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Also and brothers
Also on a Christmas Day, the two brothers have a disagreement over the sharing of the loot, fighting a duel in which Hook leaves the ship after gouging out his brother's eye, thus earning him the moniker of " Captain Patch ".
Also according to Skáldskaparmál, Þjazi and his brothers Gangr and Idi had a father named Olvaldi.
Also during the 1470s conflict developed between the king and his two brothers, Alexander, Duke of Albany, and John, Earl of Mar.
Also as a sidebar, considering who the Ertegun brothers were at that point in time, it's surprising to me that they greenlighted that project at that point in time.
Also not mentioned, ancient mythology suggests King Aristo and Pelias were half brothers ; each sharing a common mother Tyro, where the former is a son of Cretheus and the latter, a son of the god Poseidon.
Also forming part of the 18th-century Spanish collection is a large group of still lifes by Luis Meléndez ; small, cabinet paintings by Luis Paret y Alcázar such as The Masked Ball and Charles III eating before the Court ; tapestry cartoons by the Bayeu brothers ; and other paintings such as Antonio Carnicero's The Ascent of a Montgolfier Balloon in Aranjuez.
Also laboring in the diocese were 359 permanent deacons, 1, 493 religious brothers, and 3, 153 nuns.
Also in his favor may have been the influence of two of his brothers who sat on the King's Council.
Also in the Post-Great War period, some footballers who played abroad such as Hossein Sadaghiani and Khan-Sardar brothers who played in Belgian Football Leagues returned to Iran.
Also in 2005, Owen collaborated with his brothers by appearing in The Wendell Baker Story, written by brother Luke, directed by Luke and brother Andrew.
Also the son of a preacher, Little had converted to Islam while imprisoned in Massachusetts at the urging of two of his brothers, Philbert and Reginald, who were both NOI members.
Also, unusually and in common with her sisters, Jemima was granted an inheritance by her father, with her brothers as might have been expected.
Also in 1921, he appeared in a silent film of Don Juan Tenorio by the brothers Baños, which was shown the following year in New York City and Hollywood.
Also in Western Syunik, Sahak, Ashot and Vasak, brothers of Grigor-Sufan II, were governing the country.
Also his mother, two brothers, and first wife are buried at Rasos cemetery.
Also in 1875, the two James brothers moved to the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, probably to save their mother from further raids by detectives.
Also, according to the book Minnesota 13, Kid Cann and his brothers made frequent trips to Stearns County, Minnesota to purchase the area's legendary moonshine from local farmers.
Also educated in Carlow College were James Fintan Lalor's brothers Richard Lalor, Irish Nationalist, MP for Queens County and Sir Peter Lalor, M. P.
Also in Iraneus the brothers are still associated with Jeconiah.
Also that year, she had a supporting role in the film The Book of Eli, directed by the Hughes brothers.
Also featured: a job interview for a very “ special ” newspaper, fraternity brothers using tough love to get a bookworm to study, Tron the dry-cleaning comedian, Lance hunting down celebrities with the aid of a star map, and Trik * d!
Also owned by this society is No. 70 Poplar ( usually running as K & ESR No. 3 Bodiam ), which was initially purchased by the Wheels brothers of Brighton in 1964 from BR, and was used in the early years of operation on the original Kent and East Sussex Light Railway as well as on the same restored heritage railway.
" Also, one should note that in an 2001 eXile article, " Cleanse the World ", John Dolan openly admits being a ' war-nerd ': " Oh, my poor naive war-nerd brothers, how could you ever have dreamed that Bush ...".
Also among the 1638 emigrants were two brothers, Richard and Thomas Wickham.

Also and Aleksandar
Also departing are the influential midfield duo of Jamie Pace and Cleavon Frendo, who both signed with league champions Valletta, along with Montenegro striker Aleksandar Madzar who wasn't retained, and later went on to join Floriana.

Also and known
Also, an oversight in the small saucer's programming gave rise to a popular strategy known as " lurking " — because the saucer could only shoot directly at the player's position on the screen, the player could " hide " at the opposite end of the screen and shoot across the screen boundary, while remaining relatively safe.
Also known as Lokāyata, it is a system of Hindu philosophy that assumes various forms of philosophical skepticism and religious indifference. It is named after its founder, Cārvāka, author of the Bārhaspatya-sūtras.
Also known as tandem anchoring, in this technique two anchors are deployed in line with each other, on the same rode.
Also that year, Claudius had founded a Roman colony and called the colony Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis or Agrippinensium, today known as Cologne, after Agrippina who was born there.
Also known as the D-Backs, Arizona has one World Series title, in 2001, becoming the fastest expansion team in the majors to win a championship, doing it in only the fourth season since their expansion in 1998.
Also known as Kat, he has the most positive influence on Paul and his comrades on the battlefield.
Also, prior to the massive Sephardic emigrations to the Middle East in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Jewish communities of what are today Syria, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen were known by other Jewish communities as Musta ' arabi Jews or " like Arabs ".
Also known as " warshot " ammunition.
Also known simply as Afyon.
Also known as the toggle-head spear, it was about the same size as the simple harpoon and used to hunt the same animals, however, this harpoon provided a more efficient and lethal weapon.
; Operational Acceptance Testing ( OAT ): Also known as operational readiness testing, this refers to the checking done to a system to ensure that processes and procedures are in place to allow the system to be used and maintained.
Also, every known pair shares at least one common factor, higher than 1.
Also known as IW ( intentional walk ).
Also known as bloat, this life-threatening condition is believed to be anatomical rather than strictly genetic in origin.
Also known as the " Speech of hope ," it set the tone of future U. S. policy as it repudiated the Morgenthau Plan economic policies and gave the Germans hope for the future.
Also known as “ The Dragon Book .”
Also known as the K – T extinction event, it is associated with a geological signature known variously as the K – T boundary, the Cretaceous – Paleogene boundary or the K – Pg boundary, usually a thin band of sedimentation visible wherever rocks of this age are exposed.
Also known as ponce.
Also known as a slip clutch or safety clutch, this device allows a rotating shaft to slip when higher than normal resistance is encountered on a machine.
Also, Ditka, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, William " Refrigerator " Perry and Brian Urlacher are among Bears figures known for their appearances in TV commercials.
* Gambeson ( Also known as Quilted Armour or a Padded Jack )
Also known as the " Independents " or " Intransigents ", the group which at times included Degas, Monet, Sisley, Caillebotte, Pissarro, Renoir, and Berthe Morisot, had been receiving the wrath of the critics for several years.
Also commonly referred to as a yeast infection, candidiasis is also technically known as candidosis, moniliasis, and oidiomycosis.
Also known as liquor carbonis detergens ( LCD ), and liquor picis carbonis ( Latin: coal tar solution ) ( LPC ), it can be used in medicated shampoo, soap and ointment, as a treatment for dandruff and psoriasis, as well as being used to kill and repel head lice.

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