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All and known
All such imitations of negative quality have given rise to a compensatory response in the form of a heroic and highly individualistic humanism: if man can neither know nor love reality as it is, he can at least invent an artistic `` reality '' which is its own world and which can speak to man of purely personal and subjective qualities capable of being known and worthy of being loved.
All known abjads belong to the Semitic family of scripts.
All identifiable fossils of Albertosaurus sarcophagus are known from the upper Horseshoe Canyon Formation in Alberta.
Notable in the late ' 80s were All Star Fresh of King Bee topping charts with: " Back by Dope Demand " in early 1990 and Rudeboy of Urban Dance Squad who, at the time, were arguably more widely known in New York City than the Netherlands.
251 – 356 ), also known as Saint Anthony, Anthony of Egypt, Anthony the Abbot, Anthony of the Desert, Anthony the Anchorite, Anthony of Thebes, Abba Antonius ( Ἀββᾶς Ἀντώνιος ), and Father of All Monks, was a Christian saint from Egypt, a prominent leader among the Desert Fathers.
Kernighan is also known as a coiner of the expression " What You See Is All You Get ( WYSIAYG )", which is a sarcastic variant of the original " What You See Is What You Get " ( WYSIWYG ).
All that is known of Zephaniah comes from the text.
The latter became well known for her reconstructions of baroque ballets for London's " Ballet for All " company in the 1960s.
All three as well as Montenegro sought additional territories within the large Ottoman-ruled region known as Rumelia, comprising Eastern Rumelia, Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace ( see map ).
All the known languages have words for at least " one " and " two " ( although this is disputed: see Piraha language ), and even some animals like the blackbird can distinguish a surprising number of items.
" All of the known stable isotopes occur naturally ( see primordial isotope ).
All known isotopes of curium are radioactive and have a small critical mass for a sustained nuclear chain reaction.
From that point onward, Alexandria would have two patriarchs: the non-Chalcedonian native Egyptian one, now known as the Coptic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa on the Holy Apostolic See of St. Mark and the " Melkite " or Imperial Patriarch, now known as the Greek Orthodox Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa.
In the English language, the first known use of the term is in Andrew of Wyntoun's Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland, " He was a constant Catholic / All Lollard he hated and heretic.
All of the known temperate phages employ one of only three different systems for their lysogenic cycle: lambda-like integration / excision, Mu-like transposition or the plasmid-like partitioning of phage N15.
All missions to the United Nations are known simply as permanent missions, while EU Member States ' missions to the European Union are known as permanent representations and the head of such a mission is typically both a permanent representative and an ambassador.
All known DNA replication systems require a free 3 ' OH group before synthesis can be initiated ( Important note: DNA is read in 3 ' to 5 ' direction whereas a new strand is synthesised in the 5 ' to 3 ' direction-this is entirely logical but is often confused ).
The liturgical season from Pascha to the Sunday of All Saints ( the Sunday after Pentecost ) is known as the Pentecostarion ( the " fifty days ").
All of the works of Epimenides are now lost, and known only through quotations by other authors.
All other known examples are purely instrumental pieces.

All and forms
* All historical forms of Christianity need to be transformed considerably to meet the continuing evolution of humanity.
All forms of predatory and thought coercion fall into this category.
All different forms of companies depend on the particular law of the particular country in which they reside.
All other forms of intrastate conflict, such as rebellion, are not accounted for because, in theoretical terms, Clausewitz could not account for warfare before the state ( However, near the end of his life, Clausewitz grew increasingly aware of the importance of non-state military actors.
All life forms are classified according to their metabolism, internal and external features, and more extreme abilities ( telepathy, empathy, hive mind, etc.
All cellular life forms and many DNA viruses, phages and plasmids use a primase to synthesize a short RNA primer with a free 3 ′ OH group which is subsequently elongated by a DNA polymerase.
The most common forms used are 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T. All three utilize twisted pair cables and 8P8C modular connectors.
All of the forms of worship in Islam-prayers, fasting, charity, and so on-exist to purify and perfect the soul.
All I perceived was perception itself, the hell of forms and figures devoid of human emotion and detached from the reality of my unreal environment.
All versions and forms of the proverbial Golden Rule have one aspect in common: they all demand that people treat others in a manner in which they themselves would like to be treated.
All the different forms of the same verb constitute a lexeme and the form of the verb that is conventionally used to represent the canonical form of the verb ( one as seen in dictionary entries ) is a lemma.
All of the congenital metabolic defects, congenital forms of hyperinsulinism, and congenital hypopituitarism are likely to have already been diagnosed or are unlikely to start causing new hypoglycemia at this age.
All forms of the lyre and kithara are also not harps, but belong to the fourth family of ancient instruments under the chordophones, the lyres.
All mainstream forms of Judaism today are open to sincere converts, although conversion has traditionally been discouraged since the time of the Talmud.
All forms of love are viewed as varying combinations of these three components.
All forms of electromagnetic radiation are believed to move at exactly this same speed in vacuum.
All remaining forms of taxation were legalised and regulated by the Tonnage and Poundage Act.
Input in the linguistic context is defined as " All words, contexts, and other forms of language to which a learner is exposed, relative to acquired proficiency in first or second languages " Nativists find it difficult to believe, considering the hugely complex nature of human languages, and the relatively limited cognitive abilities of an infant, that infants are able to acquire most aspects of language without being explicitly taught.
All these forms are from a Common Germanic * midja-gardaz (* meddila -, * medjan -), a compound of * midja-" middle " and * gardaz " yard, enclosure ".
All the forms of matzo are used in both senses: " three matzos ", " a kilo of matza ".
All of these chemical compounds and elements occur in various forms and combinations ( e. g. hormones, vitamins, phospholipids, hydroxyapatite ), both in the human body and in the plant and animal organisms that humans eat.
All of the different forms of estrogen are synthesized from androgens, specifically testosterone and androstenedione, by the enzyme aromatase.
All forms of reality may then be considered either modes of that " Being ", or identical with it.
Albert Eulenburg ( 1914 ) noted a commonality across the paraphilias, using the terminology of his time, " All the forms of sexual perversion ... have one thing in common: their roots reach down into the matrix of natural and normal sex life ; there they are somehow closely connected with the feelings and expressions of our physiological erotism.

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