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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 484
from Brown Corpus
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All and we
`` It would be a disgrace, and, as I have already said to the people of Tennessee, if Hearst is nominated, we may as well pen a dispatch, and send it back from the field of battle: ' All is lost, including our honor ' ''.
All we wanted to do was to stand very quietly and look and look and look.
At his press conference Mr. Kennedy said, `` All we want in Laos is peace not war a truly neutral government not a cold war pawn ''.
The fat man said, `` All we gotta do is go around the corner ''.
`` All we have left in the world is one another, and we must stay together the way Mother wanted '', Kowalski said in telling his children of their mother's death yesterday afternoon.
All we own is Francie's bedroom set and the televison-record player and we even owe on them.
`` All the more reason, then '', Jack said, `` why we must have a treaty.
7: 23 ), since we read, ' All the nations are as nothing before Him '?
Richard McGregor, author of The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, recalled that when he asked Lu Weidong, a teacher at the party school in Yan ' an, why this is the case, Lu responded that the idea of the party having its own website was " redundant " and that " All the important media is owned by the Party, so we have no need to set up a website.
The Belgic Confession, used in Reformed churches, devotes a section ( Article 6 ) to " The difference between the canonical and apocryphal books " and asserts that " All which the Church may read and take instruction from, so far as they agree with the canonical books ; but they are far from having such power and efficacy as that we may from their testimony confirm any point of faith or of the Christian religion ; much less to detract from the authority of the other sacred books.
All we know is that it is based on a method of combat used by the precolonial Canarian people.
" All we can say safely ," says Walter Pohl, " is that the name Huns, in late antiquity ( 4th century ), described prestigious ruling groups of steppe warriors.
All we have to do is look inside some 19th-century textbooks.
:( 1 ) All we have access to in perception are the contents of our own experience and
Todd Hollenshead has also expressed support for Linux: " All said, we will continue to be a leading supporter of the Linux platform because we believe it is a technically sound OS and is the OS of choice for many server ops.
Ribbentrop told the head of Hitler's Press Office, Fritz Hesse, that the Munich Agreement was " first-class stupidity ... All it means is that we have to fight the English in a year, when they will be better armed ... It would have been much better if war had come now ".
All we wanted to do was dance anyway.
All of us have been writing individually, I write, Nikki's been writing, and Mick as well, at some point here, we'll pull all of our ideas together as we always do, and then we'll start sorting through it at that point.
" All during the flight, Rube kept saying, " No — leave us alone ; we ’ re doing fine.
All points of the local sky at that era were brighter than the circle of the sun, due to the high temperature of the universe in that prehistoric era ; and we have seen that most light rays will terminate not in a star but in the relic of the Big Bang.
All of a sudden there were police there and we were told to all get in lines and to have our identification ready to be led out of the bar.

All and want
All I want is a picture -- with a few lines.
All this will serve to show off the Ory style in fine fashion and is a must for those who want to collect elements of the old-time jazz before it is too late to lay hands on the gems.
But then he had said, `` All right, kid, if that's how you want it, that's how it'll be ''.
All my ill fortune, hitherto, has proceeded from want of frigates.
In Human, All Too Human, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued that " Zeus did not want man to throw his life away, no matter how much the other evils might torment him, but rather to go on letting himself be tormented anew.
All this is due to the fact that necessity is the mother of invention because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want and misery, which in their many forms were brought about by the climate.
All of Alexandra's children were apparently born prematurely ; biographer Richard Hough thought Alexandra deliberately misled Queen Victoria as to her probable delivery dates, as she did not want the Queen to be present at their births.
All this is because necessity is the mother of invention because those tribes that emigrated early to the north and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want and misery, which in their many forms were brought about by the climate.
All we want is some Brandy and Sugar to have Ice Toddy.
Connie herself commented, " All I want to be sure of is that viewers understood it was a giant self-parody.
So we sat down and told them we wanted to make both All and Descendents records whenever we want, at our choosing.
The show was initially offered to actress Jean Stapleton, who turned it down stating that, after nine years of playing the ditsy but well-meaning Edith Bunker on All In The Family and Archie Bunker's Place, respectively, she did not want to be tied down to another television series.
Albania refused to participate in the Accords, with its leader Enver Hoxha arguing that, " All the satellites of the Soviets with the possible exception of the Bulgarians want to break the shackles of the Warsaw Treaty, but they cannot.
It's a cover of the Mariah Carey Christmas classic " All I want for Christmas Is You " Its available on iTunes, under her new pseudonym Evelyn DeMille.
All I want to say is that no significant synthesis or assimilation took place in the past, and history should not be distorted and falsified to serve the political purposes of a Hindu-baiting herd.
In Tombstone in January 1882, he told Johnny Ringo ( as recorded by diarist Parsons ), " All I want of you is ten paces out in the street.
All couples in open marriages may therefore want to pay attention to their relationship maintenance behaviors.
All along we've wanted to keep our hands on everything, so nothing happened that we didn't want to.
All Members are free to participate in this activity whenever they want in the six days of the week that it is open.
All I want from you is to think only about chess!
Stone was once quoted as saying, " All I want to do is change the world ".
All they want to do is escape by hiding, all day if they must, in a bedroom in their friends ’ home.
All these appeals were ignored as Russia did not want to spoil relations with Turkey.

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