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Although and Miller
Although the uniforms were supposed to debut with the opening of Miller Park, an accident involving one of the cranes damaging the new ballpark, which cost the lives of three workers, delayed the opening of Miller Park one year, so the uniforms spent one year at County Stadium, the old ballpark's last year.
Although Miller claims he invented the words " epismetology " ( metathesis of epistemology ) and " pompatus ", all of his song-writing demonstrates strong rhythm and blues influences, and a 1954 song called " The Letter " by the Medallions had the lines:
Although Miller had little or no money the first year in Paris, things began to change with the meeting of Anaïs Nin who, with Hugh Guiler, would go on to pay his entire way through the 1930s including the rent for the beautiful and modern apartment at 18, villa Seurat.
" Although Miller had massive popularity, many jazz critics of the time had misgivings.
Although still conforming to traditional comic book styles, Miller infused this first issue with his own film noir style.
Although known mostly in the cultures of that region, images and iconography depicting Huehueteotl have been found at other archaeological sites across Mesoamerica, such as in the Gulf region, western Mexico, Protoclassic-era sites in the Guatemalan highlands such as Kaminaljuyú and Late-Postclassic sites on the northern Yucatán Peninsula ( Miller and Taube, 1993: 189 ).
Although, at first, he insisted that he did not take students, Miller soon became his photographic assistant, as well as his lover and muse.
Although Sky had received a modest amount of acclaim, including being produced by Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller, the band broke up without having any chart success.
Although the Steve Miller Band had limited peak commercial success, his ongoing popularity has been notable.
Although " practically all historians of dark-age Britain since Bede " have thought Agitus was the Patrician Aëtius, more recent scholars Leslie Alcock and Mollie Miller have suggested this Agitus may be Aegidius.
Although the arrangers of most of the Miller tunes are known, things are a bit uncertain for " In The Mood ".
Although he had no major championship victories in 1974, Nicklaus still achieved four top-ten finishes in the four events, three of which were in the top four, and placed second on the official money list behind Johnny Miller.
Although he could have passed for white if he had moved away, Miller chose to stay in the South and identify as black.
Although Miller was convinced of his calculations by 1818, he continued to study privately until 1823 to ensure the correctness of his interpretation.
Although nominally a member of the Democratic Party, Miller has endorsed Republicans since at least 2004.
Although the United States later said that Khadr had been removed from the camp in July 2003, an October 9 memo summarizing a meeting between General Geoffrey Miller and his staff and Vincent Cassard of the ICRC, acknowledged that camp authorities were not permitting the ICRC to have access to Khadr, and three other detainees, due to " military necessity ".
Although Carl Jung, Otto Rank and others explored aspects of the spiritual and transpersonal in their work, Miller notes that Western psychology has had a tendency to ignore the spiritual dimension of the human psyche.
Although the Indians do not directly blame either Beckett or Miller, they refuse to help the team any further.
Although Miller was more conservative, the Progressive Conservatives still held a significant lead over the opposition when the election was called.
Although Tweedy stopped after he began dating Sue Miller in 1991, a significant communication gap had already been opened between Tweedy and Farrar.
Although a well-loved figure on the 20th Century Fox lot among the cast, crew and lot workers, it was reported that Darnell made only one good friend in Hollywood, actress-singer Ann Miller, whom she met at a Catalina Island benefit.
Although Joe Morgan's partnership with Jon Miller began in, it was not the first time that Morgan associated himself with ESPN, as from 1985 to 1988, Morgan called college baseball games for ESPN.

Although and noted
Although colour change in leaves occurs wherever deciduous trees are found, coloured autumn foliage is noted in various regions of the world: most of Anglo-America, Eastern Asia ( including China, Korea, and Japan ), Europe, parts of Australia and New Zealand.
Although trade unions in Benin represent up to 75 % of the formal workforce, the large informal economy has been noted by the International Trade Union Confederation ( ITCU ) to contain ongoing problems, including a lack of women's wage equality, the use of child labour, and the continuing issue of forced labour.
Although Hole's sound changed over the course of the band's career, the pretty / ugly dynamic has often been noted as a consistent theme in Love's music, most prominently in Hole's first two studio albums.
Although noted for his work on American linguistics, Sapir wrote prolifically in linguistics in general.
Although he had a reckless, unpredictable, and violent nature that precluded him from attaining any court or government responsibility and led to the ruination of his estate, Oxford was noted in his own time as a patron of the arts, lyric poet, and playwright, and since the 1920s he has been the most popular alternative candidate proposed for the authorship of Shakespeare's works.
Although the biggest hit on the album ( and ELO's biggest hit overall ) was the rock song " Don't Bring Me Down ", the album was noted for its heavy disco influence.
Although he noted that modern day conservatism shares many opinions on economics with classic liberals, particularly a belief in the free market, he believed it's because conservatism wants to " stand still ," whereas liberalism embraces the free market because it " wants to go somewhere ".
Although Dave Elman was a noted radio host, comedian and ( song ) writer, he also made a name as a hypnotist.
Although goal-directed evolution has been abandoned, the distinction of invertebrates and vertebrates persists to this day, even though the grouping has been noted to be " hardly natural or even very sharp.
Although he was never able to match his early artistic success in Rome and eventually had to flee his creditors for the Isle of Jersey in 1853, it should be noted that between 1819 and 1857, Severn exhibited 53 paintings at the Royal Academy in London.
Although much of his work copied his mother's carpets, an art teacher there noted great potential in Lawrence.
Although the number of noted serious crimes increased between 1999 and 2000, since then it has been " starting to resemble the same patterns of other European cities ".
Although most historians have dismissed the terms of the Indenture as being highly ambitious and fanciful, R. R. Davies noted that certain internal features underscore the rootedness of Glyndŵr's political philosophy in Welsh mythology: in it, the three men invoke prophecy, and the boundaries of Wales are defined according to Merlinic literature.
Although Orbison is counted as a rock and roll pioneer, and has been cited by numerous critics as one of the genre's most influential musicians, his style was noted for how it departed from the norm.
Although not a public proponent of sabermetrics, it has been widely noted that Beane has steered the team during his tenure according to sabermetric principles.
Although some historians have noted that the evidence can also support other possible fathers, most have concluded that Jefferson had a long relationship with Hemings and fathered one or more of her children.
Although similar vegetable soups were not unusual for people of this time, two interesting things were noted:
Although it should be noted that, by this point, several acts, notably Dylan on John Wesley Harding ( written during The Basement Tapes sessions ) and The Byrds on Sweetheart of the Rodeo ( featuring two Basement Tapes covers ), had made similar stylistic moves.
This form of emphasis on language is noted by Graham as ; " Although the Count is aware that more traditional aspects of the orator ( appearance, gestures, voice, etc.
Although White Dwarf has always served as a promotions and advertising platform for Games Workshop and Citadel products, some of its longer term fans have noted that the current incarnation seems to be more geared towards sales and promotion of new releases than it was in the past.
Although Gardner noted the similarity of the rede to King Pausole's words, Silver Ravenwolf believes it is more directly referencing Crowley.
Although not officially noted, the term intranet first became common-place among early adopters, such as universities and technology corporations, in 1992.
Although he had been called " crazy " for railing against Ronald Reagan's deep cuts to social programs on the Congress floor, Associated Press political reporter Mike Robinson noted that Washington worked " quietly and thoughtfully " as the time came to pass the act.
Although as the above makes clear there is no confirmed etymological connection, it might be noted that these older meanings are synonymous with the modern expression " bull " otherwise generally considered, and intentionally used as, a contraction of " bullshit ".

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