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Again and
Notable examples include Mike Oldfield's " Guilty " ( 1979 ) Blondie's " Heart of Glass " ( 1978 ), Cher's " Hell on Wheels " and " Take Me Home " ( both 1979 ), Barry Manilow s " Copacabana " ( 1978 ), David Bowie's " John I'm Only Dancing ( Again )" ( 1975 ), Rod Stewart's " Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Again, Marlow lies when he changes the last words of Kurtz from “ The Horror !” to the name of Kurtz s fiancée.
“‘ Rather Than Ever Milk Again ’: Shaker Sisters Refusal to Milk at Mount Lebanon and Watervliet — 1873 – 1877 .” American Communal Societies Quarterly.
Blofeld in You Only Live Twice ( Donald Pleasence ), On Her Majesty s Secret Service ( Telly Savalas ), Diamonds are Forever ( Charles Gray ) and Never Say Never Again ( Max Von Sydow ).
Again, Rothko s aims, in some critics and viewers estimation, exceeded his methods.
Again, the city won a reprieve from the company s top management, which had always regarded the Johnstown works with special affection because of its history and reputation.
Daylight Again was initially undertaken by Stills and Nash alone owing to Crosby s subsequent decline in productivity ; however, Atlantic Record executives refused to release the latter LP until Crosby was reinstated.
In that sworn statement, the organizers indicated that " Einhorn, given a small role on the stage at Earth Day, grabbed the microphone and refused to give up the podium for thirty minutes " During Einhorn s murder trial, one of the Earth Day organizing committee members, psychiatrist Donald Nathanson, took the stand and under oath testified that the committee had barred Einhorn from their discussions, considering him a nuisance .. Again, under oath and penalty of perjury, Dr. Nathanson said there was no master of ceremonies and Einhorn s only role at the event had been as a liaison with poet and featured speaker Allen Ginsberg.
More widespread recognition came with gold-selling sophomore effort Horrorscope ( 2000 ), which spawned radio gems “ Promise ,” “ On The Roof Again ” and “ Here s To The Night ”.
Again it was in Mecca that he produced the very best of his works, like the first chapters of Futūḥāt, the Rūḥ al-Quds, the Tāj al-Rasā il, the Ḥilyat al-Abdāl and a collections of hadīth qudsī named “ Mishkat al-Anwār ”.
Again though approving of the 1904 devolution proposals of the Irish Reform Association, fearing another party split, Redmond quietly endured Dillon s dictate of distancing from any understanding with the landlord class.
Again, Brunel was able to show that Lardner s calculations were too simplistic.
This was followed by " Gumbo "/" Me And The Bear " ( 44011 ), which was released on March 6, 1959 and finally " Sweet Baby Doll "/" I ll Never Love Again " ( 44017 ), which was released on June 24, 1959.
A number of tracks were recorded, namely, " It Isn t There ", " Wish It Were Saturday Night ", " I ll Give You Three Guesses ", " All Week Long " and " Congratulations, You ve Hurt Me Again ".
Dizzy Gillespie was the band s trumpeter for a while, and featured on Millinder's first charted hit, " When The Lights Go On Again ( All Over The World )", which reached # 1 on the R & B chart and # 14 on the pop chart in 1942.
Again significantly, the leader s next act was to send word, via a Genoese merchant named Alafranco Cassano, to the Emperor Michael advising him that his nemesis Charles had been crippled.
Other Curtom artists were disco singer Linda Clifford (“ Runaway Love ”), the Natural Four (" Can this Be Real "), and the Staple Singers (“ Let s Do It Again ”).
Again, a new workers and Catalanist movement emerged, this time against Francisco Franco s regime and with the support of the Roman Catholic Church.
There was some face-mauling, just as there always is … but at no time did the vaunted Hackenschmidt ever make a serious move toward slapping down his opponent, never showed much in the wrestling line during the entire two hours … Again, I say, that as the referee of that match, I thought that the ‘ Russian Lion quit .”

Again and manager
Again Dave John took over for a short while until ex Wrexham professional Tony Merola was appointed manager in early 2005, initially until the end of the season.
Again a reserve player in the 2010 – 11 season ( but playing even less ), 34-year old Gomes made the most with the minutes provided to him by manager Jorge Jesus.
Again, his level of play did not measure up to expectations and he had numerous clashes with manager Bobby Valentine over lack of playing time.
Tex Davis, the promotion manager of Monument Records, was persuaded by Charlie Dillard of WPFA to release " Today I Started Loving You Again " as a single.

