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:: and Also
* 200, 000 – 500, 000 Thrombocytes :: Also called platelets, thrombocytes are responsible for blood clotting ( coagulation ).
:: Also assigned to Commanding General, Fourth Corps Area, United States Army, June 1941-1 April 1942
:: Also " agents " in some translations.
:: Also known as Raymond Watts,
Also available are POE :: Loop :: Tk and POE :: Loop :: Gtk that offer hooks into other loop bridges in the external environment.

:: and released
:: Last single released before Jan's car accident
:: Last album released before Jan's car accident
* MXF :: SDK was the first multiplatform commercial SDK in C ++ released in January 2003 and is being used by products like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Front Porch Digital DIVA, IRT MXF Analyser, Omneon ProXchange, Seachange SMG.
:: When a character is unfortunate by reversal ( s ) of fortune ( peripeteia ), at first he suffers ( pathos ) and then he can realize ( anagnorisis ) the cause of his misery or a way to be released from the misery.
:: The Sensor for Women was released around the same time and is nearly identical, but has a wider cartridge head.
:: Reissue of original 1965 compilation, also released in 1981 on Liberty with same catalogue number
Though the group has not officially disbanded, they have not released another album since 2001's critically acclaimed Fixed :: Context, and the band members have apparently moved away from their former base of Richmond, Virginia.
* The Best of Ready Volume 1 :: 20th Century Masters — The Millennium Collection ( released 2006 ), Ready Records compilation
* The Best of Ready Volume 2 :: 20th Century Masters — The Millennium Collection ( released 2006 ), Ready Records compilation

:: and on
:: People are more likely to cooperate on a task if they can communicate with one another first.
:: "... prose used to define the way the Turing machine uses its head and the way that it stores data on its tape.
:: Travelling abroad on swift-footed horses,
:: Landing on tall ships with a sudden, great bound,
:: Seclusion, Sappho on the Aeolian lyre,
:: And war, hardship on land, hardship at sea.
:: When the stables were burnt down, on returning from court Confucius said, " Was anyone hurt?
:: < nowiki > the use of row vectors for point coordinates and that the matrix is written on the right .< nowiki ></ nowiki >
:: A Cloud database is a database that relies on cloud technology.
:: Glenn Crain appeals from the dismissal of his Tax Court petition challenging the constitutional authority of that body and defying the jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Service to levy taxes on his income.
:: Asharq Al-Awsat: But, what is the point of the Islamic Fiqh Academy's consensus on fatwās that are not binding for the member states?
:: Gloom, despair and agony on me-e-e!
:: Take up your seat on a high place and watch, if only you know how, and then you will see in what manner, when, whence, how many and what kind of thieves come to enter and steal your clusters of grapes.
:: domestic: Microwave radio relay transmission and coaxial and fiber-optic cable are employed on trunk lines ; considerable use is made of mobile cellular systems ; Internet service is available.
:: In this reflection, the practitioner thinks about the difficulties to practice all of these in the practical world and work through the challenges depending on one's current capabilities and circumstances.
:: Jan Berry solo release, misspelled as " Jan Barry " on label
:: Reissue of original Dore LP with bonus tracks and posted, pressed on color vinyl
:: Mostly worked on by Jan from 1966 to 1968 the album was shelved by Warner Brothers for 44 years.
:: Maxwell-Fyfe: What further pressure could you put on the head of a country beyond threatening him that your Army would march in, in overwhelming strength, and your air force would bomb his capital?
:: Too late, a man built like a fullback in a business suit was bearing down on me.
:: Article 8 of the Convention on Rights and Duties of States ;
* Card protectors :: In games where all of a player's cards are facedown, some players use items like specialty chips or glass figures to place on top of their cards to protect them from being accidentally discarded.
Danko concurred with Helm :: " I think Levon's book hits the nail on the head about where Robbie and Albert Grossman and some of those people went wrong and when The Band stopped being The Band.
:: USS Thresher ( SSN-593 ), the lead ship of her class of nuclear-powered attack submarines and was lost by accident on 10 April 1963

:: and J
:: J. Titus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus ( 161-165 ), died young without issue
:: A politically-oriented film directed by J. Lee Thompson in 1984
:: Example: But see 418 F. 3d, at 1058 ( O ' Scannlain, J., dissenting from denial of rehearing en banc ) ( observing that it is unlikely that this occurred “ in anything but the exceptional case ”).
:: See generally John copeland Nagle & J. B. Ruhl, The Law of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management 227-45 ( 2002 ) ( detailing the ESA's prohibition on the possession of protected species ).
:: is either a member of J, but neither of K, nor of L,
:: or else is a member of J and of K, but not of L ;
:: J
:: J + 5 =
From 1784 Soane took a new pupil on roughly ever other year, these were :: J. Adams, George Bailey, George Basevi, S. Burchell, H. Burgess, J. Buxton, Robert Dennis Chantrell, Thomas Chawner, F. Copland, E. Davis, E. Foxall, J. H.
:: 60th Infantry Col. Frederick J. de Rohan
:: James J. Robaczewski-Secretary-Treasurer
:: Corporal C. J. Sheard and Marine D. Moffatt in canoe Conger.
:: Lieutenant J. W. Mackinnon and Marine J. Conway in canoe Cuttlefish.
:: 12th Cavalry Brigade ( Brigadier General J. T. Wigan )
:: 13th Cavalry Brigade ( Brigadier General P. J. V. Kelly )
:: This article uses the non-SI unit of cal /( mol · K ) for heat capacity, because it offers greater accuracy for single digits. For an approximate conversion to the corresponding SI unit of J /( mol · K ), such values should be multiplied by 4. 2 J / cal.
:: " The verdict in the O. J.
:: Edmund Gosse ; J. M. Barrie ; Henry James ; George Moore ; T. E. Lawrence ; Aldous Huxley ( all letters );
:: and essays by: Raymond Mortimer ; David Cecil ; Anthony Powell ; Edna O ' Brien ; Angus Wilson ; Roy Fuller ; David Wright ; Sean O ' Faolain ; Michael Burn ; Enoch Powell ; Noel Annan ; George Mikes ; George D. Painter ; D. J. Enright ; John Julius Norwich ; Miles Kington ; J. W. Lambert ; John Weightman ; A. E. Ellis ; Bruce Berlind ; Dorothy M. Partington ; Stanley Gillam ; Douglas Matthews ; Michael Higgins ; Oliver Stallybrass ; Charles Theodore Hagberg Wright ; Antony Farrell ; Marcel Troulay ; Colin Wilson.

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