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Albert and Stubbins
After a comprehensive 5-0 win at Anfield, Wolves were favourites to win the game and take the title, but goals from Jack Balmer and Albert Stubbins, plus Sidlow and the backline keeping Wolves down to one meant the Championship trophy would be heading to Merseyside.
Liverpool's centre-forward Albert Stubbins netted five times in the Football League's 6 3 victory.

Albert and 17
Albert of Prussia (; ) ( 17 May 1490 20 March 1568 ) was the 37th and last sovereign Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and, after converting to Lutheranism, the first duke of the Duchy of Prussia, which was the first state to adopt the Lutheran faith and Protestantism as the official state religion.
# Albert of Prussia ( 17 May 1490, Ansbach 20 March 1568, Castle Tapiau ), Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and later first Duke of Prussia.
# John Albert ( 20 September 1499, Ansbach 17 May 1550, Halle ), Archbishop of Magdeburg from 1545 to 1550.
On April 17, 2002, shortly after calling a game between the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers on TNT, both Albert and color analyst Mike Fratello were injured in a limo accident in Trenton, New Jersey.
For the next 17 years, he was known as HRH Prince Albert.
* March 17 Albert Einstein publishes his paper On a heuristic viewpoint concerning the production and transformation of light, in which he explains the photoelectric effect using the notion of light quanta.
* November 17 Albert Bertelsen, Danish artist
* February 17 Albert Johnson, The mysterious Mad Trapper of Rat River is surrounded by RCMP officers on the Eagle River and killed after a 49 day manhunt through the Yukon Territory
* October 17 Albert Einstein arrives in the United States as a refugee from Nazi Germany ; he accepts a position at Princeton University.
* February 17 King Albert I of Belgium ( b. 1875 )
* January 17 Daniel Albert Wyttenbach, academic ( b. 1746 )
* January 17 Albert of Buxhoeveden, German soldier
* June 17 John I Albert of Poland ( b. 1459 )
On March 17, 2010, Albert Abdrakhimov found both the lander and the rover in Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter image M114185541RC.
On March 17, 2010, Albert Abdrakhimov found both the lander and the rover in Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter image M114185541RC.
George was only 17 months younger than Albert Victor, and the two princes were educated together.
* Democrats: 49 17 ( four Southern Democrats voted in favor: Albert Gore, Sr., Ross Bass, George Smathers and Ralph Yarborough ).
On December 17, 1909, Leopold II died at Laeken, and the Belgian crown passed to Albert, the son of Leopold's brother, Philip, Count of Flanders.
Albert I ( April 8, 1875 February 17, 1934 ) reigned as King of the Belgians from 1909 through 1934.
Albert Nwazu Okonkwo, a Mid-Western Igbo medical officer, was installed by Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu as Biafran Military Administrator of the territory ( 17 August 1967-19 September 1967 ).
For instance, on 17 May 1926, in a public letter, Albert stated he had faith in the Henri Jaspar government, before the Parliament passed a vote of confidence in this government.
However, the original version as written by Dvořák has been championed by conductor Denis Vaughan, who performed it for the first time on 17 May 2005 with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
These include the Box Forest Circuit ( 10. 9 km or 4 hours return from O ' Reilly's ), Toolona Creek Circuit ( 17. 4 km or 6 hours return ), and the Albert River Circuit ( 20. 6 km or 7 hours return to O ' Reilly's ) to name some of the best known.
Albert Leroy David ( July 18, 1902 September 17, 1945 ) was an officer in the United States Navy during World War II and a recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Albert and July
The rival forces met at Sievershausen on 9 July 1553, and after a combat of unusual ferocity Albert was put to flight.
Albert Lawrence Brooks ( born Albert Lawrence Einstein ; July 22, 1947 ) is an American actor, voice actor, writer, comedian, and director.
Albert became Duke of Prussia after paying feudal homage to the King of Poland, Zygmunt August ( Ducal Prussia was a fief of Poland ), on July 19, 1569 in Lublin.
At the same time, on 9 July, Albert Kalonji proclaimed the independence of South Kasai.
From July to August 1892 he served in the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert while Queen Victoria was holidaying in the Mediterranean.
The foundation stone was laid by Prince George of Wales and Prince Albert Victor on 4 July and the stand opened in December that year.
Peter Albert David Singer AC ( born 6 July 1946 ) is an Australian moral philosopher.
On July 31, 2010, a BBC Proms concert was held to celebrate Sondheim's 80th Birthday at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
Tod Browning ( born Charles Albert Browning, Jr., July 12, 1880 October 6, 1962 ) was an American motion picture actor, director and screenwriter.
On July 28, 1920, Harding's general election campaign manager, Albert Lasker, unleashed a broad-based advertising campaign that implemented modern advertising techniques ; the focus was more strategy oriented.
* July 21 Albert Hamilton Gordon, American businessman and philanthropist ( died 2009 )
* July 28 Albert Fujimori becomes president of Peru.
* July 16 July 20 Albert Spaggiari and his gang break into the vault of the Societe Generale Bank in Nice, France.
* July 2 Prince Albert of Belgium marries Italian Donna Paola Ruffo di Calabria.
* July 3 Albert Gottschalk, Danish painter ( d. 1906 )
* July 13 Albert Pierrepoint, British Chief Executioner ( b. 1905 )
* July 14 Albert Keller, German painter ( b. 1844 )
* July 15 Albert Ghiorso, American nuclear scientist ( d. 2010 )
* July 10 Albert Chevalier, English music hall comedian ( b. 1861 )
* July 13 Archduke Albert of Austria, Governor of the Low Countries ( b. 1559 )
* July 28 King Charles Albert of Sardinia ( b. 1798 )
* 1255 July Albert I of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor ( d. 1308 )
* July 5 Albert VI of Bavaria ( b. 1584 )

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