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Also and among
Also, among the latter a large percentage soon acquire the prevalent Southern attitude on most social problems.
Also, the infrequency with which vaccines are administered among the general population since the eradication of the disease would leave most people unprotected in the event of an outbreak.
Under the influence of Richard Strauss ( among other works Also sprach Zarathustra ) ( Stevens 1993, 15 – 17
Also, Ditka, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, William " Refrigerator " Perry and Brian Urlacher are among Bears figures known for their appearances in TV commercials.
Also a topic of great importance discussed among nutritionists as well as psychologists is the attitude to weight-loss and the consumption of food in general.
Also notable is the tendency among late grammarians to thoroughly dissect the hexameters of Virgil and earlier poets.
Also, several of his criticisms bear specific similarity to Gnostic doctrine ( Plotinus pointing to the gnostic doctrine of Sophia and her emission of the Demiurge is most notable among these similarities ).
Also, while in New Guinea, he visited the Lutheran missionaries Otto Thiele and Christian Keyser, in the Finschhafen district ; there, while in conversation with his hosts, he uncovered the discrepancies in Hermann Detzner's popular book, Four Years among the Cannibals in German Guinea from 1914 to the Truce, in which Detzner claimed to have seen the interior, discovered several species of flora and fauna, while remaining only steps ahead of the Australian patrols sent to capture him.
Also Lord Chesterfield, Thomas Gray, George Lyttelton, Thomas Hollis, Metastasio, Benedict XIV and Heinrich von Brühl were among his correspondents
Also in 2009, Forbes ranked it 33rd among their list of the 600 best American colleges.
Also, First ( I ), second ( II ) and third ( III ) places among gold medalists are indicated where appropriate.
Also in 1999, he ranked number 44 on the Sporting News list of Baseball's 100 Greatest Players and was elected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team as the top vote-getter among second basemen.
Also among his principal works are: History of the Civil War in America ( 1863 – 1866 ), and The History of Frederick II, Called Frederick the Great ( New York, 1871 ).
Also popular among the international performing arts community in Europe, a group of Finnish producers organized an international karaoke competition called KWC ( Karaoke World Championships ).
" Also in 1966, Kenneth Burke, declared, " Count me among those who would view this poem both as a marvel, and as ' in principle ' finished "
Also among the English gifts was a ceremonial coach, accompanied by a letter from the Queen to Mehmed's mother, Walide Safiye.
Also, the typically multi-ethnic Byzantine force was always racked by dissension and lack of command unity, a similar situation also being encountered among the Sassanids who had been embroiled in a bitter civil war for a decade before the coming of the Arabs.
Also among the vanguard was the Russian Igor Stravinsky.
Also the difference among the genders regarding life expectancy is still significant.
Also in the 1940s, there arose a new crop of artists: Francisco Alves, Mário Reis, Orlando Silva, Silvio Caldas, Aracy de Almeida, Dalva de Oliveira, and Elizeth Cardoso, among others.
Also notable among the earlier hypermedia and virtual reality systems was the Aspen Movie Map, which was created at MIT in 1977.
Also, xenarthrans have the lowest metabolic rates among the therians.
Also among those fighting under Otto was Boleslav of Bohemia.
Also notable among the later novels is The History of Henry Esmond, in which Thackeray tried to write a novel in the style of the eighteenth century.

Also and early
Also, it's far too early in the day for corny lines like the bigger they come You've had your gassy lecture, let's get to work.
Also, variants of the anthrax bacterium can be found all around the world making it the biological weapon of choice in the early 19th century.
The music of Richard Strauss, whom he met in 1902 at the Budapest premiere of Also sprach Zarathustra, strongly influenced his early work.
Also, by the early 1920s, Jefferson was earning enough money for his musical performances to support a wife, and possibly a child.
Also in the early 1970s, the soundtrack for the ground-breaking animated film Fritz The Cat contained his song " Bo Diddley ", in which a crow idly finger-pops along to the track.
Also at the centre of many early stories was Ena Sharples ( Violet Carson ), caretaker of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall, and her friends: timid Minnie Caldwell ( Margot Bryant ) and bespectacled Martha Longhurst ( Lynne Carol ).
Also, the Didache, an early Church document, explicitly forbids abortion along with infanticide, both common practices in the Roman Empire, as murder.
Also, many early buyers of the C128 chose to temporarily make do with a 1541 drive, perhaps owned as part of a previous C64 setup, until the 1571 became more widely available.
Also, early and generous retirement schemes have contributed to high pension costs.
Also, if the Flynn effect has ended for the majority in developed nations, it may still continue for minorities, especially for groups like immigrants where many may have received poor nutrition during early childhood or have had other disadvantages.
Also, in early 1988, the marshes had become the refuge of deserters from the Iraqi army who attempted to maintain life in the fastness of the overgrown, desolate areas while hiding out from the authorities.
Also, the economic downturn of the early 1990s reduced some of the more serious effects of industrial and agricultural policy.
Also, the Underground runs limited service on Christmas Eve ( with some lines closing early ) and does not operate on Christmas Day, except for the shuttle to Heathrow Airport.
Also in the early ' 80s, the NBA added one more expansion franchise, the Dallas Mavericks, bringing the total to 23 teams.
Also in the early 20th century the term propaganda was used by the founders of the nascent public relations industry to describe their activities.
Also less common was the early toothed bird, Ichthyornis.
Also named after him are the hamlets of Stuyvesant and Stuyvesant Falls in Columbia County, New York, where descendants of the early Dutch settlers still live and where the Dutch Reformed Church remains an important part of the community, as well as shopping centers, yacht clubs and other buildings and facilities throughout the area where the Dutch colony once was.
" Also, in late 1941 Popular Mechanics had an article in which a U. S. scientist speculated about the British early warning system on the English east coast and came close to what it was and how it worked.
Also, Willis, although very much a part of early radical feminism and continuing to hold that it played a necessary role in placing feminism on the political agenda, later criticised its inability " to integrate a feminist perspective with an overall radical politics ," while viewing this limitation as inevitable in the historical context of the times.
* 1987 – Roland MT-32: Also using Linear Arithmetic synthesis, it was supported by many PC games in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a high-quality music option until support shifted to General MIDI sound cards.
Also during the 11th century, an early linguist of the Turkic languages, Mahmud al-Kashgari from the Kara-Khanid Khanate, published the first comprehensive Turkic language dictionary and map of the geographical distribution of Turkic speakers in the Compendium of the Turkic Dialects ( Ottoman Turkish: Divânü Lügati't-Türk ).
Also, in recent decades, newly inaugurated presidents have chosen to deliver speeches to joint sessions of Congress in the early months of their presidencies, but have not officially considered them State of the Union addresses.
Also seen as one of the most significant individuals in early Lithuanian history, he was responsible for both erecting the capital of Lithuania, and the establishment of a dynasty that can be traced to other European monarchies such as Poland, Hungary and Bohemia.
Also serves as a form of punishment in School House, where the offender walks around the Close early in the morning.

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