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Although and England
Although it had at first been somewhat established in many colonies, in 1861 it was ruled that, except where specifically established, the Church of England had just the same legal position as any other church.
Although some sources state that Ealdred attended the coronation of Emperor Henry IV, this is not possible, as on the date that Henry was crowned, Ealdred was in England consecrating an abbot.
Although a Conservative, Disraeli was sympathetic to some of the demands of the Chartists and argued for an alliance between the landed aristocracy and the working class against the increasing power of the merchants and new industrialists in the middle class, helping to found the Young England group in 1842 to promote the view that the landed interests should use their power to protect the poor from exploitation by middle-class businessmen.
Although little is known about his early life, he was likely born in Bristol, England.
Although nominally a Conservative, Disraeli was sympathetic to some of the demands of the Chartists and argued for an alliance between the landed aristocracy and the working class against the increasing power of the middle class, helping to found the Young England group in 1842 to promote the view that the rich should use their power to protect the poor from exploitation by the middle class.
Although the term describes events as impinging on England, from the outset the conflicts involved wars with and civil wars within both Scotland and Ireland ; see Wars of the Three Kingdoms for an overview.
Although details are unclear, there is evidence that in 1577 Oxford attempted to leave England to see service in the French Wars of Religion on the side of King Henry III.
Although quilted armour survived into the English Civil War in England as a poor man's cuirass, and as an item to be worn beneath the few remaining suits of full plate, it was increasingly replaced by the ' buff coat '- a leather jacket of rough suede.
Although England was an ally of Spain, one of France's principal enemies, the war was mostly about Henry's desire for personal glory, regardless of the fact that his sister Mary was married to the French king Louis XII.
Although Scotland and England had both rejected papal authority, the Reformation in each country proceeded in slightly different directions.
Although the Normans were now both vassals of the French kings and their equals as kings of England, their zone of political activity remained centered in France.
Although the white jerseys of the Minnesota Vikings at the time also had a similar striping pattern and continued as such ( as well as the throwbacks the New England Patriots wore in the Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions in 2002, though the Patriots later wore the same throwbacks in 2009 with truncated stripes and in 2010 became their official alternate uniform ), the Colts and most college teams with this striping pattern did not make this adjustment.
Although not himself a Pilgrim he had been hired to repair Mayflower while she lay off Southampton, England and decided to journey when she set sail, perhaps with the hope of being prosperous in the New World, or because he wished to follow Priscilla Mullins.
Although the custom of primogeniture, under which an eldest son would inherit all his father's lands, was slowly becoming more widespread across Europe, it was less popular amongst the Norman kings of England.
Although the New England states rejected the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions in 1798 99, several years later, the state governments of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island threatened to ignore the Embargo Act of 1807 based on the authority of states to stand up to laws deemed by those states to be unconstitutional.
Although Malcolm, and not Fleance, is placed on the throne, the witches ' prophecy concerning Banquo (" Thou shalt get kings ") was known to the audience of Shakespeare's time to be true: James VI of Scotland ( later also James I of England ) was supposedly a descendant of Banquo.
Although the games existed in pockets in Europe -- it is recorded as being played as early as the 17th century by merchants in England -- it has never gained much popularity in most regions, except in the Baltic area, where once it was a very popular game (" Bohnenspiel ") and Bosnia, where it is called Ban-Ban and still played today.
Although he had given sanctuary to Tostig Godwinson when the Northumbrians drove him out, Malcolm was not directly involved in the ill-fated invasion of England by Harald Hardraade and Tostig in 1066, which ended in defeat and death at the battle of Stamford Bridge.
Although no plague cases ever came to England all those years, the restrictions on traffic became more and more stringent ( following the movements of medical dogma ), and in 1788 a very oppressive Quarantine Act was passed, with provisions affecting cargoes in particular.
Although the New England Journal of Medicine reported the invention of the stethoscope two years later, in 1821, as late as 1885 a professor of medicine stated, " He that hath ears to hear, let him use his ears and not a stethoscope.
Although the Rams outgained the Patriots 427 267 in total yards, New England built a 17-3 third-quarter lead off of three St. Louis turnovers.
Although the Rams outgained the Patriots 427 267 in total yards, New England forced three turnovers that were converted into 17 points.
Although The Sin of Pride was critically acclaimed and the Undertones performed several gigs in both Scotland and England to promote the release of this album, The Sin of Pride only reached number 43 in the UK chart.
Although previously separate states, England and Scotland had shared monarchs since 1603 when James VI of Scotland become James I of England on the death of the childless Elizabeth I, an event known as the Union of the Crowns.

