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Page "Isaeus" ¶ 2
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Some Related Sentences

All and particulars
All five versions of the speech differ widely from one another in regard to particulars.
All particulars of these events are, however, lost to us.

All and about
All the drivers knew about the plates and they also knew about the big floppy straw hat with shredded edges, the kind natives in travel ads wear when they are out joyfully chopping cane.
All about him stood tombstones his own sensitive great hands had fashioned.
All western Europe would hear and listen to him in this same vein about the middle of the century.
All she did was write me a pleasant little note about how it was beautiful while it lasted but that now life had parted our ways and it was goodbye forever.
All he cares about is his whisky and that dry crack in his face.
All about me there was a hectic interplay of meetings taking place, like abrupt, jerky scenes in old silent movies, joyous greetings and beginnings, huggings and kissings, enthusiastic forays into the festive night.
All framing in Hotei is one-inch mahogany which, in the dressed state you buy it, is about the 13/16-inch thickness specified in the drawings.
All three are purposely kept small, with a current total enrollment of about two hundred.
`` All right, you bastards '', I said, `` the great actor is about to buy a drink ''.
All about that Angie knew, too.
And when she returned from taking her guests back to New York she had said, `` All they talked about was Harvie Harvie this, Harvie that When they know the truth will they drop away from me, will I become a nothing ''??
All this can happen in about a day, so it is truly a metamorphosis.
All variations of the argument from morality begin with an observation about moral thought or experiences and conclude with the existence of God.
In a 1979 interview on NPR's All Things Considered, Lerner went into some depth about his lyrics for My Fair Lady.
All of the characters in Herman Wouk's City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder ( 1948 ) live in the Bronx, and about half of the action is set there.
" All the way through I had opportunities, and I never knew about them ," Walsh said.
All eight manuscripts were copied within 175 years, ranging from 125 BCE ( 4QDan < sup > c </ sup >) to about 50 CE ( 4QDan < sup > b </ sup >).
All bankrupts are required to lodge a Statement of Affairs document with ITSA, which includes important information about their assets and liabilities.
All of that data was stolen from the victims of the worm ; it includes no information about the creator of Badtrans.
All the families combined contain over 800 species in about 70 genera ; the majority of species are in the Commelinaceae.
* All about Cannibalism: The Ancient Taboo in Modern Times ( Cannibalism Psychology ) at CrimeLibrary. com
All major Chinese philosophical schools have investigated the correct Way to go about a moral life, but in Taoism it takes on the most abstract meanings, leading this school to be named after it.
All three were based on a hit play The Squaw Man about a wrongly disgraced British aristocrat who settles in the Wild West.
All recovered in about a week.

All and life
`` All my life '', he said, `` I tried.
All but the most rabid of Confederate flag wavers admit that the Old Southern tradition is defunct in actuality and sigh that its passing was accompanied by the disappearance of many genteel and aristocratic traditions of the reputedly languid ante-bellum way of life.
All through The Republic, Plato attends to the way art relates to the general life and ultimately to a good life for his citizens.
All sorts of plans come to life.
All living creatures from the lowest form of insect or animal life evidence the power of creativity, if it is only to reproduce a form like their own.
All too often its conception of parish ministry and pastoral care includes no responsibility for them in their relation to issues of the most desperate urgency for the life of mankind.
When he finally dies at the end of the novel, the situation report from the frontline states, " All is Quiet on the Western Front ," symbolizing the cheapness of human life in war.
All known forms of life are based on the same fundamental biochemical organisation: genetic information encoded in DNA, transcribed into RNA, through the effect of protein-and RNA-enzymes, then translated into proteins by ( highly similar ) ribosomes, with ATP, NADH and others as energy sources, etc.
All other forms of intrastate conflict, such as rebellion, are not accounted for because, in theoretical terms, Clausewitz could not account for warfare before the state ( However, near the end of his life, Clausewitz grew increasingly aware of the importance of non-state military actors.
All life forms are classified according to their metabolism, internal and external features, and more extreme abilities ( telepathy, empathy, hive mind, etc.
All cultures have creation myths ; they are our primary myths, the first stage in what might be called the psychic life of the species.
All Sikhs, on taking Amrit, are enjoined to lead a disciplined life by following a code of ethics leading to a " Saint-Soldier " way of life.
All cellular life forms and many DNA viruses, phages and plasmids use a primase to synthesize a short RNA primer with a free 3 ′ OH group which is subsequently elongated by a DNA polymerase.
All other things, such as civic life or wealth, are merely means to the end.
All his time, energy, and resources are now devoted to his case, to the point of detriment to his own life.
In December 1941, Wonder Woman came to life on the pages of All Star Comics volume eight.
All versions of Gamma World eschew a realistic portrayal of genetic mutation, instead giving characters fantastic abilities ( often resembling comic book superpowers ) such as electrical generation, infravision, quills, sonic attacks, multiple limbs, dual brains, total body carapaces, precognition, planar travel, weather manipulation, telepathy, and " life leeching ".
" All through my young life I wanted to sing, although nobody in my family knew it ," Gaynor wrote in her autobiography.
All heavier elements ( including those necessary for rocky planets like the Earth, and for carbon-based or other life ) have thus been created since the Big Bang in stars which were hot enough to fuse helium itself.
All the quarries are in the process of rehabilitation and have a life expectancy of between two to eight years.
All that is known about Ibn Battuta's life comes from the autobiographical information included in the account of his travels.

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