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Also and introduced
( Also, the Pueblo people built their adobe structures with handfuls or basketfuls of adobe, until the Spanish introduced them to the making of bricks.
Also introduced in 2003 was the DB9 coupé, which replaced the ten-year-old DB7.
Also during this time, Moonglows founder Harvey Fuqua who sang background on many of Diddley's home studio recordings was introduced to Gaye, and asked him to join the Moonglows.
Also in the 17th century, Girard Desargues, motivated by the theory of perspective, introduced the concept of idealized points, lines, and planes at infinity.
Also in the last part of that century, Felix Klein and Henri Poincaré introduced a category of fractal that has come to be called " self-inverse " fractals.
Also, the system of symbols has changed a number of times both since it was introduced in 1907 and since the modern system was instituted in 1920, so ships ' symbols sometimes change without anything being done to the physical ship.
Also in 2003, Berber-language instruction was introduced in primary schools, prior to introducing it at all educational levels.
Also, maricultured species can harbour diseases and parasites ( e. g., lice ) which can be introduced to wild populations upon their escape.
Also in the 19th century, most countries of South America introduced a flag as they became independent ( Peru in 1820, Bolivia in 1851, Colombia in 1860, Brazil in 1822, etc.
Also in 1985, Yie Ar Kung-Fu featured antagonists with differing fighting styles, while 1987's Street Fighter introduced hidden special attacks.
Also, card driven games ( CDGs ), first introduced in 1993, use a deck of ( custom ) cards to drive most elements of the game, such as unit movement ( activation ) and random events.
In June 1980, it was introduced in the U. S. Also launched in the UK in 1980, it came with stereo playback and two mini headphone jacks, permitting two people to listen at the same time ( though it came with only one pair of MDR-3L2 headphones ).
Also in this work, Ampère introduced the term electrodynamics to describe the relationship between electricity and magnetism.
; 11. 11 ( 2000 ): Also known as 11i, this release of HP-UX introduced the concept of Operating Environments.
Also introduced were measures to pare down the expenses of the court, and to simplify administration in accordance with principles of economy.
" Also seen in seasons five and six was Dr. Doug Robert, played by Sam Elliott ( according to White, the character was introduced as a replacement for Willy, but the idea was dropped once the producers realized how popular Willy was with viewers ).
Also popular was Zaner-Bloser Script, introduced by Charles Paxton Zaner ( 15 February 1864 – 1 December 1918 ) and Elmer Ward Bloser ( 6 November 1865 – 1929 ) of the Zanerian Business College.
Also, new television idents were introduced in November that year, also using CGI.
Also around this time, numbers of European red foxes were introduced into the Eastern seaboard of North America for hunting.
Also that year, TSR introduced two new roleplaying games, Gangbusters and Star Frontiers.
Also, royal ensigns were introduced for both countries, their respective naval ensigns with the union badge, with the addition of the union arms at the centre of the cross.
Also in 1993, The Tides introduced their mascot Rip Tide.
Also in 1973, the new Super Duty 455 engine (" Super Duty " harkening back to Pontiac's Racing Engines ) was introduced.
Also in the 1950s NCR introduced MICR ( Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ).

Also and was
Also, he was weary of plantation drudgery and monotony.
Even Hemingway, for all his efforts to formulate a naturalistic morality in The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell To Arms never maintained that sex was all.
Also, he was now forty-three years old.
Also, he was so nice when he was nice ''.
Also important on the Brown & Sharpe scene, at the turn of the century, was Mr. Richmond Viall, Works Superintendent of the company from 1876 to 1910.
Also, it should be noted that the polytonal freedom of his melodies and harmonic modulations, the brilliant orchestrations, the adroitness for evading the heaviness of figured bass, the skill in florid counterpoint were not lost in his mature output, even in the spectacular historical dramas of the stage and cinema, where a large, dramatic canvas of sound was required.
`` Also, that Mr. Ferguson was here.
Also included was a " 3-D " monitor surround that glowed in the white-UV light.
Also, a new version of Asteroids was developed for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Windows, and the Game Boy Color in the late 1990s.
Also, Caracalla perhaps felt more comfortable about campaigning in the upper Main because he was not declaring war on any specific historic tribe, such as the Chatti or Cherusci, against whom Rome had suffered grievous losses.
Also that year, Claudius had founded a Roman colony and called the colony Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis or Agrippinensium, today known as Cologne, after Agrippina who was born there.
Also during his reign taxes were lightened ; literature, art and science were encouraged ; the lot of the soldiers was improved ; and, for the convenience of the people, loan offices were instituted for lending money at a moderate rate of interest.
Also, there was an ancient statue, representing the god in chains, to indicate that the martial spirit and victory were never to leave the city of Sparta.
Also, Amy Sweeney and Betty Ong called the American Airlines office, telling the workers that Flight 11 was hijacked.
Also far less maintenance was required of an all-electronic system compared to a spinning disc system.
Also, the old airfield at Rabasa was closed and air traffic moved to the new El Altet Airport, which made a more convenient and modern facility for charter flights bringing tourists from northern European countries.
Also his friendly attitude towards the aborigines was sorely tested when they killed his gamekeeper, and he was not able to assert a clear policy about them.
Also, he was in the process of setting out on a pilgrimage to Mecca when he died at Baghdad.
Also, Sub-Saharan Africa was part of its region until April 2005, when AfriNIC was officially recognized by ICANN as the fifth Regional Internet Registry.
Also in the late 1990s in the Walloon south of the country, French speaking / rapping Starflam was the biggest name in hip hop.
Also, according to Sondheim, " Lansbury was so insecure onstage, and unhappy with her performance, that we considered replacing her.

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