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Although and Bellamy
Although a branch of the Oyster River rises in western Madbury, the Bellamy River is the only river of size in town.

Although and claimed
Although there were many IRA men — both Official and Provisional — present at the protest, it is claimed they were all unarmed, apparently because it was anticipated that the paratroopers would attempt to " draw them out ".
Although some of Chaplin's critics have claimed that credit for his film music should be given to the composers who worked with him, for example Raksin, who worked with Chaplin on Modern Times, has stressed Chaplin's creative position and active participation in the composing process.
Although it has sometimes been claimed that ancient Egypt lacked urbanism, several types of urban settlements were found in ancient times.
Although Confucius claimed that he never invented anything but was only transmitting ancient knowledge ( see Analects VII, 1 ), he did produce a number of new ideas.
Although Carolina first played Tampa Bay in 1995, their rivalry did not start until 2003, when DT Brentson Buckner claimed fellow DT Kris Jenkins was the best defensive tackle in football, angering Tampa Bay DT Warren Sapp.
Although he said English Canada had a negligible conservative influence, subsequent writers claimed that loyalists opposed to the American Revolution brought a Tory ideology into Canada.
Although neither of the girls claimed to see any fairies, and there were no more photographs, " on the contrary, he saw them everywhere " and wrote voluminous notes on his observations.
Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.
Although noting in the introduction to ' The Protestors ' that ' Some recorded herein perhaps did not have " all the truth " — so the writer has been reminded ', Eyre nevertheless claimed that the purpose of the work was to ' tell how a number of little-known individuals, groups and religious communities strove to preserve or revive the original Christianity of apostolic times ', and that ' In faith and outlook they were far closer to the early springing shoots of first century Christianity and the penetrating spiritual challenge of Jesus himself than much that has passed for the religion of the Nazarene in the last nineteen centuries '.
Although he claimed several triumphs, these were largely propaganda manoeuvres.
Although it is claimed that, depending on their preferred learning modality, different teaching techniques have different levels of effectiveness, recent research has argued " there is no adequate evidence base to justify incorporating learning styles assessments into general educational practice.
The question of her legitimacy was a key concern: Although she was technically illegitimate under both Protestant and Catholic law, her retroactively declared illegitimacy under the English church was not a serious bar compared to having never been legitimate as the Catholics claimed she was.
Although this document and the parish registers confirm Oxford's burial there, his cousin Percival Golding later claimed that his body was interred at Westminster.
Although the main opposition parties claimed the elections had been manipulated, there was none of the civil disturbance that followed the 1993 election.
Although EDF claimed that a security firm had only been employed to monitor Greenpeace, the court disagreed, jailing the head and deputy head of EDF's nuclear security operation for three years each.
Although the shooter claimed an obsession for " Goth ", his favorite music list was described, by the media, as a " who's who of heavy metal.
Although some of his stories were fanciful, he claimed he was reporting only what had been told to him.
Although Smith's declaration was not recognised by the United Kingdom nor any other significant power, Southern Rhodesia dropped the designation ' Southern ', and claimed nation status as the Republic of Rhodesia in 1970.
Although Behe acknowledged that the evolution of the larger anatomical features of the eye have been well-explained, he claimed that the complexity of the minute biochemical reactions required at a molecular level for light sensitivity still defies explanation.
Although it is sometimes claimed that Irenaeus believed Christ did not die until he was older than is conventionally portrayed, the bishop of Lyons simply pointed out that because Jesus turned the permissible age for becoming a rabbi ( 30 years old and above ), he recapitulated and sanctified the period between 30 and 50 years old, as per the Jewish custom of periodization of human life, and so touches the beginning of old age when one becomes 50 years old.
Although it is widely claimed that he took the title Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri (" advocate " or " defender " of the Holy Sepulchre ), this title is only used in a letter that was not written by Godfrey.
Although critics have claimed that the photograph is of a dog swimming towards the camera ( possibly carrying a stick ), researcher Roland Watson rejects this interpretation and suggests there is an eel-like head on the right side of the image.
Although Jack Worrall claimed that he had invented the term " bodyline ", it is more likely that it was coined by Sydney journalist Hugh Buggy who worked for The Sun in 1932, and who happened to be a colleague of Jack Fingleton.
Although the political structure in western Europe had changed, the divide is not as extensive as some historians have claimed., they were only made possible because of the long medieval tradition that established the use of reason as one of the most important of human activities ".

Although and did
Although Faulkner was the heir in his own family to this tradition, he did not have Stark Young's inclination to romanticize and sentimentalize the planter society.
Although after much trouble he did manage to get it back, he discovered there was no trade to be had.
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
Although the fort was evacuated in the face of the force of Cornwallis, Morgan and his men did have a chance to take another swing at the redcoats.
Although a look of alarm passed over his face, he did not arrest his movements but disappeared into the shower room just as the chambermaid emerged from number nine.
Although there were no startling developments in shotgun design this year, a number of new models and variations of existing models did hit the market.
Although Miller noted in 1907 that a difference in the pleural blood supply existed between animals, nowhere in his published works is it found that he did a comparative study of the intrapulmonary features of various mammalian lungs other than in the dog and cat ( Miller, '13 ; ;
Although Pearson disbelieved almost everything Lizzie said, and read a sinister purpose into almost everything she did, he happily accepted her statement about Bridget as the whole truth.
Although these results did not reach statistical significance, the baths are an easy treatment.
Although Dirac did not himself use the term antimatter, its use follows on naturally enough from antielectrons, antiprotons, etc.
Although metics had no direct political influence many were wealthy business owners who could, and sometimes did, influence policy by not allowing their citizen employees time off to attend the assembly, as well as having the simple expedient of wealth.
Although Rodin is generally considered the progenitor of modern sculpture, he did not set out to rebel against the past.
Although Roma were unable to break into the top four during the following decade, they did achieve some measure of cup success.
Although his exact guidelines are no longer rigidly followed they did inspire this field of conservation.
Although he was highly in demand, he did not create many pieces because he was also employed as an art dealer.
Although most South African parties announced their candidate list for provincial premierships in the 2009 election, the ANC did not.
Although the Umayyads did not have a historical presence in the region ( no member of the Umayyad family was known to have ever set foot in al-Andalus before ) and there were grave concerns about young Abd al-Rahman's inexperience, several of the lower-ranking Yemenite commanders felt they had little to lose and much to gain, and agreed to support the prince.
Although his paternal great-grandfather had been a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church, and his pious mother did have him baptised, he was an atheist in later life.
Although influential for a time their popularity did not generally survive the horrors of ideological warfare, as the competing ideologies utilized their systems in their platforms.
Although this shift was an important one, it did not represent a radical break from the past so much as a small step in a broader, more gradual socio-economic movement that had been going on at least since 1907 when van de Velde had argued for a craft basis for design while Hermann Muthesius had begun implementing industrial prototypes.
Although the European film industry was then in its ascendancy, Bardot was one of the few European actresses to have the mass media's attention in the United States, an interest which she did not reciprocate by rarely, if ever, going to Hollywood.
Although the National League began its LCS MVP award in 1977, the American League did not begin its LCS MVP award until 1980.
Although the National League began its LCS MVP award in 1977, the American League did not begin its LCS MVP award till 1980.
Although Bede did not invent this method, his adoption of it, and his promulgation of it in De Temporum Ratione, his work on chronology, is the main reason why it is now so widely used.
Although he would go on to have back-to-back 17-win seasons for the Chicago Cubs in 1971 and 1972, including a no-hitter in the latter season, this did not help the Reds, who ended up losing the 1970 World Series to Robinson and the Orioles.

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