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Again and its
Again, he may discover embodied within its texture a theme or idea that has been presented elsewhere and at other times in various ways.
Again Reverend Corder saved the bridge when Union soldiers planned to destroy it, after filling its two lanes with hay and straw -- but for what reason is not recorded nor remembered, certainly not because of pressure from an opposing Confederate force.
Again, as Boris feels himself nearing death, a procession files into the hall singing a hymn, its modal harmonies adding a churchly touch to the grim atmosphere: The words are hardly calculated to put the Tsar's mind at ease.
Again, a liquid receives its shape from the vessel in which it is contained ; but were the pressure of the containing sides withdrawn, it would not retain its form for an instant.
Again, through election, its second leader, Kim Young-sam, became the fourteenth president of Korea.
Christian alternative music has its roots in the early 1980s, as the earliest efforts at Christian punk and new wave were recorded by artists like Andy McCarroll and Moral Support, Undercover, The 77s, Adam Again, Quickflight, Daniel Amos, Youth Choir ( later renamed The Choir ), Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, The Altar Boys, Breakfast with Amy, Steve Taylor, 4-4-1, David Edwards and Vector.
Famed Western writer Max Brand contributed the novel, Destry Rides Again, but the film also owes its origins to Brand's serial " Twelve Peers ", published in a pulp-magazine.
The film has been parodied and referenced in places such as the 1976 film The Pink Panther Strikes Again, the satirical publication The Onion, the Japanese game-show Takeshi's Castle, and the 1977 John Landis comedy anthology film Kentucky Fried Movie ( in its lengthy " A Fistful of Yen " sequence ) and also in the film Balls of Fury.
Again, the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth would be an exception to this rule, with its unique quasi-democratic Golden Freedom.
Again in 2011, City District Government of Karachi has been de-merged into its five original constituent districts namely Karachi East, Karachi West, Karachi Central, Karachi South and Malir.
Bryan MacLean's " Alone Again Or " was the sole single released from the album to reach the Billboard singles chart ( its B-side was Lee's " A House Is Not A Motel.
Again, at its most broad, it can be defined as any willed action leading to intended change.
Again, for example if we begin with the number 42, this time as simply a positive integer, we have its binary representation < tt > 101010 </ tt >.
and its sequel I'll Never Heil Again burlesqued Hitler and the Nazis at a time when America was still neutral and resolutely isolationist.
" O ' Connell notes in his Boston Review critique of Station Island: " Again and again Heaney pulls back from political purposes ; despite its emblems of savagery, Station Island lends no rhetorical comfort to Republicanism.
Despite the repeated overexposure of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and its switch to syndication, ABC continued to find some success in dramas such as The Practice ( which gave birth to a successful spinoff, Boston Legal, in 2004 ), Alias, and Once and Again.
Again passive solar tracking would rely on the inherent thermo-dynamic properties of the materials used in the system rather than an external power source to generate its tracking movement.
Again in the Corinthian war, Sicyon sided with Sparta and became its base of operations against the allied troops round Corinth.
Once the show hit its stride, they had leading roles in the RKO Radio Pictures films Look Who's Laughing ( 1941 ), Here We Go Again ( 1942 ), and Heavenly Days ( 1944 ).
* Several scenes of the popular Bollywood film Don: The Chase Begins Again were filmed in the Petronas towers and its skybridge.
The Public Radio International documentary show This American Life aired a half-hour segment featuring Canalou, titled " You Can't Go Home Again ," as part of its April 9, 1999 " Do-Gooders " episode.
Again, the city won a reprieve from the company ’ s top management, which had always regarded the Johnstown works with special affection because of its history and reputation.
Again in 1999, Buffalo briefly changed its name, this time to " Green Star, Texas ", to support the Dallas Stars as they played the Buffalo Sabres in the Stanley Cup finals.
Chamberlin formed his next project, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, in 2004, and released its first studio album, Life Begins Again, in 2005.

