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Page "fiction" ¶ 657
from Brown Corpus
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All and jobs
All the manuals for setting up vocational courses stress the importance of first making a local survey of skill needs, of estimating the growth of local jobs, and of consulting with local employers on the types of courses and their content.
All of these projects provided thousands of much-needed jobs during the Great Depression, including 22, 000 – or 10 percent – of the nation's highway workers.
All four members subsequently quit their jobs and began a heavy schedule of rehearsing and playing area clubs full-time.
All the jobs he embarked upon ended in disaster, sometimes with a burst of classic slapstick, sometimes with a bewildered Drake himself at the centre of incomprehensible actions by the people employing him.
But this is exactly what happens: All the President's friends are " stuffed in somewhere ", whereas the few able and competent " office-seekers " do not get jobs in the new administration.
All Officers and some specialist trades within the British Armed Forces are cleared to SC to enable them to carry out their jobs.
All Territorial personnel have their civilian jobs protected to a limited extent by law should they be compulsorily mobilised.
* All contractual and temporary staff, along with fully two-thirds of permanent staff will lose their jobs.
All of the new spending and tax relief would have been fully paid for by eliminating tax loopholes that reward U. S .- based transnational corporations for investing abroad and exporting U. S. jobs and through carefully targeted tax increases that would have been levied on the unearned income of upper-income Americans.
All four of the members were at the time working at jobs with the Ontario government, but quit their jobs to sing full-time.
All of these jobs paid only starvation wages.
After a few years of small TV jobs on All My Children and NBC's short-lived Malibu Shores, she landed her first main role as the heroine on Aaron Spelling's daytime soap opera Sunset Beach, where she played the virginal Meg Cummings.
All of them were provided with jobs, education, training, and social services that was given to other Soviet citizens.
All the employers were strictly forbidden to give jobs to anybody without a local " propiska ".
All jobs, from management to manual labour, are filled by Afrikaners only ; non-Afrikaner workers are not permitted.
All the while, he lives by working odd jobs.
All significant program actions are optionally logged in a system log and a program log, for example BOJ for beginning of a WFL job, BOT for beginning of a task within a WFL job, EOT and EOJ for end of tasks and jobs.
All the while, she has to navigate the murky politics of the factory union and try and soothe the tempers of disgruntled Norton workers who fear the fallout from the incident will bankrupt the company and cost them their jobs.
All of the first toll collectors at the bridge were men ; however, with the advent of World War II, men flocked to military service and women took over traditionally male-dominated jobs.
All 110 of its Canada-wide outlets will close before February 2008 and over 1000 employees will lose their jobs without compensation.
All students have daily jobs that help maintain the school -- carpenters, cooks, classroom cleaners, plumbers, librarians, etc.
All employees involved in the strike were dismissed, but reinstituted to their jobs a year later after the Secretary of State for the Colonies assessed the case.
All his jobs had to do with writing, including his apprenticeship as a steamboat pilot since he wrote about it.

All and mission
All of the planning and preparation for transporting and deploying the missiles were carried out in the utmost secrecy, with only a very few told the exact nature of the mission.
All missions to the United Nations are known simply as permanent missions, while EU Member States ' missions to the European Union are known as permanent representations and the head of such a mission is typically both a permanent representative and an ambassador.
All other church matters such as the budget, personnel matters, and all programs for spiritual life and mission, are the responsibility of the session.
But SAC did more than just provide a nuclear option during the Korean War, It also deployed four B-29 bomber wings that were used in tactical operations against enemy forces and logistics All of this led LeMay to express concern that “ too many splinters were being whittled off the stick ”, preventing him from being able to carry out his primary mission of strategic deterrence.
In this, Louis merely made official the custom of celebrating the festival on 1 November which had been spread to the continent by the Anglo-Saxon mission, suggesting that the association of All Saints with 1 November is originally due to an Insular tradition.
* To All Who These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: Know Ye, that in consequence of propositions of peace, or cessation of hostilities, being submitted to me, as Commandant of the California Battalion of the United States forces, which have so far been acceded to by me as to cause me to appoint a board of commissioners to confer with a similar board appointed by the Californians, and it requiring a little time to close the negotiations ; it is agreed upon and ordered by me that an entire cessation of hostilities shall take place until to-morrow afternoon ( January 13 ), and that the said Californians be permitted to bring in their wounded to the mission of San Fernando, where, also, if they choose, they can move their camp to facilitate said negotiations.
All Indians within the military districts of San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Monterey who were found qualified were freed from missionary rule and made eligible to become Mexican citizens ; those who wished to remain under mission tutelage were exempted from most forms of corporal punishment.
Published statements of belief proclaim that " All men, women, youth, and children are given gifts and abilities to enhance life and to become involved in Christ's mission.
All proceeds go to benefit church member in their desires to participate in mission trips and disaster relief efforts.
All of the original mission goals were, eventually, exceeded.
All primary mission objectives were achieved.
All six of the Apollo missions on which samples were collected landed in the central nearside of the Moon, an area that has subsequently been shown to be geochemically anomalous by the Lunar Prospector mission.
All who have looked into the matter agree, however, that baptized Indians who tried to leave mission communities were forced to return.
All of these versions are mostly one-player games with an Endless mode and mission modes, in which the player must eliminate all Puyos from the game field by using limited pieces, although the Famicom version includes a 2-player competitive mode.
The Church of All Worlds ( CAW ) is a neopagan religious group whose stated mission is to evolve a network of information, mythology, and experience that provides a context and stimulus for reawakening Gaia and reuniting her children through tribal community dedicated to responsible stewardship and evolving consciousness.
All current Northern Colorado programs are clustered around an institutional mission devoted to teacher education.
All were then asked to volunteer for a temporary duty assignment without additional pay and without being told the nature of the rescue mission.
All are independent but share in the IEA's mission.
All nonprofits must have a mission statement, which means that the type of plays staged at each regional theater varies dramatically.
All inmates and volunteers are working toward achieving the programs mission: stopping the tears of loved ones and family by being committed to stopping the youth from committing acts of violence.
All entering cadets must memorize the mission during their first few days of Swab Summer, the indoctrination period for new cadets.
All the experiments on this mission were successfully accomplished, and all equipment operated within established parameters.
When Prue and Piper are both killed following a successful mission by the Source's assassin Shax ( Michael Bailey Smith ) in the season finale " All Hell Breaks Loose ", Cole's begs the Source ( again, Michael Bailey Smith ) to turn back time and prevent the exposure of magic ; the Source agrees on the condition that Phoebe remain in the underworld under his command, though he secretly orders her to be killed.
All mission objectives were completed and the shuttle reentered and landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base on 20 February 2001 ,< ref > Jergler, Don.

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