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Albert and Casey
Opening its doors at the corner of Eaton Street and River Avenue in 1919 and with only one building, Harkins Hall, the college under inaugural president Dennis Albert Casey, O. P.
Savin Hill ( which was produced by former The Mighty Mighty Bosstones member Nate Albert and featured guest appearances by Al Barr and Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys ) was a success and resulted in a supporting tour with Celtic punk band Flogging Molly.
While double-checking his birthdate with U. S. census records he found Albert Casey listed as being 2 and 1 / 2 years old in the 1920 Kentucky census that was recorded on January 9, 1920.
Indy also encounters ( in no particular order ) Edgar Degas, Giacomo Puccini, George Patton, Pablo Picasso ( same episode as Degas ), Eliot Ness, Charles Nungesser, Al Capone, Manfred von Richthofen, Annie Besant, Charles Webster Leadbeater, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, Norman Rockwell ( same episode as Degas and Picasso ), Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin, Sean O ' Casey, Siegfried Sassoon, Patrick Pearse, Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, and Sigmund Freud ; at one point, he competes against a young Ernest Hemingway for the affections of a girl, is nursed back to health by Albert Schweitzer, has a passionate tryst with Mata Hari, and goes on a safari with Theodore Roosevelt.
| 18681 Caseylipp || || Casey Albert Lipp, 2003 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair ( ISEF ) winner †
On 21 December, the " Clobbered Turkey " hit a mountain and when the wreck was spotted on the 27th, Medical Corps Lt. Albert C. Kinney, First Sergeant Santhell A .. London premier Army Air Corp cold weather expert and T-5 Leon J. Casey — none of whom were trained Pararescuemen — volunteered to jump onto the crash site, located 95 miles north of Nome.

Albert and September
Albert Schweitzer, OM ( 14 January 1875 4 September 1965 ) was a German and then French theologian, organist, philosopher, physician, and medical missionary.
Albert Goodwill Spalding ( Byron, Illinois September 2, 1850 September 9, 1915 in Point Loma, San Diego, California ) was a professional baseball player, manager and co-founder of A. G. Spalding sporting goods company.
Albert III () ( 27 January 1443 12 September 1500 ) was a Duke of Saxony.
An English-language version, simply titled Kristina, was staged in concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City for two nights in September 2009, yielding a live recording, and at the Royal Albert Hall for one night in April 2010.
In February 1848 it was decided that Prince Albert would acquire the remaining part of the lease on Balmoral, together with its furniture and staff, and the couple arrived for their first visit on 8 September 1848.
Despite this, by September 1960, following the four-way division of the country, there were four separate armed forces: Mobotu's ANC itself, numbering about 12, 000, the South Kasai Constabulary loyal to Albert Kalonji ( 3, 000 or less ), the Katanga Gendarmerie which were part of Moise Tshombe's regime ( totalling about 10, 000 ), and the Stanleyville dissident ANC loyal to Antoine Gizenga ( numbering about 8, 000 ).
Albert took a leading part in the operations which preceded the battle of Sedan, the 4th army being the pivot on which the whole army wheeled round in pursuit of Mac-Mahon ; and the actions of Buzancy and Beaumont on 29 and 30 August 1870 were fought under his direction ; in the Battle of Sedan itself ( 1 September 1870 ), with the troops under his orders, Albert carried out the envelopment of the French on the east and north.
Frederick the Peaceful KG ( September 21, 1415 August 19, 1493 ) was Duke of Austria as Frederick V from 1424, the successor of Albert II as German King as Frederick IV from 1440, and Holy Roman Emperor as Frederick III from 1452.
# John Albert ( 20 September 1499, Ansbach 17 May 1550, Halle ), Archbishop of Magdeburg from 1545 to 1550.
* 1942 September A small group of Gibraltarians, who remained in the town serving in the British Army, joined a mechanic official, Albert Risso, to create ' The Gibraltarians Association ', the starting point of what became the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights ( officially established in December that year ), the first political party in Gibraltar.
He enjoyed good relationships with union leaders like Albert Monk, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and Jim Healy, leader of the radical Waterside Workers Federation and he gained a reputation for tolerance, restraint and a willingness to compromise, although his controversial decision to use troops to take control of cargo facilities during a waterside dispute in Bowen, Queensland in September 1953 provoked bitter criticism.
Prince Henry of Wales ( Henry Charles Albert David, born 15 September 1984 ), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, and fourth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
On 28 September 1878 the Finance Minister, Koloman von Zell, threatened to resign if the army, behind which stood the Archduke Albert, were allowed to advance to Salonika.
# Albert of Mainz ( 1490, Berlin 24 September 1545, Mainz ), Cardinal since 1518, Archbishop of Magdeburg in 1513 45, Archbishop of Mainz in 1514 45.
The exhibition Postmodernism-Style and Subversion 1970-1990 at the Victoria and Albert Museum ( London, 24 September 2011 15 January 2012 ) was billed as the first show ever to document postmodernism as a historical movement.
< tr bgcolor ="# 98fb98 ">< td > 33 < td > Albert Dunstan < td > Country < td > 2 April 1935 < td > 14 September 1943
< tr bgcolor ="# 98fb98 ">< td > < td > Albert Dunstan < td > Country < td > 18 September 1943 < td > 2 October 1945
* September 9 Albert Spalding, baseball player and sporting goods manufacturer ( b. 1850 )
* September 7 Albert Plesman, Dutch aviation pioneer ( d. 1953 )
* September 16 Albert Szent-Györgyi, Hungarian physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate ( d. 1986 )
* September 4 Albert Orsborn, the 6th General of The Salvation Army ( d. 1967 )
* September 2 Albert, Duke of Saxony ( b. 1443 )
* September 14 Albert Avogadro, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem ( b. 1149 )