Again and s
After a hit version of Sam Cooke's " Wonderful World " and " Let s Go Dancing " in 1979, for many years he seemed to have dropped out of sight, with the exception of a brief resurgence in the mid-1980s with the album Here Again ( 1986 ), which was preceded by the minor UK hit, " Rock Me Baby "; however, in May 2006 he was singing again at SugarHill Recording Studios and at Tierra Studios in his native Houston.
* Racing Odysseus: A College President Becomes a Freshman Again ISBN 978-0-520-26587-5 A former college president attended St. John's College and wrote a memoir about his experience reading Homer, rowing Crew, and examining the importance of a liberal arts education in today s society.
Proceeds from the sale of “ Feel Again ” on iTunes will benefit Save the Children, which trains frontline health workers to save children s lives around the world.
where M = δ ( cos δ )< sup >- Re s </ sup > e < sup > Im s δ </ sup > is a constant independent of u or R. Again referring to the behavior of x < sup > n </ sup > e < sup >- x </ sup > for large x, we see that the last expression approaches 0 as R increases towards ∞.
Again, fortunately for Chkalov, he had the honor of being “ the Soviet Union s most famous pilot .” Chkalov s life story ( as the government chose to represent it ) reflects the traits of Stalin s New Soviet Man – apolitical, forever young ( he died in an accident at the age of thirty-four ), a master of nature, and as concerned with the greater good ( the integrity of his experimental aircraft ) as he was with his own life.
Again too slow, he managed to get there for their return journey to Italy, capturing and burning 30 of Caesar s transports.
Other hits written for the stage were soon to follow, including what is arguably their most famous composition, 1930 s “ On the Sunny Side of the Street ” for Lew Leslie s International Revue, which also contained the favorite “ Exactly Like You ”; “ Blue Again ” for The Vanderbilt Revue ; and in 1932, “ Don t Blame Me ,” which was featured in the Chicago revue Clowns In Clover.

Again and success
Parton's commercial success continued to grow during 1980, with three number-one hits in a row: the Donna Summer-written " Starting Over Again ", " Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You ", and " 9 to 5 ", which topped the country and pop charts in early 1981.
Again success was even bigger on the other side of the Atlantic with " Forever and For Always " again reaching the Top 10 in both, the UK and Germany.
In the wake of the group's success for the Victor release, in May the band returned to Columbia, recording two selections of popular tunes of the day chosen for them by the record company ( possibly hoping to avoid the copyright problems which arose after Victor recorded two of the band's supposedly original compositions ) " Darktown Strutter's Ball " and "( Back Home Again in ) Indiana " as catalogue # A-2297.
Despite the repeated overexposure of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and its switch to syndication, ABC continued to find some success in dramas such as The Practice ( which gave birth to a successful spinoff, Boston Legal, in 2004 ), Alias, and Once and Again.
Pfeiffer's early acting appearances included television roles in Fantasy Island, Delta House and BAD Cats, and small film roles in Falling in Love Again ( 1980 ) with Susannah York, The Hollywood Knights ( 1980 ) opposite Tony Danza, and Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen ( 1981 ), none of which met with much critical or box office success.
Lubitsch went independent to direct That Uncertain Feeling ( 1941, a remake of his 1925 film Kiss Me Again ), and the dark anti-Nazi farce To Be or Not to Be ( 1942 ), which was Jack Benny's only major screen success and Carole Lombard's last picture.
Between 1976 and their break-up twenty years later, Davies and the group reverted to their earlier mainstream rock format and enjoyed a second peak of success, with other hit songs, like " Destroyer ", " Come Dancing " and " Do It Again ".
Again, commercial success eluded her, despite one of the singles off the album, " I Don't Wanna Lose At Love ", being remixed by the Asian Dub Foundation.
With the move to Arista Records and the release of her RIAA certified million seller " I'll Never Love This Way Again " in 1979, Dionne was again enjoying top success on the charts.
Ride were able to see out 1993 riding on the success of Going Blank Again and a third LP was keenly anticipated.
The studio was eager to duplicate the success of Destry Rides Again starring Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart with a vehicle starring West and Fields.
The band released their breakthrough album Enema of the State in June 1999 to commercial success, fueled by successful singles " What's My Age Again ", " All the Small Things ", and " Adam's Song ".
The success continued into 1976 with " Never Gonna Fall in Love Again " entering the UK Top 40.
Again Meyerbeer's new opera was an outstanding success – despite the unusual feature of the lead female role being the hero's mother, rather than his lover.
Further singles from Running in the Family continued and built on the band's existing success: " To Be With You Again " ( No. 6 in the Netherlands and in Ireland ), the ballad " It's Over " ( No. 3 in Ireland and No. 7 in the Netherlands ) and Running In The Familys title track ( No. 1 in Norway and Denmark, No. 3 in the Netherlands, No. 4 in Ireland, No. 5 in Switzerland, No. 7 in Norway and No. 9 in New Zealand ).
Again he did not fare well against the larger forces of the imperialists, but the campaign ended with a gleam of success in his capture of Trier ( Trèves ).
The album received an indifferent critical reception and was not a commercial success ( though the debut single " Never Gonna Cry Again " made the UK charts at No. 63 ).
The success of Another Level would also land them a spot on New Edition's 1999 Home Again reunion tour.
Again Arden was ahead of the game and with its success, came copycats from other prestige beauty brands to also created their version of DIY peels but most of these other copycats have since disappeared from the shelves.
Again, another Ottawa team, the Ottawa Rangers, was developing talent and enjoying success, winning the Quebec title.
Again they received criticism for " selling out " to achieve success in mainstream markets.
Again it failed to find chart success.
Singles " Goin ' Down " and " Northern Star " were met with promising success, but the third single " Never Be the Same Again ", featuring TLC member Lisa " Left Eye " Lopes, became her first UK number-one single as a solo artist and a number-one single in the Netherlands, a Top Five hit in Germany and No. 2 in Australia.
Due to this success, " Whole Again " was released globally, and reached number one in eighteen other countries, including six weeks in Germany and New Zealand.
With the success of " Case of the Ex ", Interscope re-released Fear of Flying on November 7, 2000, with a revised tracklisting featuring two new songs, including the third single " Free " ( which was previously on the Bait soundtrack ) and a new track titled " Again & Again ".

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