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Also and year
Also that year, Claudius had founded a Roman colony and called the colony Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis or Agrippinensium, today known as Cologne, after Agrippina who was born there.
Also that year Endurance Specialty, a Bermuda-based underwriting operation that Aon helped to establish in November 2001 along with other investors, went public.
Also, in the year following the Court decision, contributions to the university declined by 13 percent.
Also, there is no year 0 AD.
Also that year, he retired from regular research and teaching at Stanford University in order to finish The Art of Computer Programming.
Also that year he received the Screen Actors Guild Annual Award.
Also that year he wrote on Husserl's Ideen ( 1913 ) a long review published by a French journal.
Also in that year, she was made one of the visiting physicians of the East London Hospital for Children, becoming the first woman in Britain to be appointed to a medical post, but she found the duties of these two positions to be incompatible with her principal work in her private practice and the dispensary, as well as her role as a new mother, so she resigned from these posts by 1873.
Also, by an edict of 17 March of that year, the farmers were freed from the corvée and hereditary submission.
Also in that year, he played the role of a member of a barnstorming skydiving team that entertained mostly at county fairs: The Gypsy Moths.
Also, in 1979, the university moved all of its athletic programs to NCAA Division I. Enrollment that year passed 11, 000.
Also that year, Telecom Australia became the first network operator to deploy a GSM network outside Europe and the first practical hand-held GSM mobile phone became available.
Also this year, the GSM Association was formed.
Also in the same year, the Pakistani-Afghan border skirmishes intensified and many large scale attacks by the Pakistani-based Haqqani network took place across Afghanistan.
Also during that year, Aaron established the record for most seasons with thirty or more home runs in the National League.
Also held in August each year is the Bean Blossom Harmonica Contest.
Also in that year, local poor law boards, with a mix of magistrates and elected " guardians " took over the health and social welfare functions of the grand juries.
Also in that year, Iran held a Rumi Week from 26 October to 2 November.
Also that year, he appeared as Lord Croft, father of the title character of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.
Also a change was made that same year to the Patriots uniforms, changing their primary colors from their traditional red and white to blue and silver, and introducing a new logo.
" Also in 2005, Cruz appeared in Chromophobia, screened at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and released the following year.
Also that year, Abdul co-wrote the song " Spinning Around " with songwriter and producer Kara DioGuardi, who became a fellow judge on American Idol in 2009.
Also that year, the band contributed a cover of " I Can't Forget " to the Leonard Cohen tribute album I'm Your Fan, and began an international tour on which they played stadiums in Europe and smaller venues in the United States.
" Also in the same year, Alexander called for a crusade against the Moors in Spain.
Also in that year, " The Huckle-Buck ", recorded by band leader and saxophonist Paul Williams, was the # 1 R & B tune, remaining on top of the charts for nearly the entire year.

Also and Boston
Also, the move of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from Boston in 1916 ensured Cambridge's status as an intellectual center of the United States.
Also, notably Boston gays moving to the South End and for lesbians, to Jamaica Plain.
Boston is Now Brilliant ; Act Also Extends Corporate Limits
Also, popular characters Michelle Corrigan and Ruth Pearce left the show, with Michelle going into the Army and Ruth moved to Boston in the USA.
Also in 1964, Sherman narrated his own version of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf in a live concert at Tanglewood with the Boston Pops under Arthur Fiedler.
Also during this time, World News Tonight aired an open-captioned version on various public television stations throughout the U. S., produced by Boston, Massachusetts, station WGBH-TV.
Also in the 1846 session, powers were granted to various allied companies to make lines from Boston to Grimsby and Stamford to Spalding-which was never built-and also the Hitchin to Royston section only of a proposed Oxford and Cambridge Railway.
Also starring Stephen Collins and Gabriel Macht, the project opened to overwhelmingly negative reviews by critics, with Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe calling it " a sloppily made bowl of reheated chick-flick cliches ," and was ranked among the worst-reviewed films of the year.
Also available from the keg in select locations are Boston Ale, Hefeweizen, Cherry Wheat and Black Lager.
Also, Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1886.
Also according to the airline's timetable in June of 1967, Eastern was flying nonstop jet service from Melbourne to Atlanta, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, and also operated direct, no change of plane jet service to New York City ( JFK Airport ), Washington, D. C. ( Dulles Airport ), Boston and Miami.
Also, the original title for this album was supposed to be Arrival, but Boston members discovered that ABBA already had an album by that name out, so Don't Look Back was chosen instead.
Also, near Boston, some of the interchanges are solely onramps and are not signed as exits, so, for instance, there is no Exit 21 signed.
" Also that year, Chicago's National League baseball club sold future baseball Hall of Famer Mike " King " Kelly to Boston, and coincidentally soon after, famous Boston poet and diplomat James Russell Lowell made a speaking tour of Chicago.
Also during the reunion show, contestant Jerri Manthey of Survivor: The Australian Outback attempted to insert herself into the discussion between Big Tom and Boston Rob.
Also in 1901, the Atlantic Avenue Elevated opened, branching at Causeway Street to provide an alternate route through downtown Boston ( along the shoreline, where today there is no rail transit ) to the Washington Street Elevated.
Also during this time, the city of Boston upgraded many public facilities in the neighborhood: the Christopher Columbus School ( now a condominium building ), a public bathhouse, and a branch of the Boston Public Library were built.
Also according to Kevin Weeks, " Before he was killed, Tommy King had threatened a Boston police detective that he was going to kill him.
Also in 1963, an Eastern Division playoff was needed to determine the division winner between the Boston Patriots and Buffalo Bills.
Also, in 1997 two Boston area music-related chain stores celebrated their joint 25th anniversary by assembling over 1500 guitarists, plus a handful of singers and drummers, to perform " Dirty Water " for over 76 minutes at the Hatch Shell adjacent to the Charles River.
Also, on the recent housing development, Chapelford-built on the old Burtonwood Airbase site, are a number of boulevards such as Boston and Santa Rosa Boulevard, built in reference to the American history associated from World War 2 on the site.
Also nearby is the Boston University Tanglewood Institute ( BUTI ) for high school students.

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