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All and based
All else being equal, a character with a higher rank in an attribute will always win a contest based on that attribute.
All squadrons were initially based at Ouagadougou.
All known forms of life are based on the same fundamental biochemical organisation: genetic information encoded in DNA, transcribed into RNA, through the effect of protein-and RNA-enzymes, then translated into proteins by ( highly similar ) ribosomes, with ATP, NADH and others as energy sources, etc.
All three were based on a hit play The Squaw Man about a wrongly disgraced British aristocrat who settles in the Wild West.
All systems, however, are based on established main line rail systems, and track sharing with inter-city and freight services on parts of the network inhibit higher frequencies on some tracks.
All four of these books are based on interviews with Engelbart as well as other contributors in his laboratory.
All current formats, which are listed below, are PCM based.
The first book in the series, The Dying Earth, was ranked number 16 of 33 " All Time Best Fantasy Novels " by Locus in 1987, based on a poll of subscribers, although it was marketed as a collection and the ISFDB calls it a " loosely connected series of stories ".
All we know is that it is based on a method of combat used by the precolonial Canarian people.
Another Burton film, Exorcist II: The Heretic, is the book's first runner up in the Worst Film of All Time award based on reader response.
All industrial processes are based on neutral or acid pH values because though alkali treatments speed up conversion, they also promote degradation processes.
The metal band Metallica recorded a song inspired by " The Call of Cthulhu ", an instrumental titled " The Call of Ktulu ", a song based on The Shadow Over Innsmouth titled " The Thing That Should Not Be ", and a song based on Frank Belknap Long's " The Hounds of Tindalos ", titled " All Nightmare Long ".
All IKEA Food products are based on Swedish recipes and traditions.
All these mechanical methods are based on simple principles of hydraulics and mechanics and are quite reliable, but have their disadvantages.
All three of these guitar riffs are based on an onbeat / offbeat structure.
All other precepts of the natural law are based on this.
All main characters in the film are based on real people from the Danish film industry, with the thinly veiled portrayals including Jens Albinus as director Nils Malmros, Dejan Čukić as screenwriter Mogens Rukov and Søren Pilmark in an especially unflattering portrayal as sex-obsessed school principal Henning Camre.
All of the first MSFC studies were based on this dual-launch assumption, allowing a large, heavy, roving vehicle.
All seventy Senate members sit for three-year terms ( to a maximum of two terms ); twenty-six are elected by the thirteen state assemblies, and forty-four are appointed by the king based on the advice of the Prime Minister.
Palin also appeared in All You Need Is Cash ( 1978 ) as Eric Manchester ( based on Derek Taylor ), the press agent for the Rutles.
All Mariner spacecraft were based on a hexagonal or octagonal " bus ", which housed all of the electronics, and to which all components were attached, such as antennae, cameras, propulsion, and power sources.
All of the Mariners launched after Mariner 2 had four solar panels for power, except for Mariner 10, which had two, and Mariner 2, which was based on the Ranger Lunar probe.
All these early claims about the existence of microorganisms were speculative and were not based on any data or science.
All the above stated claims of power are each based on scriptual grounds and upon empirical human perception.

All and players
All players place these tiles on the board.
All three would ultimately become key players in bringing a championship to Cleveland.
All three clubs play in the Aussieproperty. com Premiership and many of their players have represented Ireland's National Aussie Rules Team, the Irish Warriors.
All players will lose a city, because they all tie in the number of knights activated, and the barbarian attack strength ( 7 cities ) is greater than number of active knights ( 6 knights ).
All defensive players are eligible receivers and offensive players who are not wearing an ineligible number are eligible receivers if they meet one of the following three criteria:
All players on the field become eligible as soon as the ball is touched by a defensive player or an official during play ( Rule 7-3-5 ).
All caster classes have the ability to ' Research ', an activity where all players can make spells for use by other players.
All four players ante $ 1.
All players must start in their defensive half ( apart from the player making the pass ), but the ball may be played in any direction along the floor.
* 10 Notre Dame players have been named consensus All Americans.
All these games involve players drawing and discarding tiles or cards to make melds.
All players have to " sit down " on the remaining chairs, while their feet must not touch the floor.
All of North ’ s players were urged to join the Essendon League Club to help facilitate the amalgamation.
All players meld after the bid winner shows meld first.
Q3A comes with several gameplay modes ; Free for All ( FFA ), a classic deathmatch, where each player competes against the rest for the highest score, Team Deathmatch ( TDM ), where usually two teams of four compete for the highest team frag total, Tournament ( 1v1 ), a deathmatch between two players, usually ending after a set time and Capture the Flag, which is played on symmetrical maps where teams have to recover the enemy flag from the opponents ' base while retaining their own.
# All players play from the same set of numbers as the numbers are announced.
* All Ireland winning Dublin GAA players: Barney Rock, Jason Sherlock, James McCarthy, Philip McMahon and Charlie Redmond
All players were shown as Pac-Man-like smiley avatars in various colors.
All players start with a number of tokens allowing them a certain number of moves using the following methods:
All seven players must constantly avoid both being hit by the Bludgers ( which attempt to attack them ) and accidental contact with the Golden Snitch ( which is a foul if anyone but a Seeker touches it ).
All other players then write down a definition, which may be an honest attempt to supply the correct definition, or, if they do not know or for tactical reasons decide not to, a fictitious definition for the word designed to sound convincing.
These new players contributed to the Pacers record of 21-12 at the All Star break.

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