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After and third
After the first two were blacked out, the third light was abandoned by a terrified Italian crew, who left their light to shine for nine minutes like an unerring homing beacon until British MP's shot it out.
After Captain Docherty sent Arleigh Griffith for Hoag he was able to complete his detailed inspection of the third floor and to receive a report from his man covering the floors above before Griffith returned, buoyed up by a brief stop for another glass of champagne.
After the usual Honorable Sirs, it went on to say that there had been set off to the widow one full third part of the real estate of the deceased Salu Norberg, one lower room, on the Western side, privileges to the well and bake-oven and to one third of the cellar ( I can show you the cellar when we go up ), also one Cow Right, and lastly they set off to the widow her own land that she brought with her as dower, namely the Beech Pasture.
After reaching orbit, the crew spent time adapting themselves to the zero-gravity environment and preparing the spacecraft for Trans Lunar Injection, the burn of the third stage rocket that would propel them to the Moon.
After two orbits, the rocket's third stage reignited for just over five minutes, propelling the craft towards the Moon at approximately.
After the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the Arc de Triomphe de l ' Étoile, the Grande Arche is the third arch built on the same perspective.
He later wrote: " After more than forty years, we have had no third world war, and the balance of nuclear terror ... may have helped to prevent one.
After winning the Dutch Mixing Championships ( DMC ) in 1988, he was invited for The World Mix Championships in the London Royal Hall and won third place in a fierce competition.
After some personal arguments among the three crewmembers, de Spookrijders split up in 2003, after releasing their and final third album Hee ...
After 1745 recruits were increasingly drawn from Scotland ; by the mid-1760s between one fifth and one third of officers were from Scotland.
After the death of his second wife in 1984, he married a third time, in 1985 to Iris Hilda Waters ( d. 1994 ) and moved to the Isle of Man.
After Seifert was fired following the disastrous 2001 season, the Panthers hired New York Giants defensive coordinator John Fox as the team's third head coach.
After a down-to-the-wire Wild Card chase with the San Francisco Giants, Chicago and San Francisco ended the regular season tied, and thus squared off in a one game playoff at Wrigley Field in which third baseman Gary Gaetti hit the eventual game winning homer.
After hiring Buddy Bell as the club's third manager, O ' Dowd proceeded to make a series of offseason deals that would change the face of the franchise.
After an intentional walk to Helton, the Padres pitched to utility infielder Jamey Carroll, who then hit a sacrifice fly, allowing Holliday to score from third base.
After spending almost the entire 2009 / 2010 season in the top six of League One, Charlton were defeated in the Football League One play-offs semi-final second leg on penalties to Swindon Town, condemning Charlton to another season in the third tier of English Football.
After marriage, a third form of chastity, often called " vidual chastity ", is expected of a woman while she is in mourning for her late husband.
After producing the third volume of his series in 1976, he expressed such frustration with the nascent state of the then newly-developed electronic publishing tools ( especially those that provided input to phototypesetters ) that he took time out to work on typesetting and created the TeX and METAFONT tools.
Hexameters also have a primary caesura — a break in sense, much like the function of a comma in prose — at one of several normal positions: After the first syllable in the third foot ( the " masculine " caesura ); after the second syllable in the third foot if the third foot is a dactyl ( the " feminine " caesura ); after the first syllable of the fourth foot ; or after the first syllable of the second foot ( the latter two often occur together in a line, breaking it into three separate units ).
After climbing down to the surface, the third episode, called Inferno, begins.
After Disney acquired Saban during the third series, the first three series moved to the cable network ABC Family, while the fourth ( Frontier ) premiered on UPN.
After second season was over the third season was never dubbed or aried on Swedish TV, Digimon had no chance to Pokemon in Sweden.

After and Rahman
After the attacks, before the release of the FBI pictures of the hijackers, Arab News reported that Haznawi's brother Abdul Rahman had told al-Madinah newspaper that a photograph published by local newspapers bore no resemblance to his brother.
After the British invasion following the killing of Sir Louis Cavagnari in 1879, Yaqub Khan, Yahya Khan and his sons, Princes Mohammad Yusuf Khan and Mohammad Asef Khan, were seized by the British and transferred under custody to the British Raj, where they forcibly remained until the two princes were invited back to Afghanistan by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan in the last year of his reign ( 1901 ).
After Abdul Rahman consulted the other leaders of public opinion in Medina, who were in favour of Uthman, he arrived at the conclusion that the majority of the people favoured the election of Uthman.
After David Tua, the # 3 contender, also turned down the fight against Rahman Ruiz, the # 5 contender and the only one interested in the fight, decided to accept.
After the first World Trade Center bombing in February 1993, the FBI began to investigate Rahman and his followers more closely.
After his defeat in Iraq, again achieved through Abd al-Malik's dispatch of Syrian reinforcements to Hajjaj, Abd ar Rahman returned east.
After Al Samh ibn Malik was killed at the Battle of Toulouse in 721 ( 102 A. H .) by the forces of Duke Odo of Aquitaine, Abdul Rahman took over the command of Eastern Andalus.
After Khaleda Zia was detained by the caretaker government in 2007, some party members chose former finance minister Saifur Rahman as chairman and former water resources minister Major ( Rtd.
After the bell of the 9th round of Tua staggered him with a devastating punch that dazed Rahman.
After this defeat, Rahman stepped back to a lower level of competition and defeated four journeyman fighters while working to get back into shape.
After the May 13 Incident in 1969, his faction in UMNO overthrew Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and imposed a State of Emergency, ruling by decree until 1970.
After rioting broke out in June, Home Affairs Minister Ismail Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak agreed to expel Mahathir and former Executive Secretary of UMNO Musa Hitam from the party for breaching party discipline.
After the election results were released, Abdul Rahman ordered the detention of James Wong under the Sedition Act.
After Saud's death in 1875, Abdul Rahman was recognized as successor, but within a year Riyadh was taken by Abdullah.
After the emergence of independent Bangladesh, the Awami League would win the first general elections in 1973 but was overthrown in 1975 after the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The party was forced by subsequent military regimes into political wilderness and many of its senior leaders and actvists were executed and jailed.
After the war ended, the government of India installed Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of the Awami League in the office of the Prime Minister.
After a Yes-No nation wide vote referendum, Ziaur Rahman was elected for a 5-year term as president in 1978.
After the initiative was declared Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman also gave his approval from his prison cell in the United States, though he later withdrew it.
After the defeat of Rao Tula Ram on 16 November 1857, Mufti Nizamuddin was arrested, and his brother Mufti Yaqinuddin and brother-in-law Abdur Rahman ( alias Nabi Baksh ) were arrested in Tijara.
After she returned to Bangladesh, President Ziaur Rahman was assassinated in yet another coup in May 1981.
After attending advanced military courses in National Defence University ( NDU ), India, Ershad was appointed Deputy chief of army staff in 1975 by Major General Ziaur Rahman when Zia became the Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator following Chief Justice of Bangladesh Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem's elevation to the presidency on November 7, 1975.
After the assassination of Ziaur Rahman on 30 May 1981, Lt. Gen. Ershad remained loyal to the government and ordered the army to suppress the coup attempt of Zia's associates led by Major General Abul Manzoor.
After the Test series wicketkeeper Khaled Mashud replaced Rahman as captain.
After that, for the last time, he married Pengiran Bini Hajah Salhah binti Pengiran Bendahara Seri Maharaja Permaisuara Pengiran Anak Abdul Rahman, who was also his sister in law.

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