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Alarmed and James
Alarmed, Thompson sends for outside help from his friend Sir James Forbes.

Alarmed and called
Alarmed officials called for a police escort and transferred him to the care of Johann Biberbach, one of the municipal authorities.
Alarmed by what they perceived to be the increasing influence of “ emerging church philosophy that had crept into the Nazarene denomination ”, after August 2008 a group of church members formed an organization called “ Concerned Nazarenes ”.
Alarmed by this show of force, Dupont called on Vedel to release a battalion or even a brigade to his assistance, and Vedel, judging that Mengibar was not seriously threatened, set out in the night with his entire division.
Alarmed by the situation affecting the settlement at Nalupa Nuevo, the Spanish Governor named Enrique Barboza ordered to transfer the people to another site called Otngol which was at that time, part of what is now the town of Laua-an.
Alarmed, the Maniots called upon Venetian assistance, and the Venetian navy in combination with the Maniot army captured the castle.

Alarmed and for
" Alarmed at the threat, the Seljuks pushed for negotiations.
Alarmed, New York and Illinois ruled in 1898 that no competitor could race for more than 12 hours a day.
Alarmed, and with Hitler making further demands on Danzig, France and Britain guaranteed their support for Polish independence ; when Italy conquered Albania in April 1939, the same guarantee was extended to Romania and Greece.
In an Alarmed Carrier PDS, the carrier system is “ alarmed ” with specialized optical fibers deployed within the conduit for the purpose of sensing acoustic vibrations that usually occur when an intrusion is being attempted on the conduit in order to gain access to the cables.
Depending on the government organization, utilizing an Alarmed Carrier PDS in conjunction with interlocking armored cable may, in some cases, allow for the elimination of the carrier systems altogether.
Alarmed by European encroachment in China, Britain also feared for the security of Hong Kong.
* Alarmed at the length excitement has carried him, Mr. Papineau now inclines to the constitutional remedy of ceasing to trade with England, but Dr. Nelson declares that the time for action has come.
Alarmed by the incident, the Missouri Legislature immediately acted on Governor Jackson's call for a bill dividing he state into military districts and authorizing a State Guard.
Alarmed at the growing numbers of separatists in the Civil Service, Nathan wrote to the authorities to have them transferred to England, and eventually got cabinet approval for a letter warning civil servants that they would be dismissed if they continued as members of the Irish Volunteers.
Alarmed by a perceived lapse in piety, they concluded that professing belief and leading a scandal free life were insufficient for full participation in the local assembly.
Alarmed by Napoleon's consolidation of northern Italy into a kingdom under his rule, and keen on revenge for having been defeated twice in recent memory by France, Austria would join the coalition a few months later.
Alarmed goannas can mistake standing humans for trees and attempt to climb off the ground to safety, which is understandably painful, as well as distressing for both man and beast.
Alarmed, Gongsun Zan sent his son, Gongsun Xu to ask for help from the leaders of the Heishan bandits.
Alarmed by the threat, the government establishes a special theater command for the southeastern United States with the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
Alarmed, fellow missionaries arranged for her to be sent back home to the United States with a missionary companion.
Alarmed by the rapid build-up of the Red Army the French Army on 24 December 1931 conceived a preliminary plan for the mechanisation of the Cavalry.
Alarmed, Curtis races to his apartment to retrieve an engraved diamond bracelet that Martin had purchased for Sheila ; unknown to him, Martin had arranged to have the bracelet re-engraved for Sonya.

Alarmed and national
Alarmed, the national assembly, which convened in Beijing on 3 October 1910, had half of its 200 members appointed to balance the other half elected by the provincial assemblies.
: Alarmed by the current rise in acts of intolerance, violence, terrorism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, exclusion, marginalization and discrimination directed against national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, refugees, migrant workers, immigrants and vulnerable groups within societies, as well as acts of violence and intimidation committed against individuals exercising their freedom of opinion and expression – all of which threaten the consolidation of peace and democracy, both nationally and internationally, and are obstacles to development,

Alarmed and kept
Alarmed, he kept the matter a secret.

Alarmed and on
Alarmed by reports of French preparations on the Mediterranean coast, Lord Spencer at the Admiralty sent a message to Vice-Admiral Earl St. Vincent, commander of the Mediterranean Fleet based in the Tagus River, to despatch a squadron to investigate.
Alarmed, the Chinese emperor Qianlong appointed Fukang ' an commander-in-chief of the Tibetan campaign ; Fu defeated the Gorkhali army and the Gorkhali were forced to accept surrender on China's terms.
Alarmed, Gandalf impressed on Bilbo the foolishness of this accusation.
Other political caricatures include: Britannia between Scylla and Charybdis, a picture in which Pitt, so often Gillray's butt, figures in a favourable light ; The Bridal Night ; The Apotheosis of Hoche, which concentrates the excesses of the French Revolution in one view ; The Nursery with Britannia reposing in Peace ; The First Kiss these Ten Years ( 1803 ), another satire on the peace, which is said to have greatly amused Napoleon ; The Hand-Writing upon the Wall ; The Confederated Coalition, a swipe at the coalition which superseded the Addington ministry ; Uncorking Old Sherry ; The Plumb-Pudding in Danger ( probably the best known political print ever published ); Making Decent ; Comforts of a Bed of Roses ; View of the Hustings in Covent Garden ; Phaethon Alarmed ; and Pandora opening her Box.
Alarmed at the imminent danger of war, he confined his efforts to inducing the Johannesburgers to lay down their arms on condition that the raiders ' lives were spared, not knowing that these terms had already been granted to Jameson.
Alarmed, Henry III ordered Guise to remain in Champagne ; he defied the king and on 9 May 1588 Guise entered Paris, bringing to a head his ambiguous challenge to royal authority in the Day of the Barricades and forcing King Henry to flee.
Alarmed that Mitchell may take over the Enterprise, Kirk decides to maroon him on an unmanned lithium-cracking facility on the remote planet of Delta Vega.
Alarmed by the 1938 Anschluss, he began to lecture on the dangers posed by Nazi Germany, which in turn led to a teaching position at the University of Pennsylvania in 1940, where he also earned his masters and doctoral degrees.
Alarmed by Gruffydd's growing influence and authority in north Wales, and on pretext that Gruffydd sheltered rebels from Rhos against Chester, Henry I launched a campaign against Gwynedd and Powys in 1116, which included a vanguard commanded by King Alexander I of Scotland.
Alarmed by the growing threat of fascism, they were active in the Communist Party of Great Britain, and visited Spain on behalf of the Red Cross during the Civil War.
Alarmed, the women set off on horseback to confront Hercules.
Alarmed by the OUN-M's growing strength in central and eastern Ukraine, the German Nazi authorities swiftly and brutally cracked down on it, arresting and executing many of its members in early 1942, including Volodymyr Bahaziy, and the writer Olena Teliha who had organized led the League of Ukrainian Writers in Kiev.
* Sam Coomes-keyboard on " Strange ," " Alarmed ," and " The Weather "
Alarmed by developments in France, especially in regards to her favourite sister, Marie Antoinette, Maria Carolina ended her experiment in enlightened absolutism and started on a reactionary course.
Alarmed by the Roman occupation of the neighboring Albania, Artoces promised peace and friendship ; but the Roman commander Pompey, informed that he was secretly arming so as to fall upon the Romans on their march in the passes of the Caucasus, advanced in March 65 BC, before resuming the pursuit of Mithridates, to the Iberian strongholds of Harmozica and Seusamora.
Alarmed, Goemon and friends rush off to the bridge to Kyūshū and find Omitsu on her way to deliver dumplings.

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