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Also and citizens
Also excluded from voting were citizens whose rights were under suspension ( typically for failure to pay a debt to the city: see atimia ); for some Athenians this amounted to permanent ( and in fact inheritable ) disqualification.
Also popular in the Soviet Union, the government produced such animated shorts as What Hitler Wants, which depicts a devilish Hitler giving Russian factories to capitalists, enslaving and riding once-free Soviet citizens, but shows that the U. S. S. R. will be prepared to fight, paying the Germans back in triplicate, ready to beat the ' fascist pirates.
Also, the laws that kept citizens safe from magistrates ' misuse of imperium did not exist during the monarchical period.
Also removed was the statutory requirement that the government prove a surveillance target under FISA is a non-U. S. citizen and agent of a foreign power, though it did require that any investigations must not be undertaken on citizens who are carrying out activities protected by the First Amendment.
Also another suspension of disbelief is having an episode of a TV show ( or a movie ) set in a foreign country and have all the actors portraying citizens of said country speak another language entirely and fluently ( example: a setting in Germany during the Third Reich where people dressed as German citizens and German officers speak fluent English ).
Also, 100 % of those polled are for the having the option for citizens of Sevastopol of dual citizenship, Russian and Ukrainian.
Also, Chapter I, Article 2 of the ROC constitution states that " The sovereignty of the Republic of China shall reside in the whole body of citizens.
Also home to many citizens of Irish descent.
Also, citizens and soldiers of nations which have not signed and do not abide by the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions are not protected by them.
Also, foreign nationals who have become Chinese citizens form another separate group.
Also, Venetian oarsmen were mainly free citizens and were able to bear arms adding to the fighting power of their ship, whereas convicts were used to row many of the galleys in other Holy League squadrons.
Also, no visa has been required for citizens of Russia, and other CIS countries ( except Turkmenistan ).
Also, by bringing in the wealthy citizens from conquered cities, a tactic never before used in Sicily, he greatly increased the prosperity of the city.
Also L. J. Smith's, " Vampire Diaries " books, Kitsune are mentioned and cause terror over the town, using " Malach " to control citizens.
Also, because the channel spoke troubled by the crisis citizens and workers, the ALTER Channel was the people.
Also, the view among Reform Jews that Judaism was strictly a religion and that Jews should be loyal citizens of their host nations led to a non-Zionist, and sometimes anti-Zionist, stance.
Also, unlike other countries who tend to have citizens with discernible accents, the American media too rarely highlights or identifies actors, actresses, directors or producers as Canadian in origin, leaving the false perception that few Canadians work in the industry.
Also guaranteed is the " right to profess any religious faith or to be without religious conviction, and to practice religious acts unless this contravenes the law "; conscientious objection to " civic duty set by law " based on religious conviction is specifically prohibited ( 32 ) while citizens are bound to serve in the armed forces ( 37 ).
Also included were the names of several thousand citizens of all the other countries of North and South America.
Also, the agency is monitored by the Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee, after it conducted unlawful political surveillance on national citizens during the Cold War.
Also the sizes and population of the amphoe differs greatly, the lowest population being in Ko Kut ( Trat Province ) with just 2, 042 citizens, while Mueang Samut Prakan ( Samut Prakan Province ) has 509, 262 citizens.
Also another innovation is a standard suite of city indicators that enabled mayors & citizens to monitor the performance of their city with others, this is important to have consistent & comparable city-level data.

Also and saw
Also as Salieri aged he moved slowly away from his more liberal political stances as he saw the enlightened reform of Joseph II's reign, and the hoped for reforms of the French revolution, replaced with more radical revolutionary ideas.
Also, Neal's Girlfriend, Sarah, saw the password through the reflection in a piece of metal on Neal's guitar.
Also, this period saw one of the largest mass migrations ever recorded in modern history, with a total of 12 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims moving between the newly created nations of India and Pakistan ( which gained independence on 15 and 14 August 1947 respectively ).
Also referred to informally as " St. Francis Xavier Junior College " or " Xavier Junior College " ( XJC ) and colloquially as " Little X ", the St. Francis Xavier University Sydney Campus was situated in Sydney's central business district and saw several buildings opened as a result of growth during its first decade of operation.
Also key was that it saw that the upstream and downstream communications could be on the same or different communications media using different protocols working in each direction to establish a closed loop communications system.
" Also, Galadriel told Frodo, " You saw the Eye of him that holds the Seven and the Nine.
Also introduced was Morecambe's famous paper bag trick, as well as an original opening segment which saw the pair parody other series, such as The Man from U. N. C. L. E., Dixon of Dock Green and Take Your Pick.
Also during this decade, the very important air link between Jeddah and Riyadh saw improvement.
Also of historical note, Shafter is home to Minter Field, which began operations in June 1941 and saw heavy use during World War II.
Also in the mid-1990s, Tollesboro saw its own high school shut down, with the facility later emerging as a private, Christian school.
Also previewed as a 2003 release from Vertigo was Brett Lewis and John Paul Leon's The Winter Men, which ultimately saw its first issue released in September 2005 through WildStorm's " Signature Series " imprint.
Also a part of the industrial life of what is now Medford Lakes was the saw and grist mill erected by John Haines.
Also, 2009 saw the departure of long-standing major characters Ronnie, George and Bracken Woodson.
Also, one account used to corroborate this version is of an alleged eyewitness, a farmer who claimed he saw five men hacking a man in a hammock.
Also, 1762 saw a yellow fever epidemic and in 1763 the French established separate governments for Martinique and Guadeloupe.
Also, when he observed some of the " nebulous " stars in the Ptolemaic star catalogue, he saw that rather than being cloudy, they were made of many small stars.
Also, while classical environmentalists saw human industry as the enemy of nature and nature as a victim needing to be saved ; bioregionalists see humanity and its culture as a part of nature, focusing on building a positive, sustainable relationship with the environment, rather than a focus on preserving and segregating the wilderness from the world of humanity.
Also from the Greek language, prion comes from the word (, " saw "), in reference to the serrated edges of its bill.
Also released in 1990, Hi Tech Expressions's PC game Chip ' N Dale: Rescue Rangers: The Adventure in Nimnul's Castle saw the Rangers having to rescue Monterey Jack, who is caught in a mousetrap in Professor Norton Nimnul's castle.
Also, commercial cinema in this period saw several workerclass themed films which mostly had M. G. Soman and Sukumaran in the lead followed by the emergence of a new genre of pure action themed films, in a movement led by action star Jayan who is usually considered the first genuine commercial superstar of Malayalam cinema.
Also worth noting was the children's programme The Saturday Banana, hosted by Bill Oddie ( then at the height of his fame as one of The Goodies ) which saw the placing of a fibreglass banana outside the studios, supported by its peeled ' skin ', they also produced the children's game show Runaround which was hosted by Mike Reid.
Also, common sentiment in Gondor saw Arthedain as a shadow of the former glory of Arnor, for all of lineage of its lords.
Also, the first two live shows of series 2 saw two contestants leave, in order to rebalance the numbers after the addition of the two extra performers from the wildcard show.
Also with the emergence of alternative comedy in the 80s which took a far more mordant and satirical attitude towards politicians ( Yarwood saw himself as an all round family entertainer rather than a satirist ), his career never recovered and the loss of some of his most loved characters and its fragility was directly linked to the politicians he impersonated.

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