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Alejandro and deputy
When the government of President Roberto Suazo Córdova with guidance from the deputy for Olancho, Mr. Alejandro Carcamo, formalized its operation they renamed it Instituto Superacion Franciscana.

Alejandro and US
In a critique of the covering, columnist Alejandro Escalona hypothesized that Guernica ’ s " unappealing ménage of mutilated bodies and distorted faces proved to be too strong for articulating to the world why the US was going to war in Iraq ", while referring to the work as " an inconvenient masterpiece.
Several new talented players were brought on the team, including Alejandro Bedoya ( whose impressive first season earned him a number of caps for the US in 2010, although he just missed out of the world cup squad ), Michael Almebäck and home-grown talent Marcus Astvald ( both of which earned selections to the U-21 Sweden squad ).

Alejandro and permanent
The Catholic News Agency ( CNA ), in an online news story article posted by Alejandro Bermudez on Saturday, March 31, 2012, stated that, in response to a specific request made personally to Cuban President Raul Castro by Pope Benedict XVI, during his Apostolic Visitation of Leon, Mexico and the island in March of 2012, following the pattern of small advances in Church-Cuban relations, it was decreed by the Communist Party and Castro and his advisers that in 2012, Good Friday would be made a holiday, with a possibility that the move could perhaps be made permanent ( following the move of the late Pope John Paul II, who got Fidel Castro to declare Christmas Day a holiday-which is still the case-due to a personal request during his landmark trip in 1998 ).
In 1858 Tamayo was elected a member of the Spanish Academy, to which he afterwards became permanent secretary ; and in 1884 the Conservative minister, Alejandro Pidal y Mon, appointed him director of the National Library.
The Manduvi group was under the direction of Padre Alejandro Pytel, and in 1978 after Padre de Cunha died suddenly, Pytel convinced the Verbo Divino order to purchase new land for a permanent mission.

Alejandro and representative
On March 14, Alejandro Fierro, Chile's minister of foreign affairs, sent a telegram to the Chilean representative in Lima, Joaquin Godoy, requesting immediate neutrality from the Peruvian government.
According to Alejandro López, a representative of the workers union, Zanon factory was built on public land using public funding from the national and provincial governments which were never repaid.
In the meantime, Professor Alejandro Korn, a member of the Upper Council, became the most prominent representative of the reformist movement, carrying out some of the demands of the student body, such as the closure of the boarding school of the university which the students considered to be a source of favoritism and nepotism.

Alejandro and at
After the impeachment of Fujimori ( at present in jail ), Alejandro Toledo could not run for the presidency again.
He continued to sell gag cartoons to magazines while studying architecture at the University of Mexico, where he also learned pantomime under the direction of Alejandro Jodorowsky.
His fourth design, the C. 4, made the first documented flight of an autogyro on 17 January 1923, piloted by Alejandro Gomez Spencer at Cuatro Vientos airfield in Madrid, Spain ( 9 January according to Cierva ).
The Catalan workers movement at the turn of the twentieth century consisted of three tendencies: syndicalism, socialism, and anarchism, part of the last openly embracing " propaganda of the deed " as advocated by Alejandro Lerroux.
After racing both NASCAR Sprint Cup and Speedcar Series, Villeneuve was invited by the Top Race V6 chairman Alejandro Urtubey to join the series in its major event of the 2008 season, called La Carrera del Año ( The Race of the Year ), held at the Buenos Aires circuit.
Its presidential candidate at the elections of the same day, Alan García Pérez, won 25. 8 % of the vote and was defeated in the second round by Alejandro Toledo.
Judge Alejandro Madrid based his decision on a report that determined that Frei was administered low doses of thallium and mustard gas over an extended period while he was hospitalized at the Santa María Clinic in Santiago, and that these toxic substances had the effect of decreasing Frei's immune system, making him too weak to survive his surgery ".
Martí signed up at the Escuela Profesional de Pintura y Escultura de La Habana ( Professional School for Painting and Sculpture of Havana ) in September 1867, known as San Alejandro, to take drawing classes.
After 1970, Cuban composers such as Leo Brouwer, Jesús Ortega, Carlos Fariñas and Sergio Vitier began also creating electroacoustic pieces ; and in the 1980 ’ s a group of composers that included: Edesio Alejandro, Fernando ( Archi ) Rodríguez Alpízar, Marietta Véulens, Mirtha de la Torre, Miguel Bonachea and Julio Roloff, started receiving instruction and working at the ICAP Electroacoustic Studio.
After witnessing a rendition of " You'll Never Walk Alone " at Anfield in 2007, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, said he felt inspired to seek lyrics to La Marcha Real ahead of Madrid's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games.
It was formed as a result of a merger of several small republican parties, including notably Diego Martinez Barrio's Radical Democratic Party founded in May 1934 by a split from Alejandro Lerroux's Radical Party in protest at the latter's alliance with the right-wing CEDA.
Above the tracks at Alewife hangs a series of red neon tubes called End of Red Line by the Boston artist Alejandro Sinha.
Its presidential candidate at the elections of the same day, Alejandro Toledo, won 36. 5 % of the vote and went on to win the second round on 3 June 2001 with 53. 1 %.
* January 9 or 17 – The Cierva C. 4, designed by Juan de la Cierva y Cordoniu and piloted by Alejandro Gomez Spencer, makes its first flight, covering a distance of about 180 meters ( 590 feet ) at Cuatro Vientos airfield in Spain.
In 2003, Alejandro began a Latin American tour with his father Vicente, and recorded the show called " En Vivo: Juntos Por Ultima Vez ", which was witnessed by thousands of fans, culminating in Mexico City at the Foro Sol, with over five hours of music in front of nearly 60, 000 spectators.
Yet Cerezo appeared at the March 1982 elections to support the opposition candidate Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre who lost out to the official candidate Ángel Aníbal Guevara.
Alejandro Tapia y Rivera died in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, on July 19, 1882, while giving a conference at the Ateneo Puertorriqueño.
Almeyda retired as player when River was relegated to become the team's coach, while Fernando Cavenaghi and Alejandro Domínguez returned to the club to play at the second division.
Born to Catalan immigrants who had become moderately successful Mendoza Province vintners, Alejandro Orfila received a Law Degree at the University of Buenos Aires in 1945.
Alejandro Corichi is a theoretical physicist working at the Quantum Gravity group of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ).
Lee Iacocca started a friendship with the late Alejandro de Tomaso while at Ford, which led to the De Tomaso Pantera.
The Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, the repository of his works, operates a small museum in his honor at its Metropolitan Campus in San Juan which is directed by his son, Alejandro ( Chalí ) Hernández.
Munkelt's career highlight came at the Moscow Olympics, where he beat second placed Alejandro Casañas from Cuba by 0. 01 seconds.
* HE Don Bruno Alejandro Gómez-Acebo y de Borbón ( b. Madrid, 15 June 1971 ), married in Madrid at the Church of la Incarnación on 5 October 2002 Bárbara Cano y de la Plaza and they have three sons:

Alejandro and United
Former President Fujimori ’ s tainted re-election to a third term in June 2000 strained Peru's relations with the United States and with many Latin American and European countries, but relations improved with the installation of an interim government in November 2000 and the inauguration of Alejandro Toledo in July 2001 after free and fair elections.
Seaman Luis Alejandro Velasco of the destroyer Caldas is eager to return to Colombia after a long stay in the United States.
Later, while in Bolivia, Tony and Omar are organizing smuggling to the United States with a major drug cartel lord Alejandro Sosa on behalf of Frank, who could not travel due to a pending criminal trial.
With this material, Alejandro began a tour in Mexico and some cities of the United States.
That same year, Alejandro toured Latin America and United States.
Alejandro Viñao ( born September 4, 1951 ) is an Argentinian composer currently living in the United Kingdom.
As the American Civil War comes to an end, the United States sends troops in support of Juárez's army, but their efforts are thwarted by vice-president Alejandro Uradi, who seizes the American ammunition and therefore virtually guarantees victory for Maximilian.
Beginning in the late 1920s, a series of concerts under the aegis of the Pan-American Association of Composers, founded by Henry Cowell, brought the African-influenced music of Cuban composers Alejandro García Caturla and Amadeo Roldán and the work of Carlos Chávez, much of it rooted in Mexican folk music, to the United States.
The Peruvian Alejandro Olmedo won two before the Open era, Wimbledon and Melbourne ( Australian Open ) in 1959 but representing the United States.
Benjie Lopez, a legal luminary, socio-civic leader and a descendant of the founders of Minalin, Chito Mandap, an engineering consultant by profession and the chaiman of the United Pampanga Leaders Council in Southern California, Thess Figueroa, Rina Bentajado, Jessie Yambao, Nida Panlilio, successful businessman Sam Pingol from the illustrious Pingol clan of Minalin which produced Cabeza de Barangay Don Crisanto Pingol, Capitan Mayor Don Alejandro Pingol and Honorable Mayor Dr. Sabas N. Pingol.
Shortly before the Senate adjourned, Lim took the floor to buy time to wait for the arrival from the United States, of fellow Nacionalista Senator Alejandro Almendras.
* 2501 Migrants, by Mexican artist Alejandro Santiago, and featured 2501 life-size statues made in clay, representing the phenomenon of Mexican migrations into the United States.
Medina's next fight was televised nationally in the United States, as he became world Featherweight champion for the second time, defeating Alejandro González on September 23 of ' 95, with a twelve round unanimous decision, at Sacramento, California, for the WBC featherweight title.

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