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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 892
from Brown Corpus
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Already and had
Already some of the pain had gone from Amelia's death.
Already in the 8th century Prudentius, bishop of Troyes, had in a Breviarium Psalterii made an abridgment of the Psalter for the laity, giving a few psalms for each day, and Alcuin had rendered a similar service by including a prayer for each day and some other prayers, but no lessons or homilies.
Already a controversial figure in the clubhouse after his corked-bat incident, Sammy's actions alienated much of his once strong fan base as well as the few teammates still on good terms with him, ( many teammates had tired of Sosa's playing of loud salsa music in the locker room ) and possibly tarnished his place in Cubs ' lore for years to come.
Already in 1248, the Kammin bishops and the Pomeranian dukes had interchanged the terrae Stargard and Kolberg, leaving the bishops in charge of the latter.
Already during his governorship Paulinus had developed a fondness for the 3rd century martyr Saint Felix of Nola.
Already in 1059 he had persuaded Robert Guiscard and Richard of Capua to become vassals of St. Peter for their newly-conquered territories: now Gregory VII immediately after his election sent for him to give an account of the state of Norman Italy and entrusted him with the negotiation of an interview with Robert Guiscard on 2 August 1073, at Benevento.
Already in the 1750s, voices had been raised to adopt spelling to pronunciation, but this didn't resonate with the conservatively minded Academy.
Already in 1028 Conrad II had his son Henry III elected and anointed king of Germany.
Already in 1912, during the Rama VI reign, young soldiers had been arrested who had plotted a coup urging a constitution and a change of the king's status.
Already gunned into a wreck, Admiral Togo, the IJN commander, had ordered his torpedo boats to finish off the enemy flagship as he prepared to pursue the remnants of the Russian battle fleet.
Already in 1323 Louis had sent an army to Italy to protect Milan against the Kingdom of Naples which was together with France the strongest ally of the papacy.
Already in Aristotle there was an awareness that the polis had not always existed and had needed to be invented or developed by humans themselves.
Already in 1892, when Dreiser began work as a newspaperman he had begun " to observe a certain type of crime in the United States that proved very common.
Already the great frontage building had been erected.
Already before the launching of the war, Peter had decided to build a navy and a modern-style army, based primarily on infantry drilled in the use of firearms.
Already in 1944 prominent U. S. opinion makers had initiated a domestic propaganda campaign ( which was to continue until 1948 ) arguing for a harsh peace for Germany, with a particular aim to end the apparent habit in the U. S. of viewing the Nazis and the German people as separate entities.
Already René Descartes in his Discourse on the Method had attested to the impact Renaissance planned new towns had upon his own thought, and much evidence exists that the Renaissance streetscape was also the perceptual stimulus that had led to the development of coordinate geometry ( see, e. g., Claudia Lacour Brodsky, Lines of Thought: Discourse, Architectonics, and the Origins of Modern Philosophy, Duke 1996 ).
Already visually impaired by the effects of diabetes, Fitzgerald had both her legs amputated in 1993.
Already home to the University of Texas Medical Branch, the city got a boost in 1962 with the creation of the Texas Maritime Academy, predecessor of Texas A & M University at Galveston ; and by 1967 a community college, Galveston College, had been established.

Already and begun
Already a tremendously powerful Jedi Knight, Jacen has begun adopting radical and extreme interpretations of the Force, causing a dramatic change in his personality.
Already, by the early nineteenth century, individuals had begun to build summer homes, causing the population to double to about 500-600.
Already having produced the bulk of the Peas ' albums, will. i. am has begun his solo career in earnest by producing and collaborating with a variety of musicians, most notably Michael Jackson and also including U2, Sérgio Mendes, Carlos Santana, Too Short, Kelis, Cheryl Cole, SMAP, John Legend, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Nas and Bone Thugs and Harmony.
Already, fans of the book have begun Russian and Spanish translations, an audio book version, and several amusing re-arrangements of the text.
Already Karl Popper had begun to attack this view.
Already while at Oxford, he had begun work on his translation of Juvenal.
Already by 1606, the enthusiasm that accompanied James I's assumption of the English throne had begun to give way to the beginnings of dissatisfaction with the perception of corruption in his court.
Already during the later stages of the war, when the Commonwealth army moved from Smolensk to Bely, a new threat begun to loom on the southern borders, where the Ottoman Empire was massing an invasion force.

