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Again and massive
Again massive firepower on the Allied side saved the beachhead.

Again and amounts
Again, pennyroyal is toxic and should only be used in small amounts and for external use only.
He is noted for speaking in a stereotypical pirate's lingo and his unhealthily obsessive passion for money, to the point of being willing to make ridiculous exchanges for it in the smallest of amounts ( such as trading SpongeBob for sixty-two cents in the episode Born Again Krabs ).
Per Guyton's illustration, for a 40 litre body, about 15 litres is extracellular, which amounts to 37. 5 % Again, this is close to the 1 / 3 rule of thumb cited here.

Again and new
Again according to convention he posted his most experienced legions on the flanks ( the first and the third legion on his left with Pompey himself commanding, the Syrian legions in the center with Scipio, the Cilician legion and the Spanish cohorts on the right with Afranius ), dispersing his new recruits along the center.
Christian alternative music has its roots in the early 1980s, as the earliest efforts at Christian punk and new wave were recorded by artists like Andy McCarroll and Moral Support, Undercover, The 77s, Adam Again, Quickflight, Daniel Amos, Youth Choir ( later renamed The Choir ), Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, The Altar Boys, Breakfast with Amy, Steve Taylor, 4-4-1, David Edwards and Vector.
Again, new evidence might be introduced by the prosecution.
Again, the weighing of evidence and importance of new data was fit through the human sieve: some scientists found the simplicity of Einstein's equations to be most compelling, while some found them more complicated than the notion of Maxwell's aether which they banished.
The new album is heavily collaborated, with the likes of Klaxons (" All Rights Reversed "), Midlake (" The Pills Won't Help You Now "), Ali Love (" Do It Again "), and Willy Mason (" Battle Scars ").
This time it was the first single " Do It Again " off their new album, aired on his BBC Radio 1 " In New Music We Trust " show ..
Again, evolution strategies and evolutionary programming can be implemented with a so-called " comma strategy " in which parents are not maintained and new parents are selected only from offspring.
Again Dr. Samuel Orton, a neuropathologist in Iowa in 1929 sought the cause of children's reading problems and concluded that their problems were being caused by the new sight method of teaching reading.
Again this failed, so Louis convoked the Assembly of Notables in 1787 to discuss a revolutionary new fiscal reform proposed by Calonne.
However, the group did work together to create a new version of the 1974 song " The Carpet Crawlers ", ultimately released on the Turn It On Again: The Hits album as " The Carpet Crawlers 1999 ".
Again, the children of the new wife were legitimate and lawful heirs.
Again, he promoted a mix of Shakespeare and classic plays with new works and adaptations of popular novels, giving them spectacular productions in this large house, and often playing leading roles.
They released their second Greatest Hits package in 1991, which included two new songs that were singles " Then Again ," and " Born Country.
: Again, however, from destruction a new spirit of creation arises ; the scarcity of wood and the needs of everyday life ... forced the discovery or invention of substitutes for wood, forced the use of coal for heating, forced the invention of coke for the production of iron.
On April 11, 2007, Vivid Entertainment Group began including the original Debbie Does Dallas with a new release titled Debbie Does Dallas ... Again in DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD formats.
Again, neither the relativistic nor the invariant mass of totally-closed ( that is, isolated ) systems changes when new particles are created.
Again, the famous clock was saved and put on the new stand.
In an effort to aim the album toward both younger and older audiences, the label decided to bundle the new album with a second disc comprising live performances of every track from History: America's Greatest Hits, previously recorded at XM Radio as part of XM's Then Again ... Live series, recorded with longtime America drummer Wil Leacox, guitarist Michael Woods and bassist Richard Campbell.
Both seasons were successful and led to a solo compilation album which featured a few new singles heard on the series, including the theme song Go That Far, Fallen ( both of which featured music videos ) and Start Again.
Along with Ronnie Lane, he formed a new band called the Majik Mijits in 1981, but this band's lone album Together Again: The Lost Majik Mijits Recordings was not issued until 2000.
During its syndicated run, the series was retitled Laverne & Shirley & Company from 1981 to 1983 due to the series still airing on ABC at the time ( at the time, distributors would sometimes change the name of a show for syndication if it was still producing new episodes on a network — such as was the case with Happy Days, when it was retitled Happy Days Again in syndication ).
Again, many of the same characters were included but with entirely new figures from new molds.

Again and types
Again the Pad-80 was an eight pad MIDI controller that allowed for various types of MIDI sound sources.
Again, these dates are meant as a tool to help understand the types of procedure in use, not as a rigid boundary where one system stopped and another began.
Again, there are attributes ( conditions ) to access the types.
Again speaking in rough terms, the Hodge and Tate conjectures are types of invariant theory ( the spaces that are morally the algebraic cycles are picked out by invariance under a group, if one sets up the correct definitions ).
Again, this will lead to higher margins and superior performance. _It seems that two types of competitive advantage, lower cost and differentiation, are mutually exclusive.
Björn Again has performed at many types of event from large rock festivals worldwide including Reading and Glastonbury, to private performances for celebrities, including playing at parties for top UK golfer Colin Montgomerie, Microsoft's Bill Gates, comedian Rowan Atkinson, actor Russell Crowe's Wedding, and for Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Again designs and proposed designs of these types usually have multiple nanosatellites working together or in formation ( sometimes the term " swarm " is applied ).
Again designs and proposed designs of these types usually have multiple picosatellites working together or in formation ( sometimes the term " swarm " is applied ).

Again and data
Again energy audit data demonstrates that about 30 – 60 % of energy consumed in lighting is unneeded or gratuitous.
Again, for early 20th century physics, the transition between the Maxwellian electromagnetic worldview and the Einsteinian Relativistic worldview was neither instantaneous nor calm, and instead involved a protracted set of " attacks ," both with empirical data as well as rhetorical or philosophical arguments, by both sides, with the Einsteinian theory winning out in the long-run.
Again in 1990 and 1991, Congress provided only half of the year's funding to NOAA, requesting that agencies that used Landsat data provide the funding for the other six months of the upcoming year.
Again, users of that data are unaware of the location of the read-only copy ; administrators can create and relocate such copies as needed.
Again, it would be up to the respective churches to determine this data.
Again, this makes CSC design work far more complicated than simply trying to get a group of sensors or computers to share data and work together correctly.
Again, only one bit of data ( i. e., a 0 or 1 ) is transmitted by each symbol.

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