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Alfred and Hitchcock
* 1899 – Alfred Hitchcock, English director and producer ( d. 1980 )
Woolfson came up with the idea of making an album based on developments in the film industry, where directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick were the focal point of the film's promotion, rather than individual film stars.
Once there, influences as various as drama teacher Wilford Leach, the Maysles brothers, Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, Andy Warhol and Alfred Hitchcock impressed upon De Palma the many styles and themes that would shape his own cinema in the coming decades.
His artistry in directing and use of cinematography and suspense in several of his films has often been compared to the work of Alfred Hitchcock.
Mumy in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode " Bang!
In 1961, Billy played on the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series on episode " Door Without a Key.
He is tied with Robert Altman and Alfred Hitchcock for the most Academy Award nominations for best director without a single win.
A 1954 article by Truffaut attacked La qualité française (" the French Quality ") and was the manifesto for ' la politique des Auteurs ' which Andrew Sarris later termed the auteur theory — resulting in the re-evaluation of Hollywood films and directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Robert Aldrich, Nicholas Ray, Fritz Lang and Anthony Mann.
Young and Innocent ( U. S. title: The Girl Was Young ) is a 1937 British film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney and John Longden.
Alfred Hitchcock cameo is a signature occurrence in most of his films.
Category: Films directed by Alfred Hitchcock
It went on to become a silent movie of the same name, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and filmed in 1927.
* Alfred Hitchcock Presents-Kandinsky's Vault ( 1988 )
1929 was a watershed year: William Wellman with Chinatown Nights and The Man I Love, Rouben Mamoulian with Applause, Alfred Hitchcock with Blackmail ( Britain's first sound feature ), were among the directors to bring greater fluidity to talkies and experiment with the expressive use of sound ( Eyman, 1997 ).
The British directors Alfred Hitchcock and David Lean are among the most critically acclaimed of all-time, with other important directors including Charlie Chaplin, Michael Powell, Carol Reed and Ridley Scott.
However, many British film-makers learnt their craft making these films, including Michael Powell and Alfred Hitchcock.
Alfred Hitchcock
Several other new talents emerged during this period, and Alfred Hitchcock would confirm his status as one of the UK's leading young directors with his influential thrillers The Man Who Knew Too Much ( 1934 ), The 39 Steps ( 1935 ) and The Lady Vanishes ( 1938 ), before moving to Hollywood.
A perfect example of formalist criticism of auteur style would be the work of Alfred Hitchcock.
Lewis has long remained popular in Europe: he was consistently praised by some French critics in the influential magazine Cahiers du Cinéma for his absurd comedy, in part because he had gained respect as an auteur who had total control over all aspects of his films, comparable to Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock.
Cotten was featured in Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Ronald W. Reagan's General Electric Theater.
* Mary ( 1931 film ), a 1931 Alfred Hitchcock film
* Most notably, the rights to four Paramount films directed by Alfred Hitchcock – Rear Window ( 1954 ), The Trouble With Harry ( 1956 ), The Man Who Knew Too Much ( 1956 ), and Vertigo ( 1958 ) were owned by the director himself.
After Pulp Fiction was completed, he then directed Episode Four of Four Rooms, " The Man from Hollywood ", a tribute to the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode that starred Steve McQueen.
* The Ring, a 1927 film by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred and used
Van Vogt was always interested in the idea of all-encompassing systems of knowledge ( akin to modern meta-systems ) -- the characters in his very first story used a system called ' Nexialism ' to analyze the alien's behaviour, and he became interested in the General Semantics of Alfred Korzybski.
Alfred meant his translation to be used and circulated it to all his bishops.
Unlike his translation of the Pastoral Care, Alfred here deals very freely with his original and though the late Dr. G. Schepss showed that many of the additions to the text are to be traced not to Alfred himself, but to the glosses and commentaries which he used, still there is much in the work which is solely Alfred's and highly characteristic of his style.
King Alfred's ( Alfred the Great ) translation of Orosius ' history of the world uses Angelcynn (- kin ) to describe England and the English people ; Bede used Angelfolc (- folk ); there are also such forms as Engel, Englan ( the people ), Englaland, and Englisc, all showing i-mutation.
Alfred Schnittke also used electric guitar in several works, like the " Requiem ", " Concerto Grosso N ° 2 " and " Symphony N ° 1 ".
In 1913, his student Alfred Sturtevant used the phenomenon of genetic linkage to show that genes are arranged linearly on the chromosome.
Freas was commissioned to paint the Skylab I insignia design and posters promoting the space program ( used by NASA and now hanging in the Smithsonian Institution ); pinup girls on bombers while in the United States Army Air Forces ; comic book covers ; the covers of the GURPS worldbooks Lensman and Planet Krishna ; and many others, such as more than 500 saints ' portraits for the Franciscans executed simultaneously with his portraits of Alfred E. Neuman (" What?
His son Alfred ( 1812 – 87 ), known as " the Cannon King " or as " Alfred the Great ", invested heavily in new technology to become a significant manufacturer of steel rollers ( used to make eating utensils ) and railway tyres.
However, it became more widely known when American naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan used the term in 1902 to ' designate the area between Arabia and India '.
Supporters of the change used evidence from researchers such as Alfred Kinsey and Evelyn Hooker.
Alfred Binet, the developer of these tests, warned that these should not be used to measure innate intelligence or to label individuals.
While some, like Spencer, used analogy from natural selection as an argument against government intervention in the economy to benefit the poor, others, including Alfred Russel Wallace, argued that action was needed to correct social and economic inequities to level the playing field before natural selection could improve humanity further.
In the discussion section of the same paper Alfred Bucherer used for the first time the expression " theory of relativity " ().
By 1932, the Great Depression had forced studios to cut back on needless expense and it was not until 1953 that wider aspect ratios were again used in an attempt to stop the fall in attendance due, partially, to the emergence of television in the U. S. However, a few producers and directors, among them Alfred Hitchcock, have been reluctant to use the anamorphic widescreen size featured in such formats as Cinemascope.
Playwright Alfred Uhry collaborated with Martha Clarke on " Angel Reapers " and used Shaker texts as source material.
In Sweden, where beheading became the mandatory method of execution in 1866, the guillotine replaced manual beheading in 1903 and was used only once, in the execution of murderer Alfred Ander in 1910 at Långholmen Prison, Stockholm.
Alfred Nobel requested in his last will and testament that his money be used to create a series of prizes for those who confer the " greatest benefit on mankind " in physics, chemistry, peace, physiology or medicine, and literature.
Unlike the Induction and the main plot however, there is a recognised source for Shakespeare's sub-plot, first suggested by Alfred Tolman in 1890 ; Ludovico Ariosto's I Suppositi ( 1551 ), which Shakespeare used either directly or through George Gascoigne's English prose translation Supposes ( performed in 1566, printed in 1573 ).
Danelaw is also used to describe the set of legal terms and definitions created in the treaties between the English king, Alfred the Great, and the Danish warlord, Guthrum, written following Guthrum's defeat at the Battle of Edington in 878.
Tintagel is also used as a locus for the Arthurian mythos by the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson in the poem Idylls of the King.
Tintagel is used as a locus for the Arthurian mythos by the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson in the poem Idylls of the King and Algernon Charles Swinburne's Tristram of Lyonesse is one of the versions of the Tristan and Iseult legends where some of the events are set at Tintagel.
It was replaced by guillotine, which was used for the first and only time on Alfred Ander in 1910.

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