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Alexander and is
Mr. Alexander H. Wheelan's Study Helps In Point And Figure Technique tells the readers: `` We assure you that the total number of people using this method of market analysis is a very small portion of the sum total of those operating in the securities and commodities markets ''.
Aristotle's influence over Alexander the Great is seen in the latter's bringing with him on his expedition a host of zoologists, botanists, and researchers.
The writer, whose name is revealed as F. Alexander, shelters Alex and questions him about the conditioning.
During this sequence, it is revealed that Mrs. Alexander died from the injuries inflicted during the gang-rape, and her husband has decided to continue living " where her fragrant memory persists " despite the horrid memories.
With Alexander safely packed off to a mental institution, Alex is offered a well-paying job if he agrees to side with the government.
is: Alexander Graham Bell
Expanding upon Foucault's position, Alexander Nehamas writes that Foucault suggests " an author [...] is whoever can be understood to have produced a particular text as we interpret it ", not necessarily who penned the text.
* 1820 – Alexander Ypsilantis is declared leader of Filiki Eteria, a secret organization to overthrow Ottoman rule over Greece.
The first undoubted instance is the bull by which Alexander II in 1063 granted the use of the mitre to Egelsinus, abbot of the monastery of St Augustine at Canterbury.
Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko's 2006 murder by radiation poisoning is thought to have been carried out with polonium-210, an alpha emitter.
In a famous passage that is often considered the first specimen of alternative history, Livy speculates on what would have been the outcome of a military showdown between Alexander the Great and the Roman Republic.
The murder of Alexander is assigned by Diodorus to 357 / 356 BC.
It is important to note that Alexander was the last known ruler of the Gediminids dynasty to have maintained the family's ancestral Lithuanian language.
Alexander is depicted troubled by his lack of direct heirs, having no child with his wife Sybilla of Normandy.
is: Alexander 2.
Alexander became separated from his guides and it is assumed that in the dark his horse lost its footing.
This novel is the first of a series of novels primarily about the life and times of Robert the Bruce however it covers Alexander III and the circumstances surrounding his death in some detail.
is: Alexander 3.
Alexander contends that the undeveloped reason in man is material ( nous hulikos ) and inseparable from the body.
It is unlikely that Alexander wrote all of the Quaestiones, some may be Alexander's own explanations, while others may be exercises by his students.
It is likely that the work was not written by Alexander himself, but rather by his pupils on the basis of debates involving Alexander.
On Fate is a treatise in which Alexander argues against the Stoic doctrine of necessity.
is: Alexander frá Afrodísías

Alexander and apparently
Edgar's will granted David the lands of the former kingdom of Strathclyde or Cumbria, and this was apparently agreed in advance by Edgar, Alexander, David and their brother-in-law Henry I of England.
As well as promising a large sum of money, the ailing William agreed to his elder daughters marrying English nobles and, when the treaty was renewed in 1212, John apparently gained the hand of William's only surviving legitimate son, and heir, Alexander, for his eldest daughter, Joan.
The issue of homage did not reach the same level of controversy as it did in Wales ; in 1278 King Alexander III of Scotland paid homage to Edward I, but apparently only for the lands he held of Edward in England.
# The Events after Alexander, apparently an epitome of a work by Arrian
The story contains at least one potential historical error: It apparently claims that Alexander the Great intended Alexandria to be the capital of his empire.
One last Scottish attempt against the king's person occurred in August 1600, when James was apparently assaulted by Alexander Ruthven, the Earl of Gowrie's younger brother, at Gowrie House, the seat of the Ruthvens.
Moreover, even Alexander never accused Lucian of having taught Arianism ; rather, he accused Lucian ad invidiam of heretical tendencies — which apparently, according to him, were transferred to his pupil, Arius.
James G. DeVoto says in The Theban Sacred Band that Alexander had deployed his cavalry behind the Macedonian hoplites, apparently permitting " a Theban break-through in order to effect a cavalry assault while his hoplites regrouped.
Initially, Alexander chose what was apparently unfavorable ground.
The bestowal of this gift was apparently made at the occasion of a festive gathering at Dunmore ; The Bishop of St Andrews William de Lamberton, the Abbot of Lundoris, Sir David de Berkeley ( of Cullairnie ), Sir Alexander of Seton, the Governor of Berwick, Alex of Claphain, and others, were present as witnesses ; most of whom had borne their part in the great struggle for Independence .-- The Chartulary of Balmerino, pp. 40, 41.
According to Alexander Litvinenko, the FSB agents apparently treated Rybkin with their standard truth drug.
Thaïs apparently came from Athens and accompanied Alexander throughout his campaign in Asia minor.
" This statement apparently hinted at the widespread belief that Alexander I was implicated in the murder of his father, Emperor Paul I.
His heir male, on whom, but for the attainder of 1716, his titles would have devolved, was apparently his cousin Alexander Keith of Ravelston, to whom the attainted earl had sold the castle and lands of Dunnottar in 1766.
These " Six Supreme dignataries " constituting the initial Supreme Privy Council, namely Alexander Menshikov, Fyodor Apraksin, Gavrila Golovkin, Andrey Osterman, Peter Tolstoy, and Dmitry Galitzine brought about the recognition of Russian Empress Anna Ivanovna for the succession of unfortunate young Tsar-Boy Peter II deceased in 1730 aged 15 and 3 years only as a Tsar, apparently dead from small-pox provided Anna agreed about the Counselling Powers of this so called Supreme Privy Council.
The town of Middlesborough, built in the crater, was established in 1886 to exploit iron and coal deposits, although the town's founder, Alexander A. Arthur, apparently did not know of the crater's extraterrestrial origin.
During the reign of Alexander, who ( according to the historian Josephus ) apparently married her shortly after his accession, Alexandra seemed to have wielded only slight political influence, as evidenced by the hostile attitude of the king to the Pharisees.
In the end though, thanks to Ares ' love for his son, and the power of Zeus, Alexander broke free and apparently slew Mikaboshi.
He fought in the Low Countries during this period, apparently under Sir Sigismund Alexander according to Anthony a Wood, and in 1629 was indicted for assaulting one Edward Moore with his sword and wounding the man's head.
In this book we were told that, in 2010, Yates is apparently living with a man named Tom ( intended to be the character Tommy from Planet of the Spiders ), and he discusses Benton in Palare with Alexander Shuttleworth ( a gay character from one of Cornell's earlier novels ) and two Silurians based on Round the Horne < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s Julian and Sandy.
The painting had been apparently brought from Italy to Russia by the notable connoisseur Alexander Korsakov in the 1790s.
On Thursday 26 May 1955 a Gloster Meteor F8 ( No. WE916 ) piloted by 21 year old John Alexander Cohen from Cardiff on a night flight training exercise from RAF Worksop crashed in Frecheville when he apparently lost control whilst undertaking a controlled descent though cloud.
The show sometimes had a more fanciful side, as when the puppets would apparently come to life, such as, on two occasions when Jiminy and Jason Alexander spent too long in a steamroom and emerged dwarf-sized, and when Jiminy accidentally crushed Robert Downey Jr., also in Jiminy's steamroom.
Alexander gets married with the leaders of all the islands there including his parents and sister, apparently brought there by the genie and the resurrected King and Queen.

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