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All and compares
*" All Star Superman # 1 ", by Neil Kenyon, PopMatters, January 6, 2006 ; review that compares and contrasts All-Star and Ultimate lines
The son of a merchant, he began his career as a journalist, and achieved fame with the cult novel All About H. Hatterr ( 1948 ), considered one of the finest examples of literature in English and a novel that compares favourably with Joyce's Ulysses.

All and very
All we wanted to do was to stand very quietly and look and look and look.
All polemic of ours should, I believe, be either very broad statements of contrast, or fine points treated singly, and as far as possible impersonally.
All offerings were very successful and over-subscribed.
All except North House have a very high bathroom ratio, with Gate House being the best with nine washrooms for its twenty-eight residents.
All of the heavy elements that are derived solely through artificial means are radioactive, with very short half-lives ; if any atoms of these elements were present at the formation of Earth, they are extremely likely to have already decayed, and if present in novae, have been in quantities too small to have been noted.
All climate models balance, or very nearly balance, incoming energy as short wave ( including visible ) electromagnetic radiation to the earth with outgoing energy as long wave ( infrared ) electromagnetic radiation from the earth.
All but the very earliest 1541s can use either the Alps or Newtronics mechanism.
All of the planning and preparation for transporting and deploying the missiles were carried out in the utmost secrecy, with only a very few told the exact nature of the mission.
All increments are here required to be very small.
All of the aspects of the game make for a very exciting race to visit the most cities while never quite being sure who is winning until the last round.
All Nama and Herero cattle and land were confiscated from the very diminished population, with remaining Nama and Herero assuming a subordinate position.
All of the poll respondents believed that only a very small fraction of teachers ( the range was from zero to 3 out of 100, with an average of 1. 2 ) would be prepared to inflict the maximum voltage.
All the novels include humor and comedy, sometimes very black and juxtaposed with tragic deaths or losses.
All of these churches have more ancient doctrinal statements asserting the authority of scripture, but may interpret these statements in such a way as to allow for a very broad range of teaching — from evangelicalism to skepticism.
Amongst these temples there is one, the principal one, whose great size and magnificence no human tongue could describe ,... All round inside this wall there are very elegant quarters with very large rooms and corridors.
All learned men and doctors of divinity say that God created it in the beginning ; but it is not so: the very idea lessens man in my estimation ... We say that God Himself is a self-existing being ... Man does exist upon the same principles ... Bible does not say in the Hebrew that God created the spirit of man.
All the theories describing fundamental interactions, except gravitation whose quantum counterpart is presently under very active research, are renormalizable theories.
All of the former Republics are now independent countries, with eleven of them ( all except the Baltic states and Georgia ) being very loosely organized under the heading of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
All adepts follow a very personal path ( Path of the Warrior, Path of the Artist, etc .).
All of Penn's schools, alone or jointly, exhibit very high research activity.
All four nations in the Visegrád Group are high income countries with a very high Human Development Index.
* In A. I., a science fiction film that is based on a short story entitled " Super-Toys Last All Summer Long " by Brian Aldiss, the story begins sometime in the 22nd century when androids with very high levels of artificial intelligence ( called mechas, short for " mechanisms ," i. e. synthetic life ) have become commonplace.
A possible loophole is to interpret " All " as " Nearly all "-" Nearly all ravens are black " is not equivalent to " Nearly all non-black things are non-ravens ", and these propositions can have very different probabilities.

All and favourably
All three titles were favourably reviewed when they were originally released, and the titles have a following in the retrogaming community.
All newspapers and magazines wrote very favourably about him.

All and against
All this works severely against the kind of cross-cultural communication for which Christian missions stand.
: A: All Republicans are against gun control.
All were too damaged to row around Sussex and two were driven against the Sussex coast.
All votes count equally, and everyone gets the same number of votes: one vote per candidate, either for or against.
* 1993 – All members of the Zambia national football team lose their lives in a plane crash off Libreville, Gabon in route to Dakar, Senegal to play a 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Senegal.
The Lions won all of their games that did not have test status except for the matches against Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury ; they did however lose three of their four test matches against the All Blacks, winning the first test 6 – 3 ..
The Lions easily won both tests against Australia and lost the first three tests against the All Blacks, but did find victory ( 9 – 6 ) in the final test.
The Lions however experienced mixed results during the New Zealand leg of the tour, as well as losing all of the tests against the All Blacks.
The British and Irish Lions against the All Blacks in 2005
The 1983 tour to New Zealand saw the team successful on the non-test front, winning all but two games, but getting white-washed in the test-series against the All Blacks.
All eight scrolls do not reveal any major disagreements against the Masoretic Text, although James C. VanderKam observes that 1QDan < sup > a </ sup > is closest to the traditional text.
All British Army cavalry regiments had been mechanised since 1 March 1942 when the Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons ( Yeomanry ) was converted to a motorised role, following mounted service against the Vichy French in Syria the previous year.
1924 — The All Blacks Invincibles stop in Rarotonga on their way to the United Kingdom and play a friendly match against a scratch Rarotongan team.
* " All that clairvoyant stuff – I don't see it myself: A new law against mediums would not work " by Daniel Finkelstein, The Times, April 11, 2007.
All members of the Council of Europe ( which includes nearly all European countries, and every member of the European Union ) have signed the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects against double jeopardy.
All the terrestrial and aquatic fauna of Diego Garcia are protected, with the exception of certain game fish, rats and cats ; hefty fines are levied against violators.
All physical creation ( geti ) was thus determined to run according to a master plan — inherent to Ahura Mazda — and violations of the order ( druj ) were violations against creation, and thus violations against Ahura Mazda.
* Inter-American Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities
All across the United States, voters divided for and against the Treaty and other key issues, and thus became either Federalists or Jeffersonian Republicans.
The interdiction of aggressive war was confirmed and broadened by the United Nations Charter, which provides in article 2, paragraph 4, that " All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.
All first saw active service in the Condor Legion against Soviet-supplied aircraft.

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