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Again and local
Again, one major difficulty is the local focus.
Again, no expense was spared, and following his earlier liberal education, at 16 he began studies at the prestigious local sanctuary or Asclepieum dedicated to Asclepius, god of medicine, as a θεραπευτής ( therapeutes, or attendant ) for four years.
Again, such arrangements in the local context were probably nothing unusual.
Again in 2011 a public interest litigation petition caused the Madras High Court Bench to grant permission to villagers of Kodaioor village to conduct a rooster fight during Deepavali coinciding with a local temple festival from the claims that the " villagers ' religious sentiments would be hurt if the cockfight was not allowed ".
GSN sent Ribeiro on a promotional tour to local television stations to promote Catch 21, while they partnered with the ABC Television Network to create Play It Again!
Again, Aboriginal people assisted and ex-army equipment was utilized to take the timber to the mill where it was prepared for local builders.
Notable local musical acts include The Ocracoke Rockers, Martin and Friends, Aaron Caswell Band, Molasses Creek, Baby Dee and the Free Mustache Rides Again and Coyote.
Again, many of the Viking place-names contain personal names, suggesting they are named for the local Norse / Danish lord or chieftain.
Again, the local publishers protested, and the Leipzig Book Commission finally ordered Zedler to halt printing of the Universal Lexicon and the Chronicle and to stop advertising these works.
Again, various species of paralytic ticks sometimes kill dogs if the owners are insufficiently alert, and soft ticks can fatally poison a host such as a horse that might rest in an infested shady spot because it does not know the local hazards.
Again the desire for more local control resulted in Revere and Winthrop seceding from Chelsea in 1846 to become North Chelsea.
* Some of the local businesses in town include, Another Chance Thrift Store, the Nunda Lumber and Hardware, Hope Valley Camp, Once Again Nut Butter, Nunda Mustard, Dalton Builders Incorporated, Didas Construction, Souther Tier Express Video Store, Nunda Historical Society, Poor American Cafe, Kathy's Country Florist, Mann Funeral Home, Hark Homes, Cassidy and Underwood Building, Douglas Ford, Bugman and Sons Milking Company, Nunda NAPA auto parts, Bill's Restaurant, Lawsons Sand and Gravel, Husky's Laundromat and Car Wash, and The Pizza Corner.
Again, depends only on the charge density and does not depend on its gradient, Laplacian, or other higher-order derivatives ( i. e., it is a “ local ” functional ).
Again, Cerialis had to deal with a local revolt, the Batavian rebellion, in which the local tribes, led by Julius Civilis, a romanized prince, besieged two Roman legions at Xanten.
If TN is exactly E restricted to N, then one says that E arises from a regular foliation of M. Again, this definition is purely local: the foliation is defined only on charts.
Again, the tree would be taken down on Twelfth Night, and such fruits, along with nuts and other local produce used, would then be consumed.
Again in 206 BC, the Seleucid emperor Antiochus led an army to the Kabul valley, where he received war elephants and presents from the local king Sophagasenus:
The leading singles " Lost Again " and " Mr. Blue " enjoyed steady rotation on local and college radio stations across the United States, and music videos were filmed for both tracks.
Again, hundreds of local people were in the tent, shouting and taking sides like a football crowd, as the old man and the young woman battled it out and the president of the court gave her judgement.
The episode, entitled " Degsy Rides Again ", showed Myers ' attempts to train lunchtime phone-in host Derek Hatton, a controversial local ex-politician who had never before presented on radio.
Again in contrast to linear regression, there may be many local minima of the function to be optimized and even the global minimum may produce a biased estimate.
* Again in Salt Lake City, Safran tries some atheistic door knocking to harass local Mormons
After having read the American healing evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman's famous book, God Can Do It Again, and after attending a local Bible group, he became a born-again Christian, that is, committed his life to Jesus Christ, in or around 1974.
The station was also featured in the music video " Never Again ," which was performed by the band The Midway State, a band local to Toronto.

Again and suggests
" Again, this suggests that although major events ( like the man's death ) are unchangeable, minor ones ( like the precise cause of his death ) can be changed, in violation of Novikov's principle.
Again, this does not suggest that it was not desired for the rest of the piece any more than the infrequent use of the term in 20th-century works suggests that it is not used elsewhere.
Again, this suggests that the north wing was an addition.
Again, the lyrics were penned by Danz and Gundermann, separately and together ; as the album's title suggests, they were angry.
Tina Fey's 2011 memoir Bossypants also includes a chapter on her own cruise experience, entitled My Honeymoon: Or, A Supposedly Fun Thing That I ’ ll Never Do Again Either, in which she jokingly suggests that those who've heard of Foster Wallace's book should consider themselves members of the " cultural elite ", who hate their country and flag.
Sanderson also pointed out that Miller's view of All Star Batman and Robin as prequels to his graphic novels Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again suggests that the darker, grittier take on Batman and his more dysfunctional relationship with Robin make sense when taken in context, and that Batman's rough treatment of Dick Grayson reveals a lot about the inner workings of Batman's personality.
Again, a lack of precedent suggests that this is an open issue in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Again and architects
Again, structures of this design sort, particularly those built in India and England, were built in conformance to advanced British structural engineering standards of the 1800s, which came to include infrastructures composed of iron, steel and poured concrete ( the innovation of reinforced cement and pre-cast cement elements, set with iron and / or steel rods, developed much later ); the same can be said for like structures built elsewhere, making use of the same design vocabulary, by local architects, that would come to be constructed in continental Europe and the Americas: Indo-Saracenic ’ s popularity flourished for a span of some 30-years.

