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All and entities
Ta onta ienai te panta kai menein ouden " All entities move and nothing remains still " and in 402, a
All forms of entities established were government-owned that remained, for all practical purposes, entities without little or no operational and financial autonomy and little control over their own destiny.
All counties form administrative entities called county municipalities ( sing.
" The song " Andrew in Drag " has garnered much attention, receiving play from entities such as CBS News and NPR's " All Songs Considered.
* Daggs, Elisa, " All Africa: All its political entities of independent or other status ", Hasting House, ( 1970 ), ISBN 0-8038-0336-2
All are separate entities from the township.
All of them were original entities, instituted as municipalities by the local government acts of 1862.
All these entities have geographical boundaries: the language areas, the communities, the regions, the provinces and the municipalities.
All such entities are seen as self-interested and interested only in their own propagation-their relation to individuals is predatory, parasitic, and only rarely symbiotic.
All of these entities were later consolidated into SNK Playmore when Playmore regained the rights to use the SNK name for a holding company on July 7, 2003.
All Philippine cities are chartered cities, whose existence as corporate and administrative entities is governed by their own specific charters in addition to the Local Government Code of 1991, which specifies the administrative structure and political powers of subnational government entities.
All ITU-T recommendations provide specific terms for descriptions of system entities and procedures.
All non-Christian entities, non-Protestant Christian churches, and all Protestant Christian churches that do not strongly condemn homosexuality or align their beliefs and practices exactly with that of the WBC are said to be sending their members to Hell.
Many religious and cultural traditions hold that the economy exists to serve human beings, so all economic entities have an obligation to society ( see for example Economic Justice for All ).
His first on screen appearance is in the episode " All Hell Breaks Loose ", but his lurking backroom presence was a regular theme in the backplot creation of many prior episodes during the show's first four seasons — especially so in seasons three and four —- where he occurred regularly in exposition dialog as " a name " behind or of having sent or being connected with other evil entities mentioned.
All varieties of emergentism strive to be compatible with physicalism, the theory that the universe is composed exclusively of physical entities, and in particular with the evidence relating changes in the brain with changes in mental functioning.
All of the domains directly under. yu were reserved for legal entities only.
All of these entities were merged into the new Auckland Council in 2010.
* Offline Charging: All the SIP network entities ( P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, BGCF, MRFC, MGCF, AS ) involved in the session use the Diameter Rf interface to send accounting information to a CDF located in the same domain.
All four thus became public entities.
All the five members of the committee unanimously opined in their ' Report of the Technical Expert Group on Patent Law Issues ' that the amendments were not TRIPS compliant, since Article 27 of TRIPS stated that no technology or field could be excluded from patenting as long as it met the basic criteria of novelty, non-obviousness and utility, whereas the Indian patent amendments meant that only new chemical entities satisfying certain criteria could be patented.

All and were
All were carrying guns they had seized up, but they were half-clad or hardly clad at all.
All of her movements were careful and methodical, partaking of the stealth of a criminal who has plotted his felony for months in advance and knows exactly which step to take next in the course of the final execution of his crime.
All through Albany and Laramie counties, other men were doing the same.
All the doors were open at this hour except one, and it was toward this that Stevens made his way with Russ close at his shoulder.
All that time rifle barrels were pointing unwaveringly at his head and body.
All Captain Gibault took back to Salem were a few items for the town's East India Museum.
All areas of history were either favorably or adversely affected by the geographical environment, and no respectable historian could pursue the study of history without a thorough knowledge of geography.
He and other Soviet leaders responsible for the document were proud of having brought forward some new formulas, such as the early replacement of the dictatorship of the proletariat by an `` All People's State '', and also of having laid down the lines for a much greater `` democratization '' of the whole hierarchy of Soviets, starting with the Supreme Soviet itself.
All these emotions were screwed up to new heights when, after acceptance and the first rehearsals, there ensued such a buzz of excitement among Parisian music lovers that Duclos had to come running to Rousseau to inform him that the news had reached the superintendent of the King's amusements, and that he was now demanding that the work be offered first at the royal summer palace of Fontainebleau.
`` All dey know down dere is it were at Manassas Junction and it were a big fight '', the old man told them.
All of them were there in this loosely knit association of diversified ideologies, and each berated the other and beat his breast for his own approaches.
All of the jobs in the mission might be equal in the eyes of the Lord, but they were certainly not equal in the eyes of the Lord's servants.
All the women got up and offered their chairs, and when they were all seated again, the guests made their inquiries and their explanations.
All subsequent measurements were made on material which had been heated to 375-degrees-C for one hour.
All samplers were operated for a period of two hours except one, which was operated for four hours.
All samples were tested by both the saline and albumin methods.
All of the subjects in the Kohnstamm-negative and Kohnstamm-positive groups ( as defined for purposes of the personality studies ) were compared with those subjects who shifted in Conditions 3, or 4.
All applicants were generally familiar with the work of the receptionist.
All `` democratic and anti-Nazi parties '' were to have the right to campaign.
All responses, except comments, were numerically coded to permit use of data-processing equipment.
All the performances of the evening were smooth and assured, and the sizable company, with Mr. Nagrin and Marion Scott as its leading dancers, seemed to be fine shape.
All, of course, except the Donner party who were bent on starving to death.
All the women were beautiful, and the men were equal to them ; ;

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