted himself to the care of his estate and the education of his children, five girls and five boys, the oldest of whom was Mikhail ( Michael ).
After the radio ad began running, the use of the statistic was widely criticised by FactCheck. org, PolitiFact. com, by The Washington Post, and others who consulted leading cancer experts and found that Giuliani's cancer survival statistics to be false, misleading or " flat wrong ", the numbers having been reported to have been obtained from an opinion article by Giuliani health care advisor David Gratzer, a Canadian psychiatrist in the Manhattan Institute's City Journal where Gratzer was a senior fellow.
" After the Battle, the senior Rivers wrote a poem about his remarkable son entitled " Lines on a Young Gentleman that lost his leg onboard the Victory in the Glorious action at Trafalgar ":
After Ryan hit Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox, Ventura charged the mound in order to fight Ryan, who was 20 years his senior.
After Hu's funeral, his body was cremated, and his remains were buried in Babaoshan, a graveyard in Beijing reserved for senior Party officials.

After and priest
After the decision was made to exclude the statuary of Mary and the archangels, Gaudi contemplated abandoning the project but was persuaded not to by a priest.
After being fatally wounded by an Aboriginal man, on his deathbed, MacIntyre confessed to a priest that he had exhibited cruelty to Aboriginals.
After his death, Husserl's manuscripts, amounting to approximately 40, 000 pages of " Gabelsberger " stenography and his complete research library, were in 1939 smuggled to Belgium by the Franciscan priest Herman Van Breda.
After the transmutation of the Holy Gifts, the bishop presents to the newly ordained priest a portion of the Lamb ( i. e., the Body of Christ )"
After the beginning of the 17th century gradual changes in English law meant the presence of an officiating priest or magistrate became necessary for a marriage to be legal.
After the death of Meletius, John separated himself from the followers of Meletius, without joining Paulinus, the rival of Meletius for the bishopric of Antioch, but after the death of Paulinus he was ordained a presbyter ( that is, a priest ) in 386 by Evagrius, the successor of Paulinus.
After being ordained priest in Kurseong, India he completed a doctorate in Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome on the religious anthropology of Origen of Alexandria.
As soon as the person has died the priest begins The Office After the Departure of the Soul From the Body ( also known as The First Pannikhida ).
After one exchange with the influential priest, Ryōkan ( 良観 ), Nichiren was summoned for questioning by the authorities in September 1271.
After his profession of monastic vows, he was ordained a priest in his own monastery in Chirac.
After Joshua's death, Eli the priest left the tabernacle which Moses erected in the desert and established on Mount Gerizim, and built another one under his own rule in the hills of Shiloh.
After a late start, he was ordained priest, and Cosimo I de ' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, sent him as an appropriate ambassador to Pope Pius V, a position which he held for fifteen years.
After befriending a Russian Orthodox priest, Father Nicholas, after his move to Nice in 1924, he reconnected with his faith.
After demanding the expulsion of Muslims from Calicut to the Hindu Zamorin, the latter sent the high priest Talappana Namboothiri ( the very same person who conducted da Gama to the Zamorin's chamber during his much celebrated first visit to Calicut in May 1498 ) for talks.
After 200 BC at any given time there were two priests of Apollo, who were in charge of the entire sanctuary ; Plutarch, who served as a priest during the late first century and early second century AD, gives us the most information about the organization of the oracle at that time.
After the war, as a priest, he supported the group and was also its critic, publishing reviews of its performances.
After returning to Istanbul in 1968, he took a position at the Patriarchal Theological Seminary of Halki, where he was ordained a priest in 1969, by Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I.
" After Hidalgo's death leadership of the revolution fell to a zambo / mestizo priest named José María Morelos, who led insurgent troops in the Mexican south.
After the Litany of Thanksgiving that follows Communion, the deacon will come into the sanctuary and kneel, placing his forehead on the Holy Table ( Altar ) and the priest will bless him to consume the Gifts, which is done at the Prothesis ( Table of Oblation ).
After Jeremiah prophesied that Jerusalem would be handed over to the Babylonian army, the king ’ s officials, including Pashur the priest, tried to convince King Zedekiah that Jeremiah should be put to death because he was discouraging the soldiers as well as the people.
After receiving certain rites, if a person or priest slept in his sanctuary, Endovelicus would talk to them in their dreams and even tell them about their own future or offer advice.
After several unsuccessful psychiatric and medical treatments, Regan's mother turns to a local Jesuit priest.
After describing the mistreatment of a married priest, Manning writes that his friends have urged him to seek accommodation from the Roman Catholic authorities regarding his marriage.

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