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All and statutes
All important decisions are made at the GA, including the election of the officers, establishment of commissions, the approval of the budget, and any changes to the statutes and by-laws.
All their life was spent not in laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their own free will and pleasure.
All of Utah's I & R law is in the state statutes ( Zimmerman, December 1999 ).
All protective order statutes permit the court to order the abuser to stay away from someone, their home, their workplace or their school (" stay away " provisions ) and to stop contacting them.
All of the association's activities are governed by internal statutes compiled as the Official Guide ( Treoir Oifigiúil ).
All United Kingdom statutes in force on 17 August 1911 were given application to Northern Rhodesia, together with those of later years if specifically applied to the Protectorate.
All banks in Switzerland are regulated by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ( FINMA ), which derives its authority from a series of federal statutes.
All of these statutes were overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States by a 5-4 vote in the case Texas v. Johnson, 491 U. S. 397 ( 1989 ) as unconstitutional restrictions of public expression.
All states except Alaska, Montana, and Arizona have vehicular homicide statutes.
All statutes passed by the Legislative Assembly and signed by the governor become part of the North Dakota Century Code.
All of the above methods seem " logical ": it seems frivilous to ignore the literal text, but also to ignore the intent of the legislator, or the system of the statutes.
All of which is to say that giving effect to the intent of the legislature not only presumes that there is a singular intent — no less dubious an assertion where statutes are concerned than where the Constitution is — but, worse yet, the very diversity of these bodies may permit a judge to corrupt his inquiry by finding a floor statement or committee report which suggests an intent that the Judge thinks would be a good result.
E. All rights and privileges of a Spendthrift Trust formed in the State of Nevada are clearly set out in a concise set of statutes in Nevada and are not dependent on court decisions or interpretations for the validity of the Trust.

All and explicitly
By the later 19th century, history painting was often explicitly rejected by avant-garde movements such as the Impressionists ( except for Édouard Manet ) and the Symbolists, and according to one recent writer " Modernism was to a considerable extent built upon the rejection of History Painting ... All other genres are deemed capable of entering, in one form or another, the ' pantheon ' of modernity considered, but History Painting is excluded ".
Input in the linguistic context is defined as " All words, contexts, and other forms of language to which a learner is exposed, relative to acquired proficiency in first or second languages " Nativists find it difficult to believe, considering the hugely complex nature of human languages, and the relatively limited cognitive abilities of an infant, that infants are able to acquire most aspects of language without being explicitly taught.
For instance, the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1963, address racial prejudice explicitly next to discrimination for reasons of race, colour or ethnic origin ( Article I ).
All things that do not explicitly fall under the first four classifications, including contacts in third and earlier editions of Shadowrun, are given cash-equivalent values to be bought with resources.
Verses 5 & 6 explicitly state that Jesus paid the ransom for " All men ")
By specifying these changes, this argument explicitly restricts the domain of " All ravens are black " to ravens.
He does not explicitly say that all 378 fought at Salamis (" All of these came to the war providing triremes ... The total number of ships ... was three hundred and seventy-eight "), and he also says that the Aeginetans " had other manned ships, but they guarded their own land with these and fought at Salamis with the thirty most seaworthy ".
All this, however, is only hinted at in the prophecy of Haggai and not stated explicitly ”.
The name of the book alludes to the nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty (" All the king's horses and all the king's men / Couldn't put Humpty together again "), an allusion similar to that made more explicitly a quarter-century earlier in the Robert Penn Warren novel All the King's Men, which describes the career of a fictional governor loosely based on Huey Long.
Although the Supreme Court has never explicitly overruled the Dred Scott case, the Court stated in the Slaughter-House Cases that at least one part of it had already been overruled by the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868, which begins by stating, " All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
All three are responsible for commercial forestry operations and forest management in their respective nations ; Forestry Commission Scotland is also explicitly responsible for the expansion of Scottish forests.
An in-house rule ( explicitly laid out on the last page of All Star Comics # 5, reprinted on page 206 of All Star Comics Archives vol.
Women ’ s suffrage is explicitly stated as a right under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, adopted by the United Nations in 1979.
All values not explicitly mentioned above are reserved for future use
All spatial dependence of the individual plane wave components is described explicitly via the exponential functions.
All the films feature explicitly gay and lesbian protagonists and subjects ; explicit and unapologetic depictions of or references to gay sex ; and a confrontational and often antagonistic approach towards heterosexual culture.
In All Rivers Run to the Sea, Wiesel explicitly says it is not a novel, calling it his deposition.
Lear felt that the time was right for a new show to explore some of the issues being discussed, and 704 Hauser was even more explicitly political than All in the Family.
All marketing to the typical Christian music stations used by his first solo album and his albums with Caedmon's Call was stopped, though the album still has explicitly Christian lyrics.
All contemporary records suggest that the Nubian Pharaohs ruled Egypt with only a single king on the throne, while Taharqa states explicitly on one of his Kawa stelas that he assumed power only after the death of his brother, Shebitku.
All of the above would be thus explicitly controlled directly by the Union's authority.
The report describes the background, and the various kinds of blood tests it employed, and explicitly states: " All blood tests were used in this analysis.

All and renewed
All this activity gave renewed encouragement to political ambitions and in September 1915 a combination of Octobrists and Kadets in the Duma demanded the forming of a responsible government.
All licenses listed here were renewed until the end of 2014.
Open All Hours aired one series in 1976 on BBC Two but was not renewed due to low ratings.
All department stores at the Gardiner Manor Mall having had their land leases not renewed were abandoned and eventually razed to make more efficient use of land.
All the toys in the playground were renewed.
After the death of King Kō of Wa, his younger brother Bu acceeded to the throne ; King Bu requested to have Baekje added to the list of protectorates included in the official title bestowed upon the King of Wa by mandate of the Emperor of China, but his title was only renewed as " Supervisor of All Military Affairs of the Six Countries of Wa, Silla, Imna, Gara, Chinhan, and Mahan, Great General Who Keeps Peace in the East, King of the Country of Wa.
All of that work continues, but in the absence of renewed funding ... no additional work can be initiated.
* 1999-2000 season — " ΟΛΑ ΓΙΑ ΣΕΝΑ " (" All for you ") ( renewed )
In the late 1990s, Mavers renewed contact with founder member Mike Badger and subsequently two compilation albums of early demos and home recordings were released by The Viper Label ( founded by ex-La's Badger and Hemmings ), Lost La's 1984 – 1986: Breakloose ( 1999 ) and Lost La's 1986 – 1987: Callin ' All ( 2001 ).
All three did well in the ratings and were renewed for second seasons.
" All three shows have been renewed for a second season.
All sorts of legal objections were raised: all laws would have to be renewed and all treaties renegotiated.
" In addition, she hinted that Toshiaki Kawada and Masanobu Fuchi would be the only two native wrestlers to stay with All Japan, as " Kawada and Fuchi have sworn to carry out Baba-san's last wish: to keep All Japan Pro Wrestling alive "; this was confirmed a day later when Kawada and Fuchi both renewed their contracts with All Japan, along with referee Kyohei Wada.
The Maha Bodhi Society renewed this interest, and spawned the Ladakh Buddhist Association, All Assam Buddhist Association, and Himalayan Buddhist Society, as well as laying the grounds for the Dalit Buddhist movement.
All formerly independent Orthodox patriarchates, including the Serbian Patriarchate renewed in 1557, came under the authority of the Greek Orthodox Church.
All 22 episodes of the show aired during the season, but it was not renewed, a fact which the producers were informed of before filming the last episodes of the series.
All members sit for six-year terms and half of the membership is renewed every three years.
In the interim two weeks between the beginning of MyNetworkTV and UPN's end in early to mid-September, WCGV still showed select UPN programming on Sunday afternoons, airing Friday Night SmackDown, followed by Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us from 12-5 p. m., all which were renewed by The CW and moved to Channel 18.
All these questions led to internal problems within Marxist theory, which caused renewed study and reanalysis of Marx's works to begin.
All ITV channels have been free to air from 1 November 2005, although some regions reverted to Free-To-View encryption in 2008 when their lease on one 2D transponder could not be renewed.
All books / magazines can only be renewed once only.

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