Again and never
There also came a brief contretemps with the sound mixers who made the mistake of being overheard during a quiet moment near the conclusion of `` Do It Again '', and she made the tart observation that `` I never saw so much moving about in an audience ''.
The Blackadder pilot was shot but never aired on terrestrial TV in the UK ( although some scenes were shown in the 25th anniversary special Blackadder Rides Again ).
Again and again, with the Greek text in front of me and the NIV beside it, I discovered that the translators had another principle, considerably higher than the stated one: to make sure that Paul should say what the broadly Protestant and evangelical tradition said he said .... f a church only, or mainly, relies on the NIV it will, quite simply, never understand what Paul was talking about.
Again this deal was never completed, following the loss of Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford in the Barbadian general elections.
Again however the lead protagonist is never named at any point, although they are clearly the same character in all of the books.
Again, these should be used cautiously and never for long periods, as they can interfere with circulation or make the jacket difficult to release in the event of emergency.
Barbra Streisand has the most Record of the Year nominations for a female artist with five (" Happy Days Are Here Again ," " People ," " Evergreen ( Love Theme From A Star Is Born )," " You Don't Bring Me Flowers " ( with Neil Diamond ) and " Woman In Love ") but has never received the award either.
* Avior Byron and Matthias Pasdzierny ' Sprechstimme Reconsidered Once Again: "... though Mrs. Stiedry is never in pitch "', Music Theory Online ( MTO ), 13 / 2 ( June 2007 )
Shyness obviates free choice and self-determination, and it stands squarely in the way of responsible self-control and self-management .” Again, he states “ Simply put, shyness is never healthy .”
However, central government refused to fund the plans, preferring instead to depopulate the city to a series of New Towns Again, economic considerations meant that many of the planned " New Town " amenities were never built in these areas.
Again to date these tracks have never been officially released.
There was some face-mauling, just as there always is … but at no time did the vaunted Hackenschmidt ever make a serious move toward slapping down his opponent, never showed much in the wrestling line during the entire two hours … Again, I say, that as the referee of that match, I thought that the ‘ Russian Lion ’ quit .”
Again, he never said a word.
He collaborated on I Love My Wife ( 1977 ) with Michael Stewart, On The Twentieth Century ( 1978 ) with Betty Comden and Adolph Green, and Home Again, Home Again with Barbara Fried, although the latter never reached Broadway.
Again, the resistance to Napoleon wasnever a popular, national war .” He states in his book that “ there was no mass participation by the peasantry in the guerilla bands and in their activities, and their part in the campaign was strictly limited .” According to Tarle, “… it is clear that if the Spanish guerilla warfare might justifiably be called a national war, it would be impossible to apply this term to any Russian movement in the war of 1812 .” Tarle supported his interpretation by “ denying that the peasants fought against the French and describing the burning of Smolensk and Moscow as systematic acts of the Russian army in retreat .” Naturally, Tarle also gave references to Lenin ’ s words on Napoleon in his book.
Again, Fielding would never win another Superstars event.
Again Moore swore not to have anything to do with horseracing again after the death of these two beloved mounts, but the promise never held.
Again, contrary to what has become accepted fact, Bob Dylan never said that Paul Brady was ' one of the five artists worth getting out of bed for '.
French signed to Jim Steinman's Ravenous Records label for a short period in 2000, during which time she recorded " Lovers Again " and " Two out of Three Ain't Bad " both of which were never released.
The genre was successful in Europe during the 1980s, except the United Kingdom where it was never particularly successful, although several Italo disco songs did become hits there, such as Ryan Paris's " Dolce Vita ", Clubhouse's " Do It Again Medley ", Laura Branigan's " Self Control " ( a cover of the original by Raf ), Baltimora's " Tarzan Boy ", Taffy's " I Love My Radio ", Spagna's " Call Me " and Sabrina's " Boys ".
As with Black Sabbath's previous album, Born Again, Seventh Star has never officially been released on CD by Warner Bros. for the US and Canada.
The consequences of this strain upon a constitution which was never strong were more or less, though unequally, manifest in Ordered to the Front, a soldier's departure ( 1880 ); Home Again, its sequel, in 1883 ( after which he was made Royal Academician ).
The relationship between Sellers and Blake Edwards, never very good, had seriously deteriorated by the time Strikes Again was filmed.

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