Again and opinion
Again, I at first misconstrued this disconcertingly intense communication, and I quickly cast through my mind to account for her being able to speak, with such utter conviction, of an opinion held by my father, now several years deceased.
Of the more recent reviews, opinion on Never Say Never Again is still mixed: film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes lists the film with a positive 65 % " fresh " rating from 34 reviews ; among the reviewers listed in " Top Critics " the score rises to 71 % from 7 reviews.
Other columns that run throughout the week include ‘ Commentariat ’ ( what the bloggers are saying ); ‘ Letter From ’ ( international correspondents offering their unique on-the-ground insights ); and ' Think Again ' ( a regular Monday column offering a second opinion on current thinking on companies and sectors )

Again and focused
The documentary series Abroad Again in Britain by Jonathan Meades focused on Cragside in episode 2 ( 2005 ).
Boone later focused her music career on country music resulting in the 1980 No. 1 country hit, " Are You on the Road to Lovin ' Me Again ".
Elsewhere, plots focused on soul transference or reincarnation, with the episodes " Shadows ", " Born Again " and " Lazarus " sharing similar storylines.
Throughout 1980, Dylan was still focused on religious-oriented music in what was dubbed as his ' Born Again ' period.

Again and more
Again, this difference is much more obvious to a Turkish speaker, for whom and are separate phonemes, than to an English speaker, for whom they are allophones of a single phoneme.
Again, GC stacking interactions with adjacent bases tend to be more favorable.
Again, in his Exposition of Psalm 85, Augustine is perhaps even more specific:
Again, on average the worker can transfer no more than the value of these means of labor previously possessed to the finished cup of coffee So the value of coffee produced in a day equals the sum of both the value of the means of labor — this constant capital — and the value newly added by the worker in proportion to the duration and intensity of their work.
Again working in base 10, ten different digits 0, ..., 9 are used and the position of a digit is used to signify the power of ten that the digit is to be multiplied with, as in 304 = 3 × 100 + 0 × 10 + 4 × 1 or more precisely 3 × 10 < sup > 2 </ sup > + 0 × 10 < sup > 1 </ sup > + 4 × 10 < sup > 0 </ sup >.
Again, such a system design can be made as reliable as one wishes, at the cost of lowering security-the more servers to check for the possibility of a key revocation, the longer the window of vulnerability.
Again the reason for the variation is to make the game more fair for player 2.
Again the reason for the variation is to make the game more fair for player 2.
Again, the weighing of evidence and importance of new data was fit through the human sieve: some scientists found the simplicity of Einstein's equations to be most compelling, while some found them more complicated than the notion of Maxwell's aether which they banished.
' Again writing about these events, Robert Latham – the editor of the definitive edition of the diary – has remarked: ' His descriptions of both – agonisingly vivid – achieve their effect by being something more than superlative reporting ; they are written with compassion.
* Never Again is a novel by Doug Nufer in which no word is used more than once.
Again, some claim that pro-active ways to reduce stress on the wrists, which alleviates wrist pain and strain, involve adopting a more ergonomic work and life environment.
Again, the only celebrities who played were those who did not match that contestant in previous rounds, and third round questions tended to be even more " definitive " in their responses.
Again, this does not suggest that it was not desired for the rest of the piece any more than the infrequent use of the term in 20th-century works suggests that it is not used elsewhere.
Again aided by CAD and special modelling software the sailmakers use cloths of different weight, placing heavier cloth panels where there is more stress and lighter cloth where there is less to make savings in weight.
Again, this is for the purpose of contrast and makes the trio more memorable to the listener.
Again, power dropped across all engines as more emissions requirements came into effect.
Again in the 1930s and 40's the Sikhs added more buildings and more architectural design.
Again, smaller populations are more likely to go extinct due to these environmentally generated population fluctuations than are large populations.
" Again, one has to conclude that he is describing human interactions at their idealised best and not the more typical ones, which tend to fall a long way short of his descriptions.
Again featuring producers McEntire and O ' Rourke, it was more warmly received than Cobra and Phases Group ....
Although more of an amalgam of individual work than an integrated group effort, Buffalo Springfield Again is considered by many critics and fans to be the group's finest record.
Regrouping as a regular touring unit, after a five-year lay-off between releases which saw a solo album apiece by Stills and Nash, they hit the top ten one more time with Daylight Again in 1982.
Again, support is stronger in the rural areas ( where most people were born in Nevada ) and weaker in Clark County and Washoe County ; women are more opposed to the idea than men.

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