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Along and banks
Along their banks, many of the country's medieval castles can be found.
Along this avenue, which is lined on one side with banks and on the other with cafés, is the Deux Garçons, the most famous brasserie in Aix.
Along the banks of the Merced River is found the sole habitat for the Limestone salamander, a rare species endemic to Mariposa County.
Along the banks of the Westfield River lie railroad tracks, which carry CSX and Amtrak trains between Springfield and Pittsfield, on their way westward.
Industry was home to an archaeological dig in the 1960s Along the banks of the Ohio River between " Barclay's crossing Bridge " and " Merrill ".
Along its banks they built fulling mills that carded wool for area farmers, woolen cloth mills, and grist mills.
" We ascended a not very high mesa ( blue bench ) which was level and very stony, traveled about three quarters of a league including ascent and descent, crossed another small river ( Duchesne River ) which near here enters the San Cosme ( Strawberry River ), named it Santa Caterina de Sena, and camped on its banks " " Along these three rivers we have crossed today there is plenty of good land for crops to support three good settlements, with opportunities for irrigation, beautiful cottonwood groves, good pastures, with timber and firewood nearby.
Along the banks of the river there are many attractions like the Ampera Bridge, Fort Religious Tourism, Museum of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, Kemaro Island, 16 Ilir Market, home Raft, Pertamina's oil refineries, fertilizer plants PUSRI, beach Good Yellow, Musi II Bridge, Al Munawar Mosque, etc ..
Frequently harassed by neighbouring tribes, the proto-Nakhi then moved southward to the banks of the Nujiang River and the Jinsha River and then to the Along River in the present-day province of Sichuan in western China.
Along the High Street, West Street and Charter Walk are a mix of shops ( mostly independent ), restaurants, cafes, banks and estate agents.
Along the banks of the Medina there are many old warehouses and wharves where in the past flying boats, hovercraft and steam ships were built and developed.
Along with chartered and private banks, the city was the home of the First and Second Banks of the United States, Mechanics National Bank and the first U. S. Mint.
Along its banks are burial places of the pagan Lithuanians.
Along much of its length, the Neuse River is characterized by loose, sandy banks ; muddy water year-round, and a dense tree canopy overhead.
Along its lower course, it is lined by sandy banks and old plantation homes, providing an important navigation channel with a unique geography, flowing roughly parallel to the coast.
Along its banks the Romans built their frontier castella part of the Limes Germanicus.
Along the banks of Pine River within Bald Hills is a large environmental park called the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve.
He afterwards wrote: " Along the banks of that river, amid the groves and bowers of Swift and Vanessa, I grew convinced that I was right ".
Along these banks, a Neanderthal grave was excavated surrounded by several pairs of goat horns, suggesting significance of goats in Central Asian religion ( Sidky 1990, p. 286 ).
Along the Indus, it inhabits both banks from Jalkot ( Kohistan District ) upstream to near the Tungas village ( Baltistan ), with Gakuch being its western limit up the Gilgit River, Chalt up the Hunza River, and the Parishing Valley up the Astore River.
Along the heavily populated river banks were Boxer-infested villages every one-half mile.
Along with debt to private commercial banks, the airline also owes Rs. 20 million to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal for landing and ground charges and Rs. 20 million to the Nepal Oil Corporation for fuel.
Along its banks near Lake Erie was one of the earliest European settlements in the area, known as the Sandy Creek Settlement.
Along both banks of the lake and its backwater canals, coconut groves and palm trees interspersed with towns and villages are seen.

Along and lake
Along the northern and southern stretches of the lake are the residential areas of the city.
Along the southwestern side of the lake is a tall halite formation called " Mount Sodom ".
Along the length of the lake a park was built on Perkasie and Sellersville lands.
* Along the boundaries of adjoining Fairfax Station, Burke Lake Park is an park centered around a recreational lake.
Along with the pollution, the extractions expedite the removal of lake moisture.
Along with Aramon, it was once considered one of the main grapes responsible for France's wine lake.
Along the hill-bordered skirts of the lake, Hannibal camped where he was in full view of anyone entering the northern defile, and spent the night arranging his troops for battle.
Along what is now the southern edge of the lake, however, the wetlands built up the layers of peat rapidly enough ( eventually reaching to thick ) to form a dam, holding back the water in the lake until it rose high enough to the flow over the shore into the Everglades.
Along the western shore of the lake, and between Radipole and the town centre of Weymouth, now lies the modern suburb of Southill.
Along with the basic stands, Von der Ahe had built an adjoining amusement park, a beer garden, a race track in the outfield, a " shoot-the-shoots " water flume ride, and an artificial lake ( used for ice skating in winter ).
Along Furnace Avenue, the roadway is lined with homes on one side and lake frontage on the other.
Along the way, the track passes the southern lake of the Lake Eyre National Park, and the outback settlements of William Creek and Oodnadatta.
Along with the reservation maintained by TVA for the operation of Norris Dam, most of the lower Norris Reservoir is surrounded by conservation lands, including Norris Dam State Park adjacent to the reservation, the Cove Creek Wildlife Management Area across the lake to the north, and the Chuck Swan State Forest, which protects a large undeveloped area a few miles upstream.
Along southeastern Lake Erie, near the city of Erie, Pennsylvania, a southern low-pressure area was moving toward the lake.
Along its entire length, it keeps to the transitional zone between the lake shore and the foot of the Longevity Hill, which is on the opposite side of the corridor.
Along the south side of the lake are the communities of Mesachie Lake and Honeymoon Bay, and also Gordon Bay Provincial Park.
The Albany Pine Bush, referred to locally as the Pine Bush, is one of the largest of the 20 inland pine barrens in the world, Along the shoreline of the lake, lacustrine sands were deposited between the present-day cities of Hudson and Glens Falls ; this became the Hudson Valley sandplain.
Along the lake's western and southern shores lies the city of Menomonie, the central business district of which is located at the far southern end of the lake, near the dam which forms it.
Along the bank of that lake, the suburbs of Siółko and Kastelówka were built.
Along the northern shores of the lakes of lake of Geneva, lake of Neuchâtel, lake of Bienne, lake of Morat, as well as in the Zürich Weinland and Klettgau, there is viticulture.

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