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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1328
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

All and you
All of you be ready to ride hell for leather ''.
`` All right, if you can't do your arithmetic during school hours you can do it after school is out '', Miss Langford said firmly, not smiling.
All of this, I know, is recent history familiar to you.
`` All you have to do, Ilka dear, is to phone on your arrival.
All framing in Hotei is one-inch mahogany which, in the dressed state you buy it, is about the 13/16-inch thickness specified in the drawings.
`` All right, you bastards '', I said, `` the great actor is about to buy a drink ''.
`` All right '', he conceded finally, `` if you must know, I don't get along with the landlord.
All right, now I'll give you a hand ''.
`` All of them for you ''.
But then he had said, `` All right, kid, if that's how you want it, that's how it'll be ''.
`` All I know is that you were outside the bubbles last night, and you were the only sentient being who came in or out of our alarm web.
`` All you have to do is ask '', he retorted hopefully.
There are also a All Star Cheerleader and We Cheer for the Wii in which you do routines at competitions with the Wiimote & Nunchuck.
Capra recalled that he " hated being a peasant, being a scrounging new kid trapped in the Sicilian ghetto of Los Angeles ... All I had was cockiness — and let me tell you that gets you a long way.
* Southside – New – All you can eat style dining hall – Fall 2008
But the king sinned through wickedness and violence, and so he was driven out of the garden and thrown to the earth, where now he is consumed by God's fire: " All the nations who knew you are appalled at you, you have come to a horrible end and will be no more.
All over Hollywood, they are continually advising me, " Oh, you mustn't say that.
All artists do work that comes out of the unconscious mind and later on you can analyze it and say the symbolism may mean something, but artists don ’ t think that way and I would bet my life that James Whale would never have had such concepts in mind.
" This view of Carson's actions may be taken from General James Carleton ’ s orders to Carson on October 12, 1862, concerning the Mescalero Apaches: " All Indian men of that tribe are to be killed whenever and wherever you can find them: the women and children will not be harmed, but you will take them prisoners and feed them at Ft. Stanton until you receive other instructions ".

All and have
`` All I have to do to set the record is to go on down.
All such imitations of negative quality have given rise to a compensatory response in the form of a heroic and highly individualistic humanism: if man can neither know nor love reality as it is, he can at least invent an artistic `` reality '' which is its own world and which can speak to man of purely personal and subjective qualities capable of being known and worthy of being loved.
`` It would be a disgrace, and, as I have already said to the people of Tennessee, if Hearst is nominated, we may as well pen a dispatch, and send it back from the field of battle: ' All is lost, including our honor ' ''.
All critics of Adams and his methods have observed this particular deficiency.
All across the South there are signs that racial violence is finding less approval among whites who themselves would never take active part but might once have shown a tolerant attitude toward it.
All over the country, belly clubs have never been bigger, especially in Detroit, Boston and Chicago, and even in small towns ; ;
All will do a good job if sharp, but the twist drills don't cut quite as smoothly as the others, since they do not have the outlining spurs that sever the fibers before actual boring starts.
All comments concerning effectiveness and use of drugs have been carefully reviewed by a veterinary medical officer with Aj.
All scientific staff members will have the title, ' research-staff member.
All trials have identical probabilities of success.
All `` democratic and anti-Nazi parties '' were to have the right to campaign.
All of these activities are geared to a top-priority communication system, and practice tests have been held to assure that everything will work smoothly.
All the officials on the case seem to have been afflicted with a similar myopia as far as Bridget was concerned, although records in police files contain many reports of servants who have murdered their employers.
And Mr. Skyros didn't like Angie, but what with Prettyman and three of his boys inside, and not likely to come out -- And Angie such a valuable salesman, Prettyman said -- All the nuisance and danger of getting in touch with practically a whole new bunch of boys -- Why did everything have to happen at once??
`` All we have left in the world is one another, and we must stay together the way Mother wanted '', Kowalski said in telling his children of their mother's death yesterday afternoon.
All of the loans, in amounts up to $5,000 each, have been repaid by Stein, according to Leavitt.
All of this may be understandable enough: it is, however, in fact difficult to see how diocesan authorities could have acted otherwise.
All this emphasis on Centrality and on the number 5 as a symbolic expression of the Center, which seems to have begun as far back as 400 B.C., also may conceivably have led to the development of the Five-Elements School and the subsequent efforts to fit everything into numerical categories of five.
All have gone astray together ; ;
All have sinned and have need of the glory of God.

All and do
All he had to do was light the fuses of the dynamite sticks, run to within ten yards of an open window in the barn and hurl the sticks through.
All we wanted to do was to stand very quietly and look and look and look.
All that the English lady wanted to do was to walk up to the monument and lay a wreath at its base.
All he can do is to be an objective and careful questioner, seeking to help the sensitive in clarifying and making more specific her paranormal impressions.
The fat man said, `` All we gotta do is go around the corner ''.
All Deegan had to do was slide, fall away, but instead, he rammed into the catcher.
All AMPS carriers have converted most of their consumer base to a digital standard such as CDMA2000 or GSM and continue to do so at a rapid pace.
All animals require sodium, but some plants do not.
All eight scrolls do not reveal any major disagreements against the Masoretic Text, although James C. VanderKam observes that 1QDan < sup > a </ sup > is closest to the traditional text.
Haley historian Chris Gardner, as well as surviving members of the group, have confirmed that the two singles: " Out Where the West Winds Blow "/" Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone " ( Vogue R736 ) and " Boogie Woogie Yodel "/" Baby I Found Out All About You " ( Vogue R786 ) do not feature Haley.
All three provinces have the smallest land base in the country and have been forced to make do with resources within.
" He further added, " All who seek God with a sincere heart, including those who do not know Christ and his church, contribute under the influence of Grace to the building of this Kingdom.
All EU citizens are now " legally entitled " to use and be titled ( addressed ) as " Doctor " or " Dr ." in all formal, legal and published communications ( provided they do in fact hold the appropriate degree ).
All expenses that do not affect cash flow are excluded from this list ( e. g. depreciation, amortization, etc.
All of these processes do not necessarily occur in a single environment, and do not necessarily occur in a single order.

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