Albert and 15
( 1193 / 1206 November 15, 1280 ), also known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne, is a Catholic saint.
The Downing Street Declaration was issued on 15 December 1993 by Major and Albert Reynolds, the Irish Taoiseach, with whom he had a friendly relationship: an IRA ceasefire followed in 1994.
Napoleon offered to sell the entire Territory for a price of $ 15 million, which Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin financed easily.
* July 15 Albert Ghiorso, American nuclear scientist ( d. 2010 )
* August 15 Albert Ballin, German shipping magnate owner of the Hamburg America Line line ( d. 1918 )
* February 15 Albert B. Cummins, American political figure ( d. 1926 )
* November 15 Archduke Albert of Austria, Governor of the Low Countries ( d. 1621 )
* Archduke Albert of Austria ( 15 November 1559 13 July 1621 ).
The first complete public performance was finally given in London by Albert Coates conducting the London Symphony Orchestra on 15 November 1920.
The first complete performance of the suite at a public concert did not occur until 15 November 1920 ; the London Symphony Orchestra ( LSO ) was conducted by Albert Coates.
* Lieutenant général aviator Albert Crekillie ( 15. 03. 1972-31. 10. 1979 )
On 15 September 1997, Sting joined Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John, Phil Collins and Mark Knopfler at London's Royal Albert Hall for Music For Montserrat, a benefit concert for the Caribbean island that had recently been devastated by an eruption from a volcano.
Residents included the artist Arthur Rackham, who was born in South Lambeth Road in 1867, moving with his family to Albert Square when he was 15.
Cora Hubbard, who was 20 at the time, John Sheets, a 23-year-old from Missouri, and 31-year-old Albert Whitfield “ Whit ” Tennison robbed the Mcdonald County Bank stealing a total of $ 589. 23 ( the equivalent of $ 15, 700 in 2009 on the Consumer Price Index scale ).
His last major concert performance was the Music for Montserrat all-star charity concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on September 15, 1997.
Wood was to become one of the country's most successful comedians, in 2001 selling out the Royal Albert Hall for 15 nights in a row.
Cora Hubbard, who was 20 at the time, John Sheets, a 23-year-old from Missouri, and 31-year-old Albert Whitfield “ Whit ” Tennison robbed the Mcdonald County Bank stealing a total of $ 589. 23 ( the equivalent of $ 15, 700 in 2009 on the Consumer Price Index scale ).
They become friendly with Albert Perks, the station porter, and with the Old Gentleman who regularly takes the 9: 15 down train.
Albert Ballin ( 15 August 1857 9 November 1918 ) was a German businessman.
On April 15, 1931, Masseria was gunned down at Scarpato's restaurant in Coney Island by Albert Anastasia, Vito Genovese, Joe Adonis and Bugsy Seigel.
Albert Ghiorso ( July 15, 1915 December 26, 2010 ) was an American nuclear scientist and co-discoverer of a record 12 chemical elements on the periodic table.
Albert James " Alan " Freed ( December 15, 1921 January 20, 1965 ), also known as Moondog, was an American disc jockey.

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