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Agate and is
Agate () is a microcrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color.
Agate is also still used today for decorative displays, cabochons, beads, carvings and Intarsia art as well as face-polished and tumble-polished specimens of varying size and origin.
Agate is a variety of chalcedony with multi-colored curved or angular banding.
James Agate, reviewing Forever and a Day, wrote: " Is there no-one at RKO to tell Charles Laughton when he is being plain bad?
It borders Lake Superior, which contributes the two natural harbors for which it is named, Burlington Bay and Agate Bay.
Furthermore, The Nature Conservancy's Agate Desert Preserve is on the west side of White City.
* Agate is distinctly banded chalcedony with successive layers differing in color or value.
* The State of Franklin is briefly mentioned in Lee Smith's novel, On Agate Hill ( 2006 ) ( paperback edition, page 226-227 ).
Another well-known work by Guimerà is the play La filla del mar ( The daughter of the sea, 1900 ), that recounts the story of Agata ( Agate ).
Once a Pokémon's gauge is empty, the player may " Purify " the Pokémon by bringing him or her to Celebi's shrine in Agate Village, or by using a rare " Poké Flute " item.
The case is now referred to as United States of America v. Agate et al.
Noted for its production of Menou or Agate, a green quartz stone, this stone is one of the three gifts given to each newly crowned Emperor.
* Agate Beach County Park — This picnic area and beach is at the end of MacKaye Harbor Road at the south end of the island.
Another example of the use of petrified wood in construction is the Agate House Pueblo in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument is a U. S. National Monument near Harrison, Nebraska.
Agate Fossil Beds is maintained by the National Park Service.
Agate is the designation of an unguided French test rocket.
Dordi Agate Nordby, ( born 8 April 1964 in Bærum, Norway ), is a Norwegian right-handed curler from Snarøya.
It is famous for its rare Sajhar or Dendritic Agate stone.
* The Achatschale ( Agate bowl ) is a bowl whose inscriptions are said to refer to Jesus Christ.
The region's Agate cutters had to travel further afield for their supplies as the local deposits became worked out in the early 19th Century and it is said that they enjoyed the churrascaria they found in Brazil.
On Agate Hill ( 2006 ), is set in the piedmont South during Reconstruction.
These were published in his first book, L. of C. ( Lines of Communication ), of which a reviewer wrote, " Captain James E. Agate ranks as one of the first hundred thousand soldiers who have written a book about the war, but … one is sure there will be no other book like this one.
Agate sought to position himself in that tradition, and his criticism consequently is verbose and self-indulgent but hugely entertaining and revealing.

Agate and one
In order to gratify her passion for antique and Neoclassical art, Catherine employed the Scottish architect Charles Cameron who not only refurbished the interior of one wing in the Neo-Palladian style then in vogue, but also constructed the personal apartments of the Empress, a rather modest Greek Revival structure known as the Agate Rooms and situated to the left from the grand palace.
In the most serious case they ruled that Bid TV had overestimated the guide price of £ 1700 for " Black Agate Globes "; " Bid-Up could only provide proof of one supplier that may have sold the globe for £ 1700.
Alistair Cooke was another admirer of Agate, and devoted one of his " Letters from America " to the " Supreme Diarist.

Agate and most
In Agate Bay ( Two Harbors ) most of the land was bought from Thomas Sexton, who by that time had owned the land for twenty years.
Although different locations were considered for the railroad terminus and shipping port, Agate Bay was chosen because it was closer to the iron ore site and provided a clay bottom bay, while most others were rocky.
Bishop Pelagius relates that the Agate Box, a coffer made by the disciples of the Apostles and containing the most precious relics of the Holy City, was taken from Jerusalem to Africa, and after residing in several locations was finally placed at Oviedo by Alfonso II.
For example most of the blue runs are named after metals / jewels ( e. g. Serpentine, Turquoise, Dolomie, Cristal, Tourmaline, Emeraude ), nearly all the reds are diabollically named ( e. g. Faust, Mephisto, Belzebuth, Lucifer ) and most black runs after stars ( e. g. Diamant Noir, Agate, Styx ).
" Later, Agate was bested by Lilian Braithwaite, who responded to his assertion that she was " the second most beautiful woman in London " by replying, " I shall long cherish that, coming from our second-best theatre critic.
" Agate had a series of secretaries, of whom Alan Dent ( Jock ), who served for fourteen years, was later the most prominent.

Agate and used
During the early 20th century, iron ore slag was also ground to a powder and used to make ' Agate Glass ', also known as ' Slag Glass '.

Agate and has
Agate has also been known to fill veins or cracks in volcanic or altered rock underlain by granitic intrusive masses.
Other forms of agate include Lake Superior agate, carnelian agate ( exhibiting reddish hues ), Botswana agate, blue lace agate, plume agates, moss agate, tube agate ( with visible flow channels or pinhole-sized ' tubes '), fortification agate ( which exhibit little or no banding structure ), fire agate ( which has internal flash or ' fire ', the result of a layer of clear agate over a layer of hydrothermally-deposited hematite ), Mexican crazy-lace agate, which often exhibits a brightly colored, complexly banded pattern ( also called Rodeo Agate and Rosetta Stone depending on who owned the mine at the time ).
Ernest Bloch was a composer who lived in Agate Beach, and has a memorial located in Newport.
The Bloch Memorial has been moved from near his house in Agate Beach to a more prominent location at the Newport Performing Arts Center in Newport, Oregon.
* Achates ( Agate ) has been replaced by Yacinthos ( Jacinth ).
The Agate has a length of 8. 50 meters, a diameter of 0. 80 meters, a start mass of 3. 2 tonnes, a takeoff thrust of 186 kN and a ceiling of 20 km.

Agate and been
The last of the great actor-managers, Donald Wolfit, played Lear on a Stonehenge-like set in 1944 and was praised by James Agate as " the greatest piece of Shakespearean acting since I have been privileged to write for the Sunday Times ".
Putting these details together, scholars draw the conclusion that it must have been similar to the pale colour of natural gold ( as opposed to the colour known as gold ); Saadia Gaon, and other medieval rabbinical commentators, argued that the gem itself was an Agate ( presumably of a golden colour ).
The Times reviewer commented, " Mr. Agate is suspected of having been too faithful to a too earnest German original ".

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