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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

All and though
All the rest of the days in the White House would be shadowed by the tragic loss, even though the President tried harder than ever to make his little dry jokes and to tease the people around him.
All in all, though, there is a good deal of nonsense expended over the preparations thought necessary for ordinary wine drinking ; ;
All churches apart from the Armenian Apostolic Church must register with the government, and proselytizing was forbidden by law, though since 1997 the government has pursued more moderate policies.
The army report that day contains only one phrase: “ All quiet on the Western Front .” As Paul dies, his face is calm, “ as though almost glad the end had come .”
* All 9 UML 1. 4 diagrams supported though not yet implemented.
The Lions performed well in the remaining All Black tests though they lost all three, the team did not lose another non-test in the New Zealand leg of the tour.
All in all though, the situation had changed considerably and Louis XIV began to look for ways to end what was fast becoming a ruinous war for France.
All primates possess some bipedal ability, though most species primarily use quadrupedal locomotion on land.
All these methods produce essentially similar results, even though most genetic variation has no influence over external morphology.
All are called, generically, comic strips, though cartoonist Will Eisner has suggested that " sequential art " would be a better name.
All Italian-Canadians were denied RAI programming by RAI International's removal of its programming from the Canadian marketplace, a move intended to create a public outcry and a threat that Canadians would resort to using satellite viewing cards obtained via the US in order to watch RAI, even though these cards were either grey market or black market, according to different analyses ( see below ).
Pausanias, in travelling around Greece, attributed to Daedalus numerous archaic wooden cult figures ( see xoana ) that impressed him: " All the works of this artist, though somewhat uncouth to look at, nevertheless have a touch of the divine in them.
" All three dioceses ( the other two were Würzburg and Buraburg ) were confirmed by Zachary the next year, though later Erfurt was brought into the diocese of Mainz.
All this was simple compared to D. W. Griffith's Intolerance ( 1916 ), in which four parallel stories are intercut throughout the whole length of the film, though in this case the stories are more similar than contrasting in their nature.
Following retirement from professional football, he developed a career in the media, initially on BBC Radio 5 Live and as a football pundit before replacing Des Lynam as the BBC's anchorman for football coverage, including their flagship football television programme Match of the Day, and as a team captain on the acerbic sports game show, They Think It's All Over from 1995 to 2003, where he was heavily ( though affectionately ) ridiculed for being a " goal hanger ", described as " lethal from twelve inches " – a parody of Lineker's short-range scoring prowess.
All gave their approval, even Johann Eck, though he later regretted it.
All industrial processes are based on neutral or acid pH values because though alkali treatments speed up conversion, they also promote degradation processes.
All varieties, from Biblical to Modern, use a typically Semitic templatic morphology with triconsonantal stems, though Mishnaic and Modern Hebrew have significant borrowed components of the lexicon that do not fit into this pattern.
All species are arboreal, though they do come to the ground occasionally.
All internal combustion engines depend on combustion of a chemical fuel, typically with oxygen from the air ( though it is possible to inject nitrous oxide to do more of the same thing and gain a power boost ).
All mosques have an imam to lead the ( congregational ) prayers, even though it may sometimes just be a member from the gathered congregation rather than officially appointed salaried person.
All participants and managers are volunteers, though their work is usually funded by their employers or sponsors ; for instance, the current chairperson is funded by VeriSign and the U. S. government's National Security Agency.
All further-and higher-education organisations in the UK are connected to Janet, as are all the Research Councils ; the majority of these sites are connected via 20 metropolitan area networks ( though Janet refers to these as Regional Networks, emphasising that Janet connections are not just confined to a metropolitan area ) across the UK.
All of these examples seem to be of the " Lir "- type though.

All and is
All of us, that is, except me.
`` All I have to do to set the record is to go on down.
All, that is, except Jack.
`` All right, if you can't do your arithmetic during school hours you can do it after school is out '', Miss Langford said firmly, not smiling.
All but the most rabid of Confederate flag wavers admit that the Old Southern tradition is defunct in actuality and sigh that its passing was accompanied by the disappearance of many genteel and aristocratic traditions of the reputedly languid ante-bellum way of life.
`` All is not sex '', declared Lawrence.
All such imitations of negative quality have given rise to a compensatory response in the form of a heroic and highly individualistic humanism: if man can neither know nor love reality as it is, he can at least invent an artistic `` reality '' which is its own world and which can speak to man of purely personal and subjective qualities capable of being known and worthy of being loved.
All his people ask for is no more war.
All of this, I know, is recent history familiar to you.
All we want from Dr. Huxley's statement is the feeling that this is an open world, in the view of the best scientific opinion, with practically no directional commitments as to what may happen next, and no important confinements with respect to what may be possible.
`` It would be a disgrace, and, as I have already said to the people of Tennessee, if Hearst is nominated, we may as well pen a dispatch, and send it back from the field of battle: ' All is lost, including our honor ' ''.
All chance of fulfilling my destiny is over.
`` All you have to do, Ilka dear, is to phone on your arrival.
All you have to do is put in a fresh lamb from time to time ''.
At his press conference Mr. Kennedy said, `` All we want in Laos is peace not war a truly neutral government not a cold war pawn ''.
All across the South there are signs that racial violence is finding less approval among whites who themselves would never take active part but might once have shown a tolerant attitude toward it.
All he does is to bullshit with his squad, and they are the stupidest bastards around.
`` All dey know down dere is it were at Manassas Junction and it were a big fight '', the old man told them.
All of Poland is a coffin.
All he cares about is his whisky and that dry crack in his face.
All I want is a picture -- with a few lines.
All framing in Hotei is one-inch mahogany which, in the dressed state you buy it, is about the 13/16-inch thickness specified in the drawings.

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