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from Brown Corpus
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All and scientific
All we want from Dr. Huxley's statement is the feeling that this is an open world, in the view of the best scientific opinion, with practically no directional commitments as to what may happen next, and no important confinements with respect to what may be possible.
All of these political and economic activities enabled him to fund his scientific research.
All the environmental impact reports and scientific studies have shown that the Cornell lake source cooling system has not yet had and will not likely have any measurably significant environmental impact.
All " experts " are now expected to reference their pronouncements to scientific studies.
All sciences would have qualified as protosciences before the Age of Enlightenment, since the scientific method still hadn't been developed, and there was no structured way to prove legitimacy.
After Raulston ruled against the admission of scientific testimony, Mencken left Dayton, declaring in his last dispatch, " All that remains of the great cause of the State of Tennessee against the infidel Scopes is the formal business of bumping off the defendant.
All Shaker villages ran farms, using the latest scientific methods in agriculture.
Heinlein ’ s work on Campbell ’ s All was considerably more than just a re-slanting ; Campbell ’ s story was felt to be unpublishable as it stood, written in a pseudo-archaic dialect ( with occasional inconsistencies ), with no scientific explanations for the apparently miraculous powers of the American super-weapons.
All the same, the story could have been an admirable minor work in the tradition of Dracula, if only the author, or somebody, had not insisted on encumbering it with the year's most childish set of " scientific " rationalizations.
When a fellow of All Souls, Wren constructed a transparent beehive for scientific observation ; he began observing the moon, which was to lead to the invention of micrometers for the telescope.
All his works, from scientific to historical, were inseparably philosophical.
All this time he was a frequent visitor to the salons of Mlle de Scudéry and the studios of painters ; his scientific researches did not interfere with his classical studies, for during this time he was discussing with Bochart the origin of certain medals, and was learning Syriac and Arabic under the Jesuit Adrien Parvilliers.
He referred knowledge ( episteme ) to that essence which is the object of pure thought, and is not included in the phenomenal world ; sensation ( aisthesis ) to that which passes into the world of phenomena ; opinion ( doxa ) to that essence which is at once the object of sensuous perception, and, mathematically, of pure reason-the essence of heaven or the stars ; so that he conceived of doxa in a higher sense, and endeavoured, more definitely than Plato, to exhibit mathematics as mediating between knowledge and sensuous perception All three modes of apprehension partake of truth ; but in what manner scientific perception ( epistemonike aisthesis ) did so, we unfortunately do not learn.
All scientific experiments and human experiences happen over billions of billions of billions of Planck times, making any events happening at the Planck scale hard to detect.
All in all, between 1751 and 1765 he contributed some four hundred articles to the project, mostly on scientific subjects, in addition to serving as the editor of several volumes on natural philosophy.
All activities are to be based on current best scientific evidence or own research when the available evidence is not sufficient.
All of MacGyver's exploits on the show were ostensibly vetted to be based on scientific principles ( even though, the creators acknowledged, in real life one would have to be extraordinarily lucky for most of MacGyver's ideas to succeed ).
All the nonhuman hominoids are generally thought of as highly intelligent, and scientific study has broadly confirmed that they perform outstandingly well on a wide range of cognitive tests – though there is relatively little data on gibbon cognition.
All species share bright red undertail coverts ; the scientific name of one species, the Blue-headed Parrot ( P. menstruus ), refers to this.
All of the coauthors ( including Bertram Batlogg who was the head of the team ) were exonerated of scientific misconduct.
All the disciplines established ties of scientific cooperation with factories and research institutes, laying solid foundations for the integration of teaching, research, and production and for scientific research to serve the national economy.
All of the land under its control is protected for either conservation, ecological, scenic, scientific, historic or cultural reasons, and for recreation.
All of the scientific instruments were tested and most were turned off prior to the solar conjunction which occurred from October 7 to November 6, 2006.

All and staff
All staff had to sign the Official Secrets Act ( 1939 ), and were instructed that they should never discuss their work outside their immediate section.
All team members, both officer and enlisted, pilots and staff officers, come from the ranks of regular Navy and United States Marine Corps units.
All of the files are ' conformed ' to match an edit list created by the film editor, and are then color corrected under the direction of the film's staff.
All key staff i. e. Office Directors and Program Managers are rotated to ensure constant infusion of fresh thinking and perspectives.
All edits submitted will be reviewed and checked and will have to be approved by the encyclopaedia's professional staff.
All rooms are fully furnished and residents reside in double, triple, or quad rooms and use shared common bathrooms cleaned daily by janitorial staff.
All rooms are fully furnished and residents reside in single, double, or triple rooms and use shared common bathrooms cleaned daily by janitorial staff.
All professors and lecturers in the Department of Biblical Studies must subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith, and all full-time faculty and staff members must submit a written statement confessing faith in Jesus Christ and the Christian religion.
* All policies and strategies must be discussed with all managerial personnel and staff.
All policies must be discussed with all managerial personnel and staff that is required in the execution of any departmental policy.
All the instruments were given an initial written range from the B below the treble staff to the F, one space above the three ledger lines above staff, giving each saxophone a range of two and a half octaves.
This was echoed in Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward's book All the President's Men, about the Watergate scandal, referring to the failure of the President's staff to repair the damage once the scandal had leaked out.
All schools are closed and most businesses treat it as a holiday for staff ; however, many retail stores now remain open.
All the technical staff are monitored by psychologists who have the authority to remove them from the work at any time lest they crack under the pressure and precipitate a disaster.
All rent received from students pays for housing functions such as utilities, staff salaries, furniture, supplies, repairs, renovations and new buildings.
All branches are jointly governed by a chief of defence staff, Lieutenant General Massaneh Kinteh, who succeeded Lieutenant General Lang Tombong Tamba who is currently on death row for involvement in a 2009 coup plot.
All the people sent into the field belong to Survival International staff, and there is no sponsoring of volunteers or visitors of any kind.
All vehicles and premises used were sold, and all staff transferred to NedRailways.
All English and Welsh AONBs have a dedicated AONB officer and other staff.
All work, with the exception of some production staff, is done on a volunteer basis.
All evidence and odours of cooking and staff were banished from the principal parts of the house.
They were added to the staff of officers in 1668 just about the time when Marsham ’ s account of All Night was written.
All that is left of the college now is numbers 1 and 9 Straylands Grove, next to Monk Stray, and staff housing along Elmfield Terrace and Willow Grove.

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