Although and decisively
Although strongly urged by moderates in Congress to sign the Civil Rights Bill, Johnson broke decisively with them by vetoing it on March 27.
Although studies have been published that support foraging selection or sexual selection, not many have decisively eliminated other possibilities.
Although strongly urged by moderates in Congress to sign the Civil Rights bill, Johnson broke decisively with them by vetoing it on March 27, 1866.
Although the German commanders were able to maintain open lines of communication and issue operating orders, even with swift staff work the tempo of the assault was such that German decision cycle was unable to react decisively.
Although heavily outnumbered, Saladin and his veteran soldiers decisively defeated the Zengids.
Although they achieved some initial successes, the rebels were decisively defeated when William I, Count of Hainaut lent his support to the French side.
Although, for Childers, it represented a major change from the opinions he had previously held, Irish home rule was Liberal Party policy at the time, albeit one very unpopular with English voters: the first Home Rule Bill in 1886 had caused the Liberal Party to split, whilst the Second in 1893 had been decisively rejected by the House of Lords.
Although humiliating, their flight allowed them to avoid capture by the English, who won the battle decisively.
Although the mercenary army of the CIA were not a significant military threat, the President and the military commander did fear US military intervention if the Guatemalan military decisively defeated the CIA invasion.
Although in the opera the Swan-Bird sings during the first part of the " Flight ", her vocal line is melodically uninvolved and easily omitted ; this feature, combined with the fact that the number decisively closes the scene, made easy extraction as an orchestral concerto piece possible.
Although heavily outnumbered, the Romans decisively defeated the allied tribes, inflicting heavy losses on them.
Although out-balanced in strength and numbers by a desperate and determined enemy, Rear Admiral Callaghan, with ingenious tactical skill and superb coordination of the units under his command, led his forces into battle against tremendous odds, thereby contributing decisively to the rout of a powerful invasion fleet and to the consequent frustration of a formidable Japanese offensive.
Although Brady won the state's most populous county ( Ada County, the location of Boise ) in 2002, he was decisively defeated by Kempthorne statewide.
Although achieving some successes, the expedition failed to defeat decisively or intimidate the Indians.
Although he won the Republican nomination, again defeating Sanborn, he was decisively defeated by the young Democrat Frank Church ; Welker received only 38 percent of the vote.

Although and won
Although Lincoln won only a plurality of the popular vote, his victory in the electoral college was decisive: Lincoln had 180 and his opponents added together had only 123.
Although reaching No. 8 in the world in 2000, she never won a WTA Title in singles.
Although the Falcons won 3 of their last 4 games after the return of Michael Vick, they ended up with a dismal 5 11 record that year.
Although Henry Lumley ’ s British cavalry had managed to cross the marshy ground around the Petite Gheete, it was soon evident to Marlborough that sufficient cavalry support would not be practicable and that the battle could not be won on the Allied right.
Although he won at Darlington, he failed to finish 15 races, and completed the season 12th in points, the worst of his career.
Although he had never seen action himself, he won the respect of front-line commanders.
Although Scottish Labour won more seats than any other party, they did not have a majority in Parliament to allow them to form an Executive without the help of a smaller party.
Although Dyson has won numerous scientific awards, he has never won a Nobel Prize, which has led Nobel physics laureate Steven Weinberg to state that the Nobel committee has " fleeced " Dyson.
Although the Romans won a clear victory over the Carthaginian relief force at the Battle of Agrigentum, the Carthaginian army defending the city managed to escape.
Although several reviews were critical of the film Pauline Kael said it " staggers along " and Stanley Kauffmann thought Cukor's direction was like " a rich gravy poured over everything, not remotely as delicately rich as in the Asquith-Howard 1937 Pygmalion " — the film was a box office hit which won him the Academy Award for Best Director, the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, and the Directors Guild of America Award after having been nominated for each several times.
Although Albinus came close to victory, Severus ' reinforcements won the day, and the British governor committed suicide.
Although he won acclaim and major awards for a wide variety of performances, Cinema had changed in the ten years since Walsh last directed Cagney ( in The Strawberry Blonde ), and the actor's portrayal of gangsters had also changed.
Although Marx won this contest, the transfer of the seat of the General Council from London to New York in 1872, which Marx supported, led to the decline of the International.
Although they were better than their expansion cousins, who won only eight games in their inaugural season, the Kansas City Scouts began to suffer from an economic downturn in the Midwest.
Until the day I die people will keep saying, ‘ Leni is a Nazi ’, and I ’ ll keep saying, ‘ But what did she do ?’” Although she won more than 50 libel cases against people accusing her of collaborating with the Nazis, there are many unanswered questions about her relation to National Socialism in particular and fascism more generally.
Although they arrived too late to engage in hostilities, the action won Morocco goodwill among other Arab states.
Although Fraser won, these events left him politically weakened.
Although having fewer adherents, Manichaeism won the support of many high-ranking political figures.
Although the Vikings have dominated the overall series, the Saints have won the last three including the 2009 NFC Championship Game.
Although the crusaders won their first battle, Bishop Berthold was mortally wounded and the crusaders were repulsed.
Although the Liberals had successfully led Paraguay's occupation of nearly all the disputed territory and had won the war when the last truce went into effect, they were finished politically.
Although it won early acclaim for its comfort and power, sales were slow.
Although clearly peers ( both won Nobel prizes in physics ), a formal panel of reviewers was not sought, as is done for many scientific journals today.

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