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All and their
All can be connected with the gold circuit from their homes.
All false gods resemble Moloch, at least in the early phases of their careers, so it would be unreasonable to expect any form of idol-worship to become widespread without the accompaniment of human sacrifice.
All the women got up and offered their chairs, and when they were all seated again, the guests made their inquiries and their explanations.
All of its cities close their fiscal years on December 31.
All of these towns will require adjustments of both their fiscal and tax collection years.
All they could think of was to run around in circles, kicking their legs out.
All the manuals for setting up vocational courses stress the importance of first making a local survey of skill needs, of estimating the growth of local jobs, and of consulting with local employers on the types of courses and their content.
All these things and countless more enter into their calculations, and yet, the enchanting index remains non-forthcoming.
All living creatures from the lowest form of insect or animal life evidence the power of creativity, if it is only to reproduce a form like their own.
`` All too frequently '', points out James O'Gara, managing editor of Commonweal, `` Catholics run roughshod over Protestant sensibilities in this matter, by failure to consider the reasoning behind the Protestant position and, particularly, by their jibes at the fact that Protestant opinion on birth control has changed in recent decades ''.
All the slaves joined in requesting that they be allowed to delay their departure until the end of the planting season, so that they could get in `` their own little produce ''.
All three schools coordinate their educational programs with that of the undergraduate college and, like the college proper, place emphasis upon a broad liberal arts course as the proper foundation for specialized study.
All the officials on the case seem to have been afflicted with a similar myopia as far as Bridget was concerned, although records in police files contain many reports of servants who have murdered their employers.
All too often its conception of parish ministry and pastoral care includes no responsibility for them in their relation to issues of the most desperate urgency for the life of mankind.
`` All we have left in the world is one another, and we must stay together the way Mother wanted '', Kowalski said in telling his children of their mother's death yesterday afternoon.
All went home happy except the Newport police, who feared that the throng departing at 6:35 might meet head-on the night crowd drawing nigh, and those deprived of their happy hour at the cocktail bar.
`` All the in-laws have got to have their day '', Adam said, and glared at William and Freddy in turn.
All 128 ASCII characters, including non-printable characters ( represented by their abbreviations ). The 95 ASCII graphic characters are numbered from 20 < sub > hexadecimal | hex </ sub > to 7E < sub > hexadecimal | hex </ sub > ( decimal 32 to 126 ).
It was the mutual bond and obligation between monarch and subjects, whereby subjects are called his liege subjects, because they are bound to obey and serve him ; and he is called their liege lord, because he should maintain and defend them ( Ex parte Anderson ( 1861 ) 3 El & El 487 ; 121 ER 525 ; China Navigation Co v Attorney-General ( 1932 ) 48 TLR 375 ; Attorney-General v Nissan 1 All ER 629 ; Oppenheimer v Cattermole 3 All ER 1106 ).
All priests or destined to become priests, they took a simple vow of obedience to their bishop.
All three Brontë sisters worked as governesses or teachers, and all experienced problems controlling their charges, gaining support from their employers, and coping with homesickness — but Anne was the only one who persevered and made a success of her work.

All and male
All tracks on this album are performed by Australasian male artists.
All the male dancers and Andy Stewart wore kilts, and the female dancers wore long white dresses with tartan sashes.
He was nominated for best rock album and best male pop / rock performance for " All Summer Long " at the 2009 Grammys.
All the male rulers of the dynasty took the name Ptolemy.
All but one of the male scions of the Altieri family had chosen the ecclesiastical career.
All experience ( male, female, atomic, and botanical ) is important and contributes to the ongoing and interrelated process of reality.
At the time, the major male star was Wallace Reid, with a fair complexion, light eyes, and an All American look, with Valentino the opposite, eventually supplanting Sessue Hayakawa as Hollywood's most popular " exotic " male lead.
Gymnasts ( both male and female ) show one vault in Qualification, Team Final, and All Around Final.
All male director nominations will be invalid as long as the condition is not met, and financial penalties may apply for other directors.
As in his story " All You Zombies —", we have a male undergoing a sex change and then impregnating herself.
All actors were male and wore masks.
Also, Erich Gruen writes: All the leaders singled out by Livy are male.
All male members of the Peerage of England, Peerage of Great Britain and the Peerage of the United Kingdom were before 1999 entitled to sit in the House of Lords by virtue of their title.
All the girls are then seen together in the pyramid watching their respective male dancers ( who are seen in each of their solo shots ) dancing on the square platform.
All of the male stars of Private Pleasures, including Holmes, eventually succumbed to AIDS.
All the male members of the tribe then pressed forward and shot arrows into the body.
This casting practice goes back to the early 1930s with actresses such as Mae Questel providing the voices of various male babies and children in Fleischer Studios cartoons, and continues with Elizabeth " E. G ." Daily as Tommy Pickles on Rugrats and All Grown Up!
All of the children of Rangi and Papa were male.
Koko selected a gray male Manx from a litter of abandoned kittens and named him " All Ball ".
All adult, male descendants of previous monarchs were eligible for the throne.
All the male and female delegates handed forward their credentials, and a number of men, including Reverend Thomas Wentworth Higginson, were appointed to the Business Committee.
* All women are economically dependent on a male relative.
* All Irish citizens, male or female

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