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Page "fiction" ¶ 263
from Brown Corpus
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All and these
All of these towns will require adjustments of both their fiscal and tax collection years.
All of these considerations are of critical importance in considering defense and medical management.
All of these sub-tests involve reading except Arithmetic Computation.
All these things and countless more enter into their calculations, and yet, the enchanting index remains non-forthcoming.
All the other force vectors are derived from these.
All these materials and supplementary manure and other fertilizers from neighboring dairy and poultry farms made over 40 tons of finished compost a year.
All these evaluations are then totted up and tabulated, by adding up the Hits and Significants, with the weight placed on those in the sitter's own reading.
All of these activities are geared to a top-priority communication system, and practice tests have been held to assure that everything will work smoothly.
All this went through Casey's mind in the first instant, but what held his interest was the fact that these two should be together at all.
`` All these kind of things weaken us '', Perlman said.
All these he hung in his burglarproof home called Stone's Throw, outside Pittsburgh, and only people he liked and trusted ever got to see them.
All these records have close, attractive sound and the performances by a variety of instrumentalists is characteristic.
All these -- potboilers or no -- provided a welcome breath of fresh air in the form of lively, colorful, unstuffy works well suited for the great out-of-doors.
All three of these time scales were defined to read JD 2443144. 5003725 ( 1 January 1977 00: 00: 32. 184 ) exactly at that instant.
All these functions, including the function of the healer-god Paean, who seems to have Mycenean origin, are fused in the cult of Apollo.
All of these methods remain to be applied to the languages attributed to Altaic with the same degree of focus and intensity they have been applied to the Indo-European family ( e. g. Mallory 1989, Anthony 2007 ).
All other nuclides ( isotopes of hydrogen and all other elements ) have more nucleons than electrons, so the fraction of mass taken by the nucleus is closer to 100 % for all of these types of atoms, than for hydrogen-1 .</ ref > with protons and neutrons having roughly equal mass.
All of these rules have exceptions, however.
All these techniques help Poirot attain his principal target: " For in the long run, either through a lie, or through truth, people were bound to give themselves away …"
Schweitzer found many New Testament references to apparently show that 1st-century Christians believed literally in the imminent fulfillment of the promise of the World's ending, within the lifetime of Jesus's original followers, He noted that in the gospel of Mark, Jesus speaks of a " tribulation ", with his coming in the clouds with great power and glory " ( St Mark ), and states when it will happen: " This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled " ( St Matthew, 24: 34 ) ( or, " have taken place " ( Luke 21: 32 )): " All these things shall come upon this generation " ( Matthew 23: 36 ).
All of these numbers are solutions to polynomials of degree ≥ 5.
All of these define the relative numbers of particles in a system as decreasing exponential functions of energy ( at the particle level ) over kT, with k representing the Boltzmann constant and T representing the temperature observed at the macroscopic level.
All of these political and economic activities enabled him to fund his scientific research.

All and emotions
All his emotions had been inward, self-conscious.
All of his poetry shows strong and occasionally wild emotions especially in regard to Lesbia.
All Orthodox jurisdictions, such as the Orthodox Church in America, have taken the approach of welcoming people with " homosexual feelings and emotions ," while encouraging them to work towards " overcoming its harmful effects in their lives ," while not allowing the sacraments to people who seek to justify homosexual activity.
All actions are either good or bad, since impulses and desires rest upon free consent, and hence even passive mental states or emotions that are not guided by reason are immoral, and produce immoral actions.
The tone of All About My Mother has the heart-on-the-sleeve emotions of soap opera, but it is completely sincere and by no means camp.
" In 2006, Premiere magazine ranked her portrayal of Margo Channing in the film as fifth on their list of " 100 Greatest Performances of All Time ", commenting, " There is something deliciously audacious about her gleeful willingness to play such unattractive emotions as jealousy, bitterness, and neediness.
All children have a variety of emotions and reactions, such as cheerful and stormy, happy and unhappy.
All of the commonly held interpretatons of catharsis, purgation, purification, and clarification are considered by most scholars to represent a homeopathic process in which pity and fear accomplish the catharsis of emotions like themselves.
All that we need and that could possibly be given us in the present state of development of the sciences, is a chemistry of the moral, religious, aesthetic conceptions and feeling, as well as of those emotions which we experience in the affairs, great and small, of society and civilization, and which we are sensible of even in solitude.
All human emotions — love, friendship, envy, concern for one ’ s fellow man, compassion, longing for fame, honesty — had left us with the flesh that had melted from our bodies ...."
All negative emotions such as jealousy, guilt, envy, frustration, and insecurity build up in a " mind negadrive ", which when full would cause the head of the Series 4000 mechanoid to literally explode.
All this has occurred as anti-Christian emotions rise within Iraq.
All three moral emotions involve condemnation of others, yet they illustrate very diverse ideas within the realm of moralization.
# All other emotions are mixed or derivative states ; that is, they occur as combinations, mixtures, or compounds of the primary emotions.
# All emotions vary in their degree of similarity to one another.
All expressive therapists share the belief that through creative expression and the tapping of the imagination, a person can examine the body, feelings, emotions and his or her thought process.
All of the Herculoids displayed Human-level intelligence-employing precision teamwork and complex tactics-as well as emotions, and Zandor and Tara both displayed a working knowledge of complex alien technologies as well as the ability to pilot interstellar spacecraft — but essentially, Zandor, Tara, Dorno, and the Herculoids were fighting to keep Amzot / Quasar a technology-free, primitive planet.
All 365 archons made different aspects of Adam ’ s body or emotions.
All of these emotions are considered to be unresolved.
All of this had surfaced deep emotions in Don.
" In an interview with Fred Bronson, Carey expressed how her visit to Puerto Rico and the current emotions in her life inspired her to write " My All ":
Of his 1980 performance in John O ' Keefe's All Night Long, Sarasota Herald-Tribune art reviewer Marcia Corbino wrote that Grodénchik was an intriguing actor who had " an enchanting, mobile comic face on which aberrant emotions flicker, spread, retreat, retrench and explode with a single instant.
All the poets are capable of a range of emotions and responses, but Patten is regarded as the most serious in tone of the three.

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