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Also and when
Also, he was so nice when he was nice ''.
Also, when she had bitten off half of the small radish, she found the suspense unbearable ; ;
Also, although only a few of the students were intimately acquainted with each other in the beginning, most reported that when the semester ended their dearest and closest campus friendships were with members of that class.
Also, when the patient is standing with arms and hands extended toward the physician, if the eyes are closed, the patient's finger will tend to " fall down " and then be restored to the horizontal extended position by sudden muscular contractions ( the " ataxic hand ").
Also, supporters of this view would characterize Luke ’ s portrayal of the Roman Empire as positive because they believe Luke “ glosses over negative aspects of the empire and presents imperial power positively .” For example, when Paul is before the council defending himself, Paul says that he is “ on trial concerning the hope of the resurrection of the dead ” ( Acts 23: 6 ).
Also his friendly attitude towards the aborigines was sorely tested when they killed his gamekeeper, and he was not able to assert a clear policy about them.
Also, he was in the process of setting out on a pilgrimage to Mecca when he died at Baghdad.
Also, Sub-Saharan Africa was part of its region until April 2005, when AfriNIC was officially recognized by ICANN as the fifth Regional Internet Registry.
Also, " a behavior " is a reusable block of computer code or script that, when applied to an object, especially a graphical one, causes it to respond to user input in meaningful patterns or to operate independently.
Also in case of Single Instructions Multiple Data — a case when a lot of data from the same type has to be processed, modern processors can disable parts of the pipeline so that when a single instruction is executed many times, the CPU skips the fetch and decode phases and thus greatly increases performance on certain occasions, especially in highly monotonous program engines such as video creation software and photo processing.
Also known as a slip clutch or safety clutch, this device allows a rotating shaft to slip when higher than normal resistance is encountered on a machine.
Also included are synonyms, which are now discarded duplicate or incorrect namings, or in the case of the domestic dog synonyms, old taxa referring to subspecies of domestic dog which, when the dog was declared a subspecies itself, had nowhere else to go.
Also, a software solution, which resided in the drive controller's ROM, could prevent the re-reads from occurring, though this could cause problems when genuine errors did occur.
Also, the Grox can only exist on barren planets which cannot support other life, and when a planet is terraformed the Grox inhabiting it die immediately.
Also, aa, when used as an alternative spelling to å, is sorted as such.
Also, Armstrong discovered that Lee De Forest's Audion would go into oscillation when feedback was increased.
Also, with a dwindling play clock, the defense has better chances of guessing when the ball will be snapped.
Also, when the solid particles are very fine, it is often cheaper and easier to discard the contaminated granules than to clean the solid sieve.
Also, when the court spent six months in Pleß ( now Pszczyna ), Telemann had an opportunity to hear and study Polish and Moravian folk music, which fascinated and inspired him.
Also unlike dinor, when the added carbons are not adjacent the term used may be bis homo instead of dihomo whereas dinor can refer to either removal of two adjacent or remote carbons.
Also, the concept of archetype was redefined by the Early Church Fathers in order to better understand that when a person shows veneration toward an image, the intention is rather to honor the person depicted, not the substance of the icon.
Also, need-to-know principle needs to be in affect when talking about access control.
Also, only the symbol may be shown, especially when in a combination of those of all Four Evangelists.
Also, under influence from orthography of European languages, transliterating of borrowed words into Arabic is usually done using vowels in place of diacritics, even when the latter is more suitable, and even when transliterating words from another Semitic language, such as Hebrew, a phenomenon augmented by the neglect of diacritics in most printed forms since the beginning of mechanical printing.

Also and observed
Also there is observed evidence that the large, star-forming clouds are confined to a large degree by their own gravity ( like stars, planets, and galaxies ) rather than external pressure ( like clouds in the sky ).
Also, acceleration of Diels-Alder reactions by water has been observed.
Also, Karl Brown's original technique looked at many minisatellite loci at the same time, increasing the observed variability, but making it hard to discern individual alleles ( and thereby precluding parental testing ).
Also, the amino acid sequence that was observed indirectly signifies that it is associated with the cytoplasm, dubbing it one in a large group of cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinases.
Also frequently observed are swans, herons, sandpipers and many birds of prey.
Also since angular resolution is a function of the diameter of the " objective " in proportion to the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation being observed, radio telescopes have to be much larger in comparison to their optical counterparts.
" Also, in an episode of the television show Seinfeld, George receives the nickname ' Koko ' because he was observed flailing his arms about like a gorilla while holding a banana.
Also, the slit passed through is not random but is governed by the ( hidden ) guiding wave, resulting in the wave pattern that is observed.
Also, a spate of kidnaps for ransom have been widely observed to peak as election season nears.
Also in Palestine, Gustaf Hermann Dalman observed:
Also, there is typically an observed truncation in the surface brightness of lenticular galaxies at ~ 4 scale radii of the disk.
Also called body-bridging, this is a specific defensive behavior against ophiophagous snakes, first observed in certain rattlesnake ( Crotalus ) species by Klauber ( 1927 ), that involves raising a section of the middle of the body above the ground to varying heights.
Also jettisoned from the first stage were eight film cameras that observed separation of the stages.
Also, an increase in noise and resulting bad pixels has been observed in several CCDs of the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment ( HiRISE ).
Also, children 3 – 12 years of age were observed to be susceptible to mild-to-moderate mood swings, hostility, concentration problems, and hyperactivity.
Also in 1901, he and George Ritchey observed the apparent superluminal motion in the nebulosity surrounding Nova Persei 1901.
Also, all of the land where the Marfa lights are observed is private property, and access is prohibited without explicit permission from the owners.
Also, due to immigration of the Irish people themselves overseas, Irish culture has a global reach and Irish festivals such as St. Patrick's Day and Halloween are observed and celebrated all over the world.
Also for the 1 Gy dose delivered over 8. 77 to 18. 3 hours that the biological effect ( neoplastic transformation ) was about 1. 5 times smaller than that which that had been observed using a single high dose rate of X-ray photons of similar energy.
Also it includes his reasoning to why urbanization has not systematically exaggerated the observed global warming trends in minimum temperature.
Also when the electronegative atom is removed further away the effect diminishes until it can be observed no longer.
Also observed is evidence of a higher level of diversity and lower level of population structure in western South America compared to eastern South America.
Precession means that the jets sometimes point more towards the Earth, and sometimes more away, producing both blue and red Doppler shifts in the observed visible spectrum .< sup >, p. 508 .</ sup > Also, the precession means that the jets corkscrew through space in an expanding helical spray.
Also, as Schippman observed ( loc.

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