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Almost and forty
Almost anyone can hit the side of a barn at forty yards with a charge of buckshot.
Almost forty years later, writer Peter Guralnick wrote that Presley found it " good running around with Nick ... – there was always something happening, and the hotel suite was like a private clubhouse where you needed to know the secret password to get in and he got to change the password every day.
Almost the only factory in town, the distillery employed forty workers producing 600, 000 liters of vodka annually.
Almost forty years after merger and piecemeal abandonment, some Chicago Great Western trackage and infrastructure remains in service.
Almost forty years on Junee is known for its lamb and high quality crops of wheat, canola, oats, barley and triticale.
Almost forty percent ( 40 %) of the waste left at the glacier is of plastic and metal composition, including toxins like cobalt, cadmium and chromium which eventually affect the water of the Shyok River ( that finally enters the Indus River near Skardu.
Almost forty years later, Rochdale Village still plays a critical role in the supply of low-cost apartment housing for an ethnically and economically diverse group of UC Berkeley students.

Almost and years
Almost twenty annals describing Cerdic's campaigns, and those of his descendants appear interspersed through the next hundred years of entries in the Chronicle.
Almost immediately after the order of Kotaka was placed, Fernando Villaamil, second officer of the Ministry of the Navy of Spain where he was put in charge of developing the concept of a new ship designed to combat torpedo boats, placed an order for a large torpedo gunboat in November 1885, with the British builder James and George Thompson, of Clydebank, not far from where the Yarrow shipyards would move from London 20 years later.
Almost 11 years to the day of Dana Plato's death, on May 6, 2010, Plato's son Tyler Lambert died at age 25 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Almost all of these " esperantido " s were stillborn, but the very first, Ido (" Offspring "), had significant success for several years.
Almost one hundred years after Tenji's death, the throne passed to his grandson Emperor Kōnin.
Almost 60 years later, the thief admitted that the cup had been melted down to make counterfeit half-crown coins.
Almost blind, and having lived in England for almost fifty years, he died a respected and rich man.
Almost 70 years after Copernicus's death and building on his theories, astronomer Johannes Kepler from Stuttgart was a leader in the 17th century scientific revolution.
Almost two years after Boyer had consolidated power in the west, in 1821, Santo Domingo declared independence from Spain and requested from Simón Bolívar inclusion in the Gran Colombia.
Almost all hedge fund performance fees include a " high water mark " ( or " loss carryforward provision "), which means that the performance fee only applies to net profits ( i. e., profits after losses in previous years have been recovered ).
Almost four years after her marriage in December 1493, Isabella gave birth to her first child out of an eventual total of eight ; it was a daughter, Eleonora, whom they called Leonora for short.
Almost immediately, however, a controversy, which had been begun ten years before and been temporarily silenced, broke out more violently than ever.
Almost all speakers of the Judeo-Berber language left Morocco in the years following its independence.
Almost one hundred years later, Prime Minister Herbert Asquith made the same point in his memoirs:
Almost two years later, the Tomcat is retired.
Almost 100 years after Governor Parke had expressed his views, one of his successors would speak in similar terms.
Almost fifty years later, Lawrence v. Texas struck down Texas sodomy laws.
Almost exactly three years later, on March 13, railroad service was inaugurated on the Tsugaru Kaikyo Line.
Almost 11 years later, it ended on October 16, 2006, after a reported attendance of 17, 681, which is 326 under the capacity at Pepsi Center, before a game against the Chicago Blackhawks.
Almost 50 years this ship was in service on the river Weser.
Almost 23 years after its original release, the album charted in the United Kingdom for a fortnight in 1987.
Almost two years after his death, approximately one-quarter ounce ( 7 grams ) of Doohan's ashes were sent into space, as he had requested in his will.
Almost at the same time, he was granted permission to spend two years in Paris and London, in order to undergo some practical training in astronomy and also to get some instruments to be specially built for the Palermo Observatory, whose foundation he was in charge of.
Almost ten years later when the post office was built, the community changed its name from Bledsoe's Lick to Castalian Springs.

Almost and later
Almost all scholars agree that the book of Joshua holds little historical value for early Israel and most likely reflects a much later period.
Almost three months later, in the election of September 18, 1867, the Anti-Confederation Party, won 18 out of 19 federal seats, and 36 out of 38 seats in the provincial legislature.
Almost a century later later, this decision would see Sergius ’ name removed from the Diptychs by Patriarch Sergius II of Constantinople.
Almost a year later, on 11 April 1896, the play received its Australian premiere at the Criterion Theatre in Sydney, with eminent local stage actress Jenny Watt-Tanner in the role of Lady Bracknell.
Almost three centuries later, William Gilbert of Colchester replicated Petrus Peregrinus ' work and was the first to state explicitly that Earth is a magnet.
Almost three centuries later much of the area was hit hard in the Great Hunger, especially the west.
" Almost a quarter-century later, Ebert wrote a second review, in which he called Woman Under the Influence " perhaps the greatest of Cassavetes ' films.
Almost all modern x86 operating systems ( Unix, Linux, OS / 2, Windows 95 and later, etc.
Almost a year later, it was reissued on CD-ROM as an enhanced " talkie " edition with full voice acting and digitized sound effects.
Almost all digital cameras, and most later film cameras, measure distance using electroacoustic or electronic means and focus automatically ( autofocus ); however, it is not customary to speak of this functionality as a rangefinder.
Almost two hours of resistance later, England took a 106-run win late in day.
Almost two years later, Marc Antony added to the notoriety of the Rostra by publicly displaying the severed head and right hand of his enemy Cicero there.
Almost eighty years later, in the wake of the Second World War, Emperor Hirohito paid homage to the Oath and reaffirmed it as the basis of " national polity " in his famous Ningen-sengen rescript.
Almost a century later Matthew Flinders surveyed the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1802 and 1803.
Almost 1 year later on January 18, 2009, it hosted the NFC Championship Game as the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 32-25 for the franchise's first ever Super Bowl berth.

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