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All and provincial
All but one of the provinces of Canada use a common law system ( the exception being Quebec, which uses a civil law system for issues arising within provincial jurisdiction, such as property ownership and contracts ).
All provincial and local branches were abolished, and the PBC opened nine regional branches, whose boundaries did not correspond to local administrative boundaries.
All provincial sovereignties were repealed ; the dissident members of the Assembly expelled ; an " interim Executive Directory " empowered ; and the constitutional commission reduced to seven radical members.
All provincial capitals and other large cities have at least one local station.
There is also a programme of provincial and All Ireland championships at secondary schools senior and junior levels, differentiated by the years of secondary school cycle, with years 4-6 competing in the senior competition, and years 1-3 competing at junior level.
With firm support from provincial Unionism and most of the press, Chamberlain addressed vast crowds and extolled the virtues of Empire and Imperial Preference, campaigning with the slogan ' Tariff Reform Means Work for All '.
All three school boards and public charter schools are funded through provincial grants and property taxes.
According to Mack P. Holt: " All twelve cities where provincial massacres occurred had one striking feature in common ; they were all cities with Catholic majorities where there had once been significant Protestant minorities .... All of them had also experienced serious religious division ... during the first three civil wars ...
All special municipalities, provincial cities and counties are directly under the central government ( i. e., Executive Yuan ).
All judges of the provincial and territorial superior courts are appointed by the federal government under the authority of the Constitution Act, 1867.
All provincial highways in Alberta are ' Primary Highways '.
He played most of his rugby at fullback for New Zealand ( the All Blacks ), for the Hurricanes in the Super 12, and for Manawatu, Wellington and later Munster at provincial level.
All ten provincial premiers supported it.
All provinces follow suit by 1922 except Quebec, which does not give women the right to vote in provincial elections until 1940.
Among his achievements as a player were captaincy of the New Zealand All Blacks, the Crusaders Super 12 team, and the Canterbury provincial team.
All major cities in Argentina have impressive theaters or opera houses, and provincial or city orchestras.
All below are flatha ( princes ) and also descendants in the male line, however distant in some cases, of at least one historical grade of Rí, a Rí túaithe ( usually a local petty king ), a Ruiri ( overking or regional king ), or a greater Rí ruirech ( king of overkings, also called a provincial king or Rí cóicid ).
All lawyer-benchers are elected by the Society's members, and eight lay Benchers are appointed by the provincial government.
All provincial judges, governors general, Members of the Legislative Assembly, government employees, police and members of the media would be required to accept treatment at the Healing Centre.
All other powers are provincial except for First Nations, which will be a joint federal-provincial responsibility.
All of these schools received grants from the provincial government for their operation.
All of its provincial campuses were separated, cojoined with provincial campuses of the Universidad Técnica del Estado ( now Universidad de Santiago de Chile and Universidad de Atacama ) and designated as separate universities, such as the Universidad de Talca, Universidad de Valparaiso, the Instituto Pedagógico ( Pedagogical Institute, now the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación ), the Universidad de Antofagasta, the Universidad de Tarapacá, Instituto Professional de Osorno ( now Universidad de los Lagos ), Instituto Professional de Chillán ( now Universidad del Bío-Bío ), Universidad de la Frontera, and Universidad de la Serena.

All and governments
All governments and most companies have similar structures.
" All this compares very favourably against incompetent, inefficient, or neglectful governments whose commitment to social justice is limited to rhetoric.
All Afghan governments of the past century have declared, with varying intensity, a long-term goal of re-uniting all Pashtun-dominated areas under Afghan rule.
All postwar Japanese governments have relied on a close relationship with the United States as the foundation of their foreign policy and have depended on the mutual security treaty for strategic protection.
All four governments have made submissions to the commission set up under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
All along the 1990s, several environmental NGOs helped improve environmental awareness among public opinion and governments.
All governments were required to maintain civil order and justice, but none had a warrant to promote any religion.
All the state governments runs vocational schools.
All new laws are passed and all new governments are therefore formed de jure by the King, although not de facto.
All remaining governments have recognized one or the other, recognizing that government as the sole legitimate government of all China.
All organizations can innovate, including for example hospitals, universities, and local governments.
All other cities in New York are independent of town governments.
All that World on Fire proves in the end is that governments cannot be depended upon to prevent violence against people who have been, for whatever reason, demonized by others.
" All governments, however limited they may be otherwise, commit at least these two fundamental crimes against liberty and property.
All Socred governments attempted to curb the power of trade unions and also limited social welfare spending.
* All those conventions were replaced by a comprehensive treaty of alliance between the governments of Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, signed in Strbské Pleso on June 27, 1930 and entered into effect " immediately ", in the phrasing of article 6.
All communications by the administration with other governments and legal persons, between departments and internally inside departments, are conducted in the official language.
Party strategists take the timing of important rugby union matches into account, partly because a major match in the same weekend of the election will likely lower voting-levels, and partly because of a widespread belief that incumbent governments benefit from a surge of national pride when the All Blacks ( the New Zealand national rugby team ) win and suffer when they lose.
All governments in the U. S. are allowed to apply for delegations in < tt > gov </ tt >, such as atlantaga. gov for the city of Atlanta, loudoun. gov for the county of Loudoun, Virginia and georgia. gov for the U. S. state of Georgia.
" (" Akayev: ' All of a Sudden I Become President '", Christian Science Monitor, 10 January 1991 ) He actively promoted the privatization of land and other economic assets and operated a relatively liberal regime compared with the governments of the other Central Asian nations.
All the participating governments at Bretton Woods agreed that the monetary chaos of the interwar period had yielded several valuable lessons.
All Peronist entities were banned from elections after 1955, when the Revolución Libertadora overthrew Perón, and civilian governments ' attempt to lift Peronism's ban from legislative and local elections in 1962 and 1965 resulted in military coups.
All three Vietnamese combatant governments: North Vietnam, the Republic of Vietnam ( South Vietnam ), and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam ( PRG ) would remain intact, as would their separate armies.
All Governors at this time were British, and most were from the upper classes and political conservatives, and Labor governments always suspected that they had an enemy in Government House.

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