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All and through
All he had to do was light the fuses of the dynamite sticks, run to within ten yards of an open window in the barn and hurl the sticks through.
All through The Republic, Plato attends to the way art relates to the general life and ultimately to a good life for his citizens.
All through July the Discovery picked her way along the 450-mile-long strait, avoiding ice and rocky islands.
All this went through Casey's mind in the first instant, but what held his interest was the fact that these two should be together at all.
All things are possible to God, but He chooses -- usually -- to work through people.
All these techniques help Poirot attain his principal target: " For in the long run, either through a lie, or through truth, people were bound to give themselves away …"
All Christians who have a genuine relationship with God through and in Christ are part of the " true Church ", according to exemplary statements of evangelical Protestant theology, notwithstanding condemnation of the Catholic Church by some Protestants.
All rays which issue from O and pass through the aperture stop also pass through the entrance and exit pupils, since these are images of the aperture stop.
All of the U. S. VHS Volumes were later issued on DVD in five two-disc sets through the Time – Life organisation.
All statistics through October 8, 2009
All through France, as Le Figaro wrote on the 16th, " people feasted much to honour the Bastille ".
" All the way through I had opportunities, and I never knew about them ," Walsh said.
All Chondrichthyes breathe through 5-7 gills, depending on the species.
All known forms of life are based on the same fundamental biochemical organisation: genetic information encoded in DNA, transcribed into RNA, through the effect of protein-and RNA-enzymes, then translated into proteins by ( highly similar ) ribosomes, with ATP, NADH and others as energy sources, etc.
All of the heavy elements that are derived solely through artificial means are radioactive, with very short half-lives ; if any atoms of these elements were present at the formation of Earth, they are extremely likely to have already decayed, and if present in novae, have been in quantities too small to have been noted.
All major parties were committed to this aim, but perhaps Attlee and Labour were seen by the electorate as the best candidates to follow it through.
The first 14 verses of the Gospel of John are devoted to the divinity of Jesus as the Logos, usually translated as " Word ", along with his pre-existence, and they emphasize the cosmic significance of Christ, e. g.: " All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.
All three went through multiple editions during his lifetime, although many of his friends ( such as Darwin ) thought the first edition of the Principles was the best written.
All combinations of 0 through 6 pips on the left or right provides 7x7 or 49 glyphs, the same combinations vertically for another 49, and also a horizontal and a vertical " back " for a total of 100 glyphs.
All these communicate through a Link Control Entity ( LCE ).
Although the Pentecostarion ends on the Sunday of All Saints, Pascha's influence continues throughout the following year, determining the daily Epistle and Gospel readings at the Divine Liturgy, the Tone of the Week, and the Matins Gospels all the way through to the next year's Lazarus Saturday.
All of the works of Epimenides are now lost, and known only through quotations by other authors.

All and Albany
It is generally accepted that the town, formally incorporated on January 27, 1838, was named after Albany, New York, but a local legend holds that, during the vote to determine the location of the county seat, patrons of Dowell's tavern shouted " All for Benny!
All of the English settlements north of Albany were accordingly abandoned.
* " Why Do They All Take The Night Boat To Albany?
All four officers were acquitted at trial in Albany, New York.
* Albany County: All of the region that is now northern and western New York.
* All players are listed in alphabetical order by their surname, with the year ( s ) they played for Albany in parentheses.
All of News 10 Now's technical production and master control operations were merged with Capital News 9 ( now YNN Capital Region ), its sister channel in Albany.
In the United States, one of the first adoptions of the custom took place in 1979 at the Cathedral of All Saints ( Episcopal ) in Albany, New York, as part of an annual medieval fair held in the great Gothic-revival style church.
Paramount Stations Group, a subsidiary of Viacom ( with which Hubbard had co-owned the All News Channel ) purchased the station in the Spring of 1996, swapping NBC affiliates WNYT in Albany, New York and WHEC in Rochester, New York to Hubbard in the process.
All the children were born in Albany, New York.

All and Laramie
All three forts along the trail were abandoned as part of the Treaty of Fort Laramie ( 1868 ).

All and counties
All previous administrative districts-statutory counties, administrative counties, county boroughs, municipal boroughs, counties corporate, civil parishes-were abolished.
All the English counties south of the River Tees and River Ribble are included, and the whole work seems to have been mostly completed by 1 August 1086, when the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that William received the results and that all the chief magnates swore the Salisbury Oath, a renewal of their oaths of allegiance.
All counties form administrative entities called county municipalities ( sing.
All counties either include at least one unitary authority or are unitary authorities themselves, as is the case with Cornwall and the Unitary Authority of Bristol.
All three counties in Delaware — New Castle, Kent, and Sussex — are located on the peninsula ( though upper New Castle county only in part ).
Some extend into neighboring counties ( as indicated below ) All wilderness areas within Grand Canyon-Parashant NM are managed by BLM, although the National Monument as a whole shares management with the National Park Service:
All Vermont counties directly to the south ( and east of the Green Mountains ) drain into the Connecticut River, as does much of Essex county, to the east.
All or part of 32 counties in Missouri were at one point part of Wayne County.
All four are located in adjacent counties, but are less than from Hartford City.
All counties organized prior to 1802 were head right counties – no surveys were ever made of those counties.
All counties but two – Bergen and Monmouth – number their other county routes beginning at 600.
All of Nebraska lies within Central Region, except for Sioux, Scotts Bluff, Banner, Kimball, Cheyenne, Dawes, Box Butte, Morrill, Cheyenne, Sheridan, Garden, Deuel and Grant counties, as part of Western Region.
All of South Dakota lies within Central Region, except for Harding, Butte, Lawrence, Pennington, Custer, Fall River, Meade, Shannon, Haakon, Jackson and Bennett counties, as part of Western Region.
All of Indiana lies within Central Region, except for Clark, Scott, Floyd, Harrison, Crawford, and Washington counties, as part of Southern Region.
All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and some territories have some form of freedom of information legislation that governs documents at the state and local ( cities, counties, school districts ) level.
All counties are required to provide their constables with at least two complete uniforms, some type of motor vehicle identification which clearly indicates that the motor vehicle is being used by a constable in his official capacity, and a blue flashing light for use on official duty.
All 12 of these rural counties have had at least one legal brothel in operation subsequent to 1971, but many of these brothels were financially unsuccessful or ran afoul of State health regulations.
All special municipalities, provincial cities and counties are directly under the central government ( i. e., Executive Yuan ).
All of England is divided into one of nine regions and 48 ceremonial counties, although these have only a limited role in public policy.
All two-tier non-metropolitan counties are also ceremonial counties.

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