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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 529
from Brown Corpus
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Almost and from
Almost everything about the movies that is peculiarly of the movies derives from a tension created and maintained between narrative time and film time.
Almost all matter observable from the Earth seems to be made of matter rather than antimatter.
Almost at once, therefore, Phillip had to appoint overseers from among the ranks of the convicts to get the others working.
Almost all the animations of Beavis and Butt-Head during the videos were re-used from earlier episodes.
Almost all of Bede's information regarding Augustine is taken from these letters.
Almost all mass produced bokken are made from porous, loose-grained southeast Asian wood.
Almost immediately after the order of Kotaka was placed, Fernando Villaamil, second officer of the Ministry of the Navy of Spain where he was put in charge of developing the concept of a new ship designed to combat torpedo boats, placed an order for a large torpedo gunboat in November 1885, with the British builder James and George Thompson, of Clydebank, not far from where the Yarrow shipyards would move from London 20 years later.
* How To Deconstruct Almost Anything-My Postmodern Adventure by Chip Morningstar ; a cynical introduction to ' deconstruction ' from the perspective of a software engineer.
Almost from the start, Bucaram's administration languished amidst widespread allegations of corruption.
Almost immediately, Alfonso returned from exile in Toledo and took his seat as king of Castile and León.
Almost from the very beginning, Christians referred to the Church as the " One, Holy, Catholic the Greek καθολική, or " according to the whole " and Apostolic Church ".
* The incoming radiation from the Sun is mostly in the form of visible light and nearby wavelengths, largely in the range 0. 2 – 4 μm, corresponding to the Sun's radiative temperature of 6, 000 K. Almost half the radiation is in the form of " visible " light, which our eyes are adapted to use.
Almost 70 years after Copernicus's death and building on his theories, astronomer Johannes Kepler from Stuttgart was a leader in the 17th century scientific revolution.
Almost two years after Boyer had consolidated power in the west, in 1821, Santo Domingo declared independence from Spain and requested from Simón Bolívar inclusion in the Gran Colombia.
Almost all the rain in these regions falls during the " winter ," from May to September.
Almost nothing is known about Habakkuk, aside from what few facts are stated within the book of the Bible bearing his name, or those inferences that may be drawn from that book.
Almost 75 % of Iraq's population lives in the flat, alluvial plain stretching southeast from Tikrit to the Persian Gulf.
Almost everything known about Justus and his career is derived from the early 8th-century Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum of Bede.
Almost all of the initially favourable reports Ribbentrop provided to Berlin about the alliance's prospects were based on friendly remarks about the " New Germany " from various British aristocrats like Lord Londonderry and Lord Lothian ; the rather cool reception that Ribbentrop received from British Cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats did not make much of an impression on him at first.
Almost every day entertainment events are held in Karachi ranging from fashion shows, concerts, or even small gigs at local cafes.

Almost and day
Almost 11 years to the day of Dana Plato's death, on May 6, 2010, Plato's son Tyler Lambert died at age 25 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Almost on the same day that the National Council of Education was set up, a rival organisation, the Society for Promotion of Technical Education in Bengal, was set up by Taraknath Palit.
Almost five million pairs are bought on this day.
Almost one in five adult Americans now report eating at least half a serving of white or brown rice per day.
Almost all of the land west of the Genesee River, including all of present day Wyoming County, was part of the Holland Land Purchase in 1793 and was sold through the Holland Land Company's office in Batavia, starting in 1801.
Almost two hours of resistance later, England took a 106-run win late in day.
Almost all of the park is closed-off to visitors for this reason, however the park is one of the most popular day trip destinations for Melbourne residents.
Almost 4 months later to the day, Josef Mengele ( whose location was still not known at the time, and would not officially be discovered until 1985 ) died in Bertioga, Brazil.
Almost all of those first-choice names signed on immediately, while a day spent boating with Memphis musician Don Nix resulted in him agreeing to organise a group of backing singers.
Almost all Accipitriformes are carnivorous, hunting by sight during the day or at twilight.
Almost every day he would return from his residence to his mother's apartment at 225 Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village and emerge dressed in a bathrobe and pajamas or a windbreaker and shabby trousers.
Almost half of the students and lecturers came from outside the Netherlands – the first Rector Magnificus, Ubbo Emmius, came from East Frisia in modern day Germany, for instance – but at the same time there was already a close relationship between the University and the city and the surrounding region.
Almost immediately afterwards ( within less than a day ) the Pentagon announced the cancellation of PAM, and by the end of the week John Poindexter, head of the DARPA unit responsible for developing it, had offered his resignation ; the PAM had first been proposed & funded in 2001, and Poindexter joined DARPA in December 2002.
Almost all cans and bottles are banned in the interior, and limits are placed on the number of people per campsite, and the number of people who can enter the park interior per day at each access point.
Almost from the first day of his activity, and even at the time of his death in early 1865, Kunisada was a trendsetter in the art of the Japanese woodblock print.
Almost forgotten in this day of strict fire codes is that in centuries past, fires would regularly sweep through cities, frequently destroying large areas of them.
Almost all were killed that very same day.
Almost forty years later, writer Peter Guralnick wrote that Presley found it " good running around with Nick ... – there was always something happening, and the hotel suite was like a private clubhouse where you needed to know the secret password to get in and he got to change the password every day.
Almost a year to the day, on 17 September 1944, they took part in Operation Market Garden, the airborne assault crossing of the River Rhine in the Netherlands.
Almost every village and Bengal have ponds used for pisciculture, and at least one meal a day is certain to have a fish course.
Almost every day I ’ m recording a thought or image on the pages of my current workbook for future use.
Almost 3, 000 trucks a day were recorded going down Buckley Street in central Footscray in 2010.
Almost every episode ended with either Ryan or JB destroying the monster of the day ( Kaitlin never got to destroy any on her own ), at which point his missing comrade ( s ) would come running up to inquire how the fight went.

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