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All and World
All the generals who held important commands in World War 2, did not write books.
All Quiet on the Western Front () is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I.
* 1993 – All members of the Zambia national football team lose their lives in a plane crash off Libreville, Gabon in route to Dakar, Senegal to play a 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Senegal.
* O ' Rourke, P. J., All the Trouble in the World.
* Home field advantage in the World Series granted to the winner of the All Star Game in the same season ( 2003 )
* All birds of prey, such as hawks, eagles, falcons and all vultures ( Old and New World )
USASF / IASF Worlds: Many United States cheerleading organizations form and register the not-for-profit entity the United States All Star Federation ( USASF ) and also the International All Star Federation ( IASF ) to support international club cheerleading and the World Cheerleading Club Championships.
Richard McGregor, author of The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, recalled that when he asked Lu Weidong, a teacher at the party school in Yan ' an, why this is the case, Lu responded that the idea of the party having its own website was " redundant " and that " All the important media is owned by the Party, so we have no need to set up a website.
# Division One: 6 Teams – All automatically qualify for the World Cup Qualifier.
It was named # 37 overall among the " 150 Best Games of All Time " by Computer Gaming World Magazine ( 15th Anniversary Issue — November 1996 ), was voted # 13 overall in PC Gamer Magazine's Readers All-Time Top 50 Games Poll ( April 2000 issue ), the editors of PC Gamer ranked it # 12 in the Top 50 Games of all time, in their October 2001 issue, citing the game's humor and pop-culture references and it was ranked # 15 in the 50 Best Games of All Time list published by PC Gamer Magazine in its April 2005 issue.
All frequences of UV radiation have been classed as Group 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization.
The outbreak of World War I found Munch with divided loyalties, as he stated, " All my friends are German but it is France that I love.
The album spawned hit singles from both Newton-John (" Magic ," No. 1 in the United States, and " Suddenly " with Cliff Richard ) and ELO (" I'm Alive ", which went gold, " All Over the World " and " Don't Walk Away ").
Godzilla 1985 has been released on home video several times in the U. S. The first release was by New World in the mid 80's, another by Starmaker video ( who had acquired some of New World's library ) in the 1992, and again by Anchor Bay in 1997 All home video releases include the Bambi Meets Godzilla animated short with the exception of the Starmaker release.
All versions of Gamma World eschew a realistic portrayal of genetic mutation, instead giving characters fantastic abilities ( often resembling comic book superpowers ) such as electrical generation, infravision, quills, sonic attacks, multiple limbs, dual brains, total body carapaces, precognition, planar travel, weather manipulation, telepathy, and " life leeching ".
Several magazines and websites have compiled what they intend as lists of the greatest guitarists — for example The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine, or 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Guitar World magazine.
Guitar World, a monthly music magazine devoted to guitar, also published their list of 100 greatest guitarists in the book Guitar World Presents the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time from the Pages of Guitar World Magazine.
The HarperCollins Concise Guide to World Religion: The A-to-Z Encyclopedia of All the Major Religious Traditions ( 1999 ) covers 33 principal religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Judaism, Islam, Shinto, Shamanism, Taoism, South American religions, Baltic and Slavic religions, Confucianism, and the religions of Africa and Oceania.
All 12 Olympic and 36 IIHF World Women's Championships medals have gone to one of these seven countries, and every gold medal in both competitions has been won by either Canada or the United States.
All eight Ivy League institutions place within the top sixteen of the U. S. News & World Report college and university rankings, including the top four schools and five of the top nine.

All and on
All my rosy visions of rest and even pleasure on this island vanished at the sight.
`` All I have to do to set the record is to go on down.
All the dogs would dash to get on the elevator with the President and go to the dining room.
`` All you have to do, Ilka dear, is to phone on your arrival.
All four remained impacted on the sofa until he had left.
All of its cities close their fiscal years on December 31.
All operations now carried on at our plant at Cranston will be transferred to Warwick.
All matching surfaces should be checked frequently and mated on a cut and fit basis.
All frames are butted at the joints and 3/8-inch plywood gussets are glued and nailed on each side of each joint, again using the one-inch, No. 12 nails.
All subsequent measurements were made on material which had been heated to 375-degrees-C for one hour.
All of them felt a compelling need for more coverage on areas that could be only lightly touched upon in a general survey functional course.
All the manuals for setting up vocational courses stress the importance of first making a local survey of skill needs, of estimating the growth of local jobs, and of consulting with local employers on the types of courses and their content.
All these evaluations are then totted up and tabulated, by adding up the Hits and Significants, with the weight placed on those in the sitter's own reading.
`` All too frequently '', points out James O'Gara, managing editor of Commonweal, `` Catholics run roughshod over Protestant sensibilities in this matter, by failure to consider the reasoning behind the Protestant position and, particularly, by their jibes at the fact that Protestant opinion on birth control has changed in recent decades ''.
All the officials on the case seem to have been afflicted with a similar myopia as far as Bridget was concerned, although records in police files contain many reports of servants who have murdered their employers.
All this near tragedy, which to us borders on comedy, enables us to tell the story over and over again, always warming ourselves with a glow of complacency.
All this emphasis on Centrality and on the number 5 as a symbolic expression of the Center, which seems to have begun as far back as 400 B.C., also may conceivably have led to the development of the Five-Elements School and the subsequent efforts to fit everything into numerical categories of five.
At least this seemed to be the working hypothesis for `` Chicago And All That Jazz '', presented on NBC-TV Nov. 26.
`` Chicago And All That Jazz '' could not be faulted on the choice of artists.
All this will serve to show off the Ory style in fine fashion and is a must for those who want to collect elements of the old-time jazz before it is too late to lay hands on the gems.
All, of course, except the Donner party who were bent on starving to death.
All we own is Francie's bedroom set and the televison-record player and we even owe on them.
The Western celebration of All Souls ' Day is on 2 November and follows All Saints ' Day.

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