Already and parallel
Already the first edition was held, parallel to the laboratory, an evening film festival open to the public with a film club at the end of screenings where people participated representing the film projected.

Already and Italian
Already locally famous as a teenage idol for his songs in English language, in 1960 Anka tried to hit the Italian market with " Summer's Gone ", released as " Dove Sei?
Already during his studies, he spoke French, German, Italian, English, all the Slavic languages, as well as Latin, old Greek and middle Greek.
Already as crown prince Ludwig collected especially Early German and Early Dutch paintings, masterpieces of the Italian renaissance, and contemporary art for his museums and galleries.
Already distinguished as a soldier in the Italian Wars, he was appointed Constable of France by Francis I of France in 1515, and was rewarded for his services at the Battle of Marignano ( where he commanded the vanguard ) with the Governorship of Milan.
Already, there were large Italian communities in Alexandria, Cairo, and Tunis.
Already in the 1910s, Italian and Greek interests clashed over Albania and the Dodecanese.

Already and studies
Already however, fMRI studies have revealed that specific neurons in the prefrontal cortex are involved in both SM, and motor preparation which provides a crucial link to haptic memory and its role in motor responses.
Already before these studies, ampelographers believed the grapes to be related due to the similarities of clusters, berries and leaf characteristics.
When I met him for the first time, I too was very young and was making studies in the Louvre: this was around 1816 or 1817 ... Already in this genre ( watercolor ), which was an English novelty at that time, he had an astonishing ability ... To my mind, one can find in other modern artists qualities of strength and of precision in rendering that are superior to those in Bonington's pictures, but no one in this modern school, and perhaps even before, has possessed that lightness of touch which, especially in watercolours, makes his works a type of diamond which flatters and ravishes the eye, independently of any subject and any imitation.
Already at his return from his foreign studies in 1602, he was hired as tutor of the young Prince Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, the future king, and was ennobled the following year, taking the name Skytte after an extinct noble family from which he claimed descent on the maternal side.
Already a considerable pianist, he continued his studies with Martti Paavola and Ernst Linko, while studying composition with Bengt Carlson and Selim Palmgren.

Already and with
Already a few hardy folk from their own train were zealously chipping away at the register rocks, leaving their own records along with those made by the earlier trains.
Already our leaky lifeboat was filled with five inches of water.
Already the city was filled with Barbudos, the bearded, war-dirty Revolutionaries, carrying carbines, waving to the crowds that lined the Prado.
Already it has enabled gene hunters to pinpoint genes associated with more than 30 disorders.
Already in 1941 Day appeared as a singer with the Les Brown band in a soundie ( a Cinemasters production ).
Already, Munch was showing a reluctance to part with his paintings, which he termed his " children ".
Already this is happening with wheat, with more crops to be planted in the United States, Canada, and Europe in 2009.
Already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80 % of the population living under the poverty line and 54 % in abject poverty, the earthquake inflicted $ 7. 8 billion in damage and caused the country's GDP to contract 5. 4 % in 2010.
Already in the same year the Cubo-Futurist opera Victory Over the Sun with Malevich's stage-set became a great success.
Already present at this stage of development were many of the features familiar in later releases of Ruby, including object-oriented design, classes with inheritance, mixins, iterators, closures, exception handling, and garbage collection.
Already prepared for such a tactic, Nero succeeds in surprising Worf by impaling him through the back with a large mechanical tentacle.
Already in TOS the USS Enterprise and other ships have a mixed-species crew, although this does not appear to be an absolute rule ; the USS Intrepid is shown with an all-Vulcan crew in the episode " The Immunity Syndrome ".
Already popular, its inclusion with the Osborne 1 computer made the program become the de facto standard for much of the word processing market.
Already familiar with the play, Kelly was desperate for the part.
Already stricken with paralysis, King Louis VII himself could not be present at the ceremony.
Already by the early 19th century the authorities understood the value of the old town, and so with the need for growth a plan was made for a ' new town ' built adjacent to the old town, following a grid plan but with houses also built in